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  1. wallpaper #3

    I like it, but the quality, please export it in HD next time, or maybe 2K
  2. Mineimator doesn't export/no memory?

    I have that, all my other renders play in the .mp4 format and work just fine with Windows 10 movie player.
  3. Guys, I rendered my animation at least 5 times and everytime I finish rendering I don't see my animation. When I open up Mine-imator to render it again, I see my animation there but without the thumbnail preview and when I try to open it, I get this:
  4. Hello Neighbour

    I'm pretty sure he did, look closely.
  5. Wave Cycle

    var SmoothAnimation = true
  6. Afternoon in the Flatlands (4K)

    Me liek flatlands, jkjk I was gonna add in a schematic but got lazy (hence the name "Afternoon in the Flatlands") I was raging because I couldn't get the DOF right.
  7. Afternoon in the Flatlands (4K)

    I was gonna make an AnxiousCynic submission but ended up making a wallpaper. Feel free to criticize.
  8. The Cabin [ Showcase ]

    Dis noice
  9. Bow Shooting

    Cut him some slack, he tried, not the best but we've all been there before, we didn't start out as good animators.
  10. Just A blur [2K]

    Posing needs work, lighting needs work, the blur isn't even a blur, nice try though.
  11. (NEW!) Glowing Sword

    What everyone said, but I'll cut you some slack.
  12. Steve's Punch

    Shameless advertising? Lol, yes I have, I usually check a user's youtube if they have one.
  13. Steve's Punch

    I get your point now, thanks to both of you
  14. Steve's Punch

    The funny thing is that, humans use linear transitions more than you think. Humans as in the way we move in real life.
  15. Steve's Punch

    They don't look that bad right?
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