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  1. A Zombie/Infected Pack that comes with 30+ Skins The Pack comes with: Common Infected Skins Uncommon Infected Skins Doctors with Infected Versions A Hazmat Agent with a Infected Version Normal People Police that come with Infected Versions Riot Police, With SWAT Officers with Infected Versions UN Soldier with Infected Versions And USA Soldiers with Infected Versions (The USA Soldiers also have a Camo Military Cap as well) Download (Note some of the Rigs have alot of parts on them so it mite be a bit laggy): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eVa28Zvq0wgpX5BTp8f3hXZ5nVgXgixk Images of the Rigs (All of the Uncommon Infected look the same as their normal human self's I just was just Lazy and did not do a photo of them): Common Infected: Uncommon Infected: UN Soldier:
  2. This render was made for my pfp (I used to pronounce it 'pp' until @h4ppip33p told me it is supposed to be spelled pfp) sadly it won't fully fit So now this is a beautiful render Sorry I haven't been posting a while (i yum having exams) And I also need some help please can you tell me how to fix this freaking mouse? It just double click (when i single click) And doesn't select what I want it just select something random Aayush saji skin :- by me h4ppip33p skin :- also by me
  3. In the deep dark bug infested swamp, the Imperial Army is waiting... The Undead Imperial Army. (A group of undead Imperial soldier rising out of the swamp on to dry land with the 2 in front having body armor) (Image Without Chromatic aberration effect)
  4. This rig is not released yet but it will be released when i am done on my project so this Chainsaw is just the same model of my chainsaw rig but this one is improved and it has a faster Chain Links keyframe and having some designs and recolored this chainsaw is good for zombie apocalypse animation the rig is not too laggy but its still good for animations
  5. "You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong." — Level description/Mission Briefing World At War Photo or the OG photo but not in Minecraft: A Zombie Minecraft Animation I made not of Nacht Der Untoten but of my own map I fort of.
  6. This is not really my best pack out their but and a small pack but some of you mite like it. Why did I make this?: I loved "FIVE" and I miss it so I fort I Should make a rig pack out of it This pack includes Zombie's (They have 2 different type of skins that have blood on them for all 3 of them or you can have their cloths clean) Humans: MP (Military Police) A worker (The guy in the middle of the 2 dudes) Scientist (its a skin not a rig) Photo's: Human's Zombies: Give credit if you wont to. Download: https://app.mediafire.com/uo74w30wh23im
  7. I had loads of fun making this one, a few learning curves along the way. I can't seem to stop the light flickering?, any ideas? Update: Fixed the audio, music was too low, outdoor ambience was too high & I tightened up the music sync from the truck driving by. If anyone is looking for the credits they're in the video description.
  8. https://imgur.com/9RT7lHE anyways, I started blasting
  9. My entry for the Street Fight Contest. Enjoy.
  10. so, i'm going to be animating the Pack-A-Punch theme song pretty soon, and was just wondering if (for some reason) anyone wanted to specifically be one of the main characters? If you're interested shoot me a DM with the skin in mind (or just comment, either way is fine) and tell me what role you want to be. Survivor Skin #1 - Me Survivor Skin #2 - My other friend (not on the forums) Survivor Skin #3 - @Twotorule Survivor Skin #4 - @EmberWing Survivor Skin #5 - @xXsentienXx Zombies (not many needed): @Just Philip @9redwoods @Davi12345 @Minealif @Ghatos @Rigid_Dash @Fray @apocablakz @TheJeweledWolf @Cubic Ralsei @Gfamleit EDIT: The skin requests are now closed, thank you for submitting!
  11. so this is a guy who dropped his sword and is now running from zombies switch the roles and it gets weird
  12. My first Modelbench creation, the Hurrikale from Plants VS Zombies 2. Images: Features: Bendable Stem. Front and back leaves are independent of each other. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nnrs2wc1snmpmnc/Hurrikale+Model.rar
  13. Hello,guys! This is another wallpaper i made. For reasons,i could not find any other name than this,i know,the name of this is pure cringe. Took hours to make. Not days.
  14. This is my first public wallpaper. Please tell me how I can improve. Facial rig: Made by me. Desert temple by: @EthanForeverAlone (Download: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/59569-minecrafts-structures-schematics/) Made with: Mine Imator 1.1.1 Edited with: Adobe Photoshop CC
  15. This is a rig pack I made a while back, so I used flatlands and stuff at that time so don't blame my present self, blame my past self. Download Link (Open .mproj in mine imator):https://www.mediafire.com/folder/r9pt2z2t85pej/The_Blocking_Dead I hope this will help you succeed in any animation with weapons/zombies/food, (Also if you find anything wrong with the link, tell me and I'll do whatever I need to do to to fix it.)
  16. Oh, we just finished it, a whole new DEMO! Well, I admit, the real story will take some time to release, but it will soon be Let's see. It's right here <embed height="415" width="544" quality="high" allowfullscreen="true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="//static.hdslb.com/miniloader.swf" flashvars="aid=11515746&page=1" pluginspage="//www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash"></embed> If you can't open it, click here
  17. hey guys im just asking for a Nacht der Untoten cod zombies map thanks
  18. This is a great project! The story of a mysterious organization against zombie! Has now completed a set of, on here (you may need a VPN, we can't on YouTube) As a result of our animators work temporarily can't continue to produce, so we need new animator! You need to achieve the following conditions: 1, you can do very good animation 2, you will use QQ (a Chinese chat software, you can find it in the App Store) 3,你会一点中文 (or do you have a very good translation software) If you are willing, please private chat me
  19. I don't know why I keep using the same iron swords and the same knight skin in my wallpapers, but... whatcha gonna do..? Change? Nah. Anyway, yeah sure, 4K wallpaper: And the 1080p versioné: K, thats it. I have a stamina bottle (like from Zelda) that I'll be releasing later, so I'll finally be releasing a rig instead of same-y wallpapers (ooh how metta of me) Yeah, thats a good note to leave on... Alright bye byes - Sharkle "Is Now A Pyro" Sparkle
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