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The Mine-Imator Forums Every time I Post something

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Me:Post Something Great.
Everyone:Oh wew Great. keep it up.

Someone with UnIdentified Concepts of Animations:Post.
Everyone:Hahaha Funny, WAW!, You deserved A lots of Upvotes!

Me at the Corner:What is wrong with the World now? Am I Entered a Parallel Universe? Wha? what? NeverMind.

6 hours ago, FOXY TOONS said:

Ha, Very relatable

Me too Bruh.
Just, Just why. We are the same Server buddy. I thoughts it just was me Entering a Parallel Universe, But Others too...

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On 6/5/2021 at 4:57 AM, TheRealMariobros1045 said:

The Following Video is Satire. (Mostly) none of these are accurate to my actual thoughts about the forums. so please. don't get offended.



Well, to me it just seems like a big competition.

It just seems like people will upvote anything that's trendy, or something to that extent (I may be wrong there)

Like your first time making something, and the next thing ya know when you post it, it may or may not get blocked by someone elses work, therefore blocking your creation.
(Again, may be wrong there, but it might be true.)

I don't know, it's a vicious cycle. Of course I don't upload very often, since most of the time I try to model, or try to come up with an idea. 

Either way, I think this video is accurate to the society, within MI

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