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  1. USTICA MADAM A4 UPDATE V5.0. Gonna be Public soon.... I was thinking to not post my final redesign model to the public until I make a music animation video that include the car in so it supprises the audience. But since I have short film project and school, I don't have time to make the music video so I choose to just post it now than never. And here is the render of the car that I made since 2020 till now 2023. ENJOY! (Keep in mind that this render is just a raw fast forward work render) I think this is the first car that would be fully customizable from paint job, wheels/tires, interior designs, addons, etc. And that's why I made each texture for body, interior, machine separately so it can be customized or just drag and drop the png files to the directory. There are also bunch of colors variation from default (Silver) to Red above. I'm sure it's not gonna be released to public right now but I think this year should be out for public. And here is the comparison of my car redesign from 2.0 below and 5.0 above:
  2. SV-CAMEL, a weaponized camel from Metal Slug. Credit me if used! Download
  3. Pheolix Battle Vehicle (Phoenix) Left Arm |first time posting here|
  4. I'd like to celebrate 100 subs on my youtube channel by releasing this "big pack" REvO-4: Das Automodell. This pack wouldn't be released without your support, thank you to all of you who always supports my work. So what's in this pack? Well, so many vehicles! scroll down or watch full showcase: here we go... First Release 2021, July 30: Albatross Laysan Class-C | custom sedan Albatross Laysan Class-D | custom pickup Albatross Laysan Class-A | custom limousine VAZ-2107 Lada Riva Albatross Grand Laysan II | custom Rolls-Roys Cullinan Albatross Grand Laysan II Carrier | custom Rolls-Roys Cullinan and Ford F-150 Albatross Mini Shorttail | custom VW Golf GTI Mk. I Albatross J301 Ranger Alpha | custom Jeep Wrangler Albatross MV2 Quadro | custom Audi Quattro Hamatsu C250-R "Scout" | custom Toyota MR2 AW11 Hamatsu C500 GT-R "Stryk" | custom Nissan Skyline R31 (GTS-X) Albatross F10 Turbo | custom Hofstetter Turbo Albatross LD-400 | custom Suzuki Carry Albatross LD-400 M2 Angkot | custom Suzuki Carry "Angkutan Kota" Albatross LD-410 Carrier | custom Suzuki Carry Pickup Albatross LD-420 Loader | custom Suzuki Carry Box Albatross Duty R410 | custom European truck Albatross Duty R510 | custom European truck Albatross Duty R540 SuperLoader | custom European truck Albatross Duty R540E2 Tipper | custom Heavy-duty European truck Albatross Duty R540E3 Flatbed | custom European truck Peterbilt 379 DynamicWorks HD700 i6 | custom Western Star 5700 XE Update Release 2021, August 28: Albatross Laysan Class-D | custom wagon car Before you download and use these models, please read the archive commentary. Always credit me if used. *** Modification and redistribution without my permission is not allowed! (aka Steal). Such actions may result in download link become unavailable (stopped) for public download. *** All downloads go to my page * = requested model
  5. Albatross Laysan Class-B A station wagon car variant based from Albatross Laysan Class-C. Model only, some parts cannot be animated. Always credit me if used. *** Modification and redistribution without my permission is not allowed! (aka Steal). Such actions may result in download link become unavailable (stopped) for public download. *** Download go to my page or see my land vehicle pack, more than 20 vehicles including trucks!
  6. Model only, some parts cannot be animated. Custom car model, based from RR cars. *** NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF USED *** Download go to my page
  7. Here's the long awaited (I hope) MDV pack! Here's pics of the vehicles: American truck: European truck: Bus: Family car: Pick-up: Sedan: SUV: Trailer: US Citern trailer: EU Citern trailer: Requested ones: 1980 chevy van (requested by @Ethaniel) : Beetle (requested by @9redwoods) : Volkswagen van (requested by @Dr. Nexil) : Muscle car (requested by @Slime) :
  8. Pirateship model v.1 "Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate." Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vx85h2xyrqfyvp9/BlackPIGSHIP.rar/file Have fun if you have problem in the rig feel free to message me!
  9. ?Asnail's 2020 Christmas Gift? ?Merry Christmas Everyone!? I had lots of fun making this animation & right before Christmas! I tried to incorporate a lot in the 13 sec loop. Constructive criticism is always welcome, how else would I get better or know what interests the subscribers! ? Happy holidays! Resources used to mash this together: -Salem’s Pickup Truck https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/81071-salems-vehicle-rigs/&tab=comments#comment-829767 -WECLEY’s Santa & Elves Pack https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/83508-santa-and-elves-models/&tab=comments#comment-840426 -SKIBBZ SFR V.7 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GpQKR2motVE -North Pole [❅ Christmas Special! ❅] https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/north-pole-christmas-special-collab/
  10. *HARD BASS INTENSIFIES Everything is animatable, blin. Babushka gonna love this. Download, join my Discord server blyat.
  11. 105mm cannon gun vertical elevation 20 degrees gun horizontal rotation -20 degrees all real mesh, no fake bump
  12. Here's a Helicopter a rig i made. Images Side note: Helicopter doesn't lag MI >DOWNLOAD HERE<
  13. Private Cole Man

