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  1. Night monsters
  2. Hey, guys. I'm making an animation set. I created a YouTube channel called "Minecraft Animation Studio". I'll lay out the animation created by our team of animators. So if you're good at creating animations, then take part in the project. In team need just-only six participants.
  3. A little animation about the mine.
  4. I can't show you the stage. But those two shots from the stage.
  5. These are two key frames. I can't show you the stage.
  6. The plot: Three friends-Nubik, Skerate and RedAnimator sailed on his yacht. Nubik noticed a big strange fish and wanted to meet her. Suddenly the fish swim two are the same fish and another. At this time the other side of the boat, pushing the big fish in the water and they find themselves on a mysterious island. Первая сцена уже сделана и обработана. Переход на вторую ступень.
  7. Enough to look at this frame, will be interesting.KVZ2S5REyIk.jpg

    1. crustyjpeg


      WOAH that is way too bright for a nighttime scene.    That posing is really bland, and the trees look bad.

    2. Ethaniel


      It's not interesting though 

  8. Sometimes you just want to sit with your pet and watch the sunset. Rest all together!bIwvd9kmWO8.jpg

    1. Patrick


      I never thought i would see or write this message.

      Could of been a topic.

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