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Found 30 results

  1. Skerate


  2. Hexical's Mine-imator Armour rigs! All of them together Leather Iron Gold Diamond Click me for Download
  3. BloxTheRigger

    Armor Rigs!

    I guess I just decided to make more as the last was popular: Hope you like Please give feedback -All armor is separate so you can swap and take off stuff! Updates (Hopefully): Stop Textures Overlapping Correct Scale More Detail (Posting on Another Topic) Chain and Leather (They keep failing fsr) (Anything else suggested) Downloads: Diamond Armor: Gold Armor: Iron Armor: Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
  4. hello again so this animation took me 4 days next animation:??????? that it bye have a nice day
  5. tobb2005

    Easy Diamond Armour

    Hey! Here is an easy but good made Diamond Armour To Mine-Imator 1.0.6: Compatible to: Skeleton, Zombie, Enderman, Human, Alex, Zombie pig and Zombie Villager. Limb Compatible. Enjoy!

    Diamond Star(Yellow)

    Requested by a follower
  7. Steve just found diamonds! but after walking in the path he encounters someone.
  8. Kapslock

    3D Swords Rig

    Here is just a simple design for 3D swords, and I hope you enjoy! (No credit is required, but you cannot claim this as your own) Images: Download:
  9. BloxTheRigger

    Diamond Armor Rig!

    Mooshim wanted diamond armor an upcoming parody, so I thought I might just upload it: Hope you like Please give feedback Updates (Hopefully): Stop Textures Overlapping Correct Scale More Armor (Anything else suggested) Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
  10. Bimp Studios

    Minecraft Short: A Trap?!

    Click Here Please give me advide :) Sorry if it may seem to have bad quality it stuffed up when rendering over and over!
  11. CreeperVizion

    A collection of my Wallpapers

    Here are some wallpapers I have made for my friends when they had asked me to make one. If you want me to make you a specific wallpaper I might do it if you ask but no guarantees. Herobrine Sword Fight made for fedoracat Wooden Pickaxe in a Diamond Cave for RenegadeMicropho The rigs I used to make these are by, If you use these please give credit to me and the rig creators. Enjoy!
  12. MobKiller Animations

    Custom Sword?

    So i have a player rig but i think that my character needs a custom sword like not a big sword but a upgraded diamond sword to fit my character Can someone out there in the Wonderful forums make one for me P.S. I'll give you credit in my 3D player rig which this weapon will become a part of
  13. heres a upgrade to the diamond sword
  14. MinecraftRedstonerds

    False Diamond :: A Minecraft Animation

    So, hello and welcome back guys! This is my second animation about fake diamonds after tons of searching.
  15. [CLOSED] Everyone is a thief this time! (Firts of all, remember this?) Is time for Diamond Stolen 2! but this time everyone is going to be a thief! (you can't be a police) Everything that I need is your skin and some info about your character. (I will modify your skin to make it look like a thief, or if you want, you can do this yourself) ~ Form ~ Name: Skin: About you: ~ People Added ~ - Caeden117 - RobloJamieson - Anthony (TandLproductions1) - Metalletron - Epicjubjub - Minecraftman361 - Allemn89 - Abdullah1579 That's all.
  16. Michael Pham

    Herobrian's Diamond

    A project I'm working on! Video: Link: I partially used Minecraft for the last scene. I take tip's so give me your opinion!
  17. Welcome. I made two version of this wallpaper-with text and without text. Here they are: Without Text: With Text: Thanks to ÜberKiller for gun rig!
  18. This is my first completed Minecraft animation. It took me 5 days, if you enjoy it please leave a comment and rating
  19. EndahGurl

    Angry Steve (Wallpaper)

    (Credit to Zuexs for his epic Steve facial rig!)
  20. Ok... I Will Need Alot... Here's The Video I Want To Make It Of I Will Need 1 To 2 Museum Schematics, Some Participators, And... That's Probably It... Oh! I Will Also Need A Giant Robot, & The Center For Chaos Containment! & A Baby Dinosaur. Forms
  21. CustardMeteor

    Grass Block's Adventure

    I've made another animation for my channel and it would be fantastic if you checked it out. Every like, favorite and subscription is appreciated. In this animation Grass Block goes on a big adventure!
  22. Steve found a Diamond sword but there something around the corner. If you can take 5 sec to smash that subscribe button and . It will help alot.......
  23. Okay guys, my friend is directing and has written a parody called 'Diamond Sword', we need a singer really quickly, I'm currently animating for him but we need a singer. 3 Things We Need A Boy that can sing just like the original song 'Panic Station' Somebody who can not stutter when singing Somebody who can supply music for when they sing To apply, just reply in the comment box. As always stay friendly. P.S. I know I made a mistake on my animation W.I.P and where I put it and I'm deeply sorry for putting it in the wrong forum topic. -Ender