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  1. Creeperz Animations


  2. Creeperz Animations

    What happens next?

    I am out of ideas...halp
  3. Creeperz Animations


    Bending is normal, it's just the interface that is glitched.
  4. Creeperz Animations


    Maybe it's just my computer but....
  5. Amazing indeed, there is room for improvement, but overall, it was amazing.
  6. Creeperz Animations

    Owl City - Tidal Wave

    It's great, the only thing you might have to fix is the walk cycle.
  7. Creeperz Animations

    I'm comeback with a wallpapers pack again

    Amazing pieces of work, congrats!
  8. Creeperz Animations

    R E A L I T Y - Concept 5

    It's out, omg
  9. Creeperz Animations

    Animation revision from last year

    Ok the bus door, I understand that but, the little bounce at the end made it look like the door was broken, if you remove the bounce maybe it'll look better.
  10. Creeperz Animations

    Winter Paradise [2K]

    Pretty good! Maybe try to zoom in (decrease field of view) and tilt the camera a bit, or you can leave it as it is, it looks good either way.
  11. Creeperz Animations

    Animation revision from last year

    Fix the walking animation, your arm is suppose to swing in the opposite direction of the leg that's on the same side. The bus door closing looks weird, why did the doors move forward?
  12. Creeperz Animations

    Online Mine-imator

  13. Creeperz Animations

    Online Mine-imator

    oh.... ok, thanks for that info
  14. Creeperz Animations

    First Character Rig

    Pretty nice!
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