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  1. ok?
  2. Thanks guys! I'll improve on it, the feedback was really helpful.
  3. There, reload page
  4. Rigs used: WoodBucket- @DeltaDino&DeltaAndrew Steve- @SKIBBZ Me- @Creeperz Animations and thanks to Skibbz for template Artamiel Crecsent- @Artamiel Crescent WALLPAPER
  5. Go into library, click particle creator, and scroll down. Look for "particle editor", or something like that.
  6. gud
  7. collab

  8. collab

    Do I need to add sound effects?
  9. collab

    Almost done, do I need to add sound?
  10. collab

    I have no idea what talent steve should have Can I make blocks fly up out of the stage?
  11. collab

    Currently working on it, I think the door looks fine actually, so I won't move it, lel.
  12. collab

    Is it ok if I move the door outwards? Like not in the back but to the front so it's lined up with the wall.
  13. This is really good!
  14. I parented the axe to Steve's hand and made another axe parented to the tree in the same location that the axe in Steve's hand would be stuck to, but it wasn't made visible up till Steve backs up. Then the axe that was parented to Steve's hand was made invisible. Thanks! Thanks! I'll Improve on it. Btw, what's tree clips? Gotchu bro
  15. Should I continue this animation guys? And if you feel the need to criticize, please do
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