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"Fading" Particles

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I made a particle creator to make it look like someone is fading away. Enjoy! To configure it, go into the particle editor, find the initial x and z (or y) values and mess around with them until the particles move in the direction you want. Also, change the color of the particles to match your skin. You can also change the initial y value and added y value depending on wind and other things. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wH_2bxuK5MCC62Ze_uW5Zl0je6nsA684


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3 hours ago, MostlyMinecraft said:

That looks really good! I can see that being used for magic fights or something... or infinity war themed animations (as seen in the comments above) [I'm not spoiling, don't worry]

Lol, don't worry about me, I've seen it. Also, thanks!

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