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  1. I parented the axe to Steve's hand and made another axe parented to the tree in the same location that the axe in Steve's hand would be stuck to, but it wasn't made visible up till Steve backs up. Then the axe that was parented to Steve's hand was made invisible. Thanks! Thanks! I'll Improve on it. Btw, what's tree clips? Gotchu bro
  2. Should I continue this animation guys? And if you feel the need to criticize, please do
  3. plz watch its actually pretty guud

    This was great, +1 rep
  4. Lel
  5. Please elaborate, I don't understand. I was going to name it R I P O F F, but I already had a video with that name, lel.
  6. Please criticize, I know something's wrong with the running animation. I couldn't find what was wrong, if any of you guys can please tell me how to fix it. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, funny how it didn't occur to me that I should look at tutorials first, lel.
  8. First running animation I made, it's quite shorts PLEASE CRITICIZE, PLEASE. I need to improve, lel.. Improved Running/Jogging animation:
  9. plz watch

    This is great! Keep it up! +1 rep
  10. I gave up after checking through every one of my files on my desktop (whew!), I'm convinced that it is gone permanently.
  11. Thanks guys, but unfortunately, it is gone forever, noooooooooooooooooooo, but I'll just make something else, thanks for all the suggestions guys!
  12. I was working on a fight animation for 2 hours. Everything looked smooth and all was well, then I saved it and exited out of the program. I went into Mineimator projects to check and accidentally deleted the folder with the animation I was working on. What do I do now?
  13. He's learning, posting animations on the forums is a way to improve, he can get criticism from others and that way he can improve on his animations.
  14. No problem, that's all I can do to help you on your journey!
  15. Good job! Keep going, that negative is going to turn into a positive pretty soon! +1 rep
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