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  1. I found an issue with the models of borris and alice you asked for so Im rebuilding them from scratch

  2. Got the models for the bendy rigs you asked for almost 3 months ago done.

    Boy, I'm lazy, LOL

  3. fox the mike

    $$ Money $$ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    like the money rig
  4. fox the mike

    StickyMations' Thanos rig (Infinity Gauntlet included)

  5. fox the mike


  6. fox the mike


    Art by me
  7. fox the mike

    EnchantedMob Bendy

    can wait download
  8. fox the mike

    Sans Rig

  9. fox the mike

    Ink Demon Rig 2.0

    download pls
  10. fox the mike

    Should I make a EM Mike Afton rig?

  11. fox the mike

    Show Stage Render

    ? what
  12. fox the mike

    Show Stage Render

    sorry form la Niña eye la Niña eye ?
  13. fox the mike

    (Mine-imator) Enchanted mob - Undertale sans rig

    man my reaction maybe 8\10
  14. fox the mike

    cloudy weather

    this is form real life
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