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  1. Mine-Imator vs. animator

    Memories. Ahhh...
  2. F.N.A.F map of sister location

    Actually pretty good! Dear god I need a counter of how many fna.f fans are kiddins and how many are talented people.
  3. Got headphones.

  4. Oc Design Test [Wallpaper]

    My opinion is just about everyone's opinion.
  5. c4d test render

    Okay. This is the first time (I think..) we have a persian member.
  6. c4d test render

    Dear. God. What is your grammar. (Please don't misunderstand this.)
  7. I gotta say.

    The dark theme in this site looks cool and I did not know it existed.

    Why didn't I come across the Stylish for Chrome add-on earlier?

    1. Joshdotmp4


      Hm. I thought it stopped working when the forums Reaction update came out

      Is it updated again?

  8. gHBzEFL.png

  9. Should I make a pixel art tutorial?

    1. lifecraft


      yez plz :yes:

    2. Roosara


      Ok. Later I guess.

  10. The Good Ol' Days [Wallpaper]

  11. Pls Give Me Feedback

  12. Bonnie The Bunny [Rig]

    Oh boy. I think you didn't see the forum rules.
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