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  1. Beautiful and amazing, +1 rep
  2. Nono, you are going to animate it, and then we vote, in your animation make me lose and I'll do the opposite for you, then we can see who wins. Forum vote
  3. Okey, so I guess, unofficial, or maybe..... I can do an official one?
  4. Crap, ok, what if I animate an unofficial one? Btw, thanks for telling me, guess I'm not very informed Does each person animate it separately or the same person animate twice?
  5. That's exactly what I said
  6. Learn to make it yourself, look at tutorials, and play around with Mine-imator, you will slowly learn to become a good animator. If you rely on others to help you make the simple things such as, walking, running, jump, etc, you will never learn them yourself.
  7. okey, thx
  8. Sure, I already got someone to fight, but send me your rig and I'll fight you too. Anyone who wants to fight me is welcome!!
  9. I'm not triggered, I had the same thinking you did, so I went on Mineimator Forums and yeah, from there, it was just common sense.
  10. Amazing! Though the animation has room for improvement, overall, it was great!
  11. Thanks guys!
  12. 30 your talk equal weird, mmm, though smooth, mmm, never not smooth
  13. Download:
  14. Guys, I know this sounds stupid, but how do people win days?
  15. I use 24-30, usually 24 because I like to go with the default. I don't know about other people.
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