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  1. UPD. I used minecraft 1.14 texture packs and most of them worked. Problem solved
  2. Textures that worked with 1.2.2 don't work with 1.2.4
  3. what's the name of this resource pack?
  4. 1.2.3 is very buggy version
  5. I tried A Little Taste of Jerm texture pack (1.13-1,14 and 1.12.2 versions) but It crashed too(
  6. I forgot their name, because I tried for about 100 different texture packs
  7. Inspired by Avengers: Infinity War?)
  8. Many people said about this problem, but I know there is textures that work with 1.2.3 version. Because I tried to use a lot of different textures and two of them worked fine (but I forgot their name). So if you know textures that work fine with 1.2.3 version please name them in this topic.
  9. Leave your animation presets in this topic and download other users' presets
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