    M113 APC

    Hey guys! Here's another rig I've made recently. This one here is the M113 APC. I felt there was a lack of military ground vehicles, so here. I also want to use this for a future project (if I can even make it ;-; ). I do have to warn you that manipulating it is rather confusing. Vote in the poll and I'll probably make an updated version that's easier to use. Features: Open-able hatches Modest interior detail Gun mount (featuring a slightly modified version of Piegon99's M2HB HMG) Functioning fold-able commander's & jumper's seat, adjustable driver's seat, brake sticks, and accelerator pedal There's also the trim vane at the front if you want to use it for amphibious stuff, but I didn't add adequate detail underneath that, so yeah Download: Download Notes: You know the drill, don't forget to credit me for the rig (and Piegon99 for the gun) and don't claim it as your own, etc etc... Making a UH-1 rig at the moment, might be done in a few weeks. If your fps is too low, try moving the "Track Assembly" & "Interior" folders out of the parent folder and move it away to some other folder and hide it before finalizing. This should lower the objects moving at one time and (based on my observation) reduce low frame rate. You can also do this to the roof. I put two separate roofs (under the "Static Parts" folder), one ("/!\ Roof (complex)") is made of many cubes while the other ("/!\ Roof (simple)") is just one cube. This rig was made for my custom human models. You might need to increase the scale to be able to fit regular human models in.
  14. Inspired from GTA V - Zion Classic, classic sports car | Based from BMW M6 1987 635CSi. (All doors are opened). Engine (WIP). Interior also WIP.
  15. As the tittle imply's i made the Cypertruck. so here's some images It took me 30 minutes to model this. >>DOWNLOAD<<
  16. I'm currently working on another rig Here's a pic of it so far Will include: - Fully detailed cockpit - Working propellers - Working camera - Lights
  17. MineRig

    Ford Explorer

    Introducing another vehicle The 2019 Ford Explorer This rig was supposed to be in the vehicle pack v2 but i decided to just upload it anyway. Normal Police ver. DOWNLOAD Credit when used As usual Credit to @Mineshaft Animation for the light bar rig Previous Rig | Next: N/A
  18. Currently working On a vehicle pack that doesn't lag Mine-Imator. [ But still with High quality ] Here's an image of ones I've completed so far This pack will include the following types of vehicles \/ Green = already competed. - Sedan - SUV ( Sports Utility Vehicle ) - Hatchback - Coupe -Minivan - Kei car ( Japan Exclusive ) - Pickup truck - Van / commercial - Light truck - Sports car - Micro car - City Bus - School bus
  19. Good afternoon everyone, Today i introduce you the Senta a sedan i designed and rigged. This vehicle Is the first car I've ever made that doesn't lag Mine-Imator. Images Includes - Working tail lights ,Trunk, Hood and Doors - Pedals - Movable Dashboard - Under hood - wipers >>DOWNLOAD HERE<< Don't forget to credit me when used
  20. <Yellow Race/Sports Car Rig> <Model Preview> VV Download and info below VV NOTE: This rig is not a 1x1 scale. It does not line up with the size of regular characters or blocks Who am I kidding? made this for fun anyways.. >> Download <<
  21. I was bored so i decided to make this.... Credit to @Ghatos for the low detail car pack.
  22. I've been working on this rig for the past week and only the interior is completed i think..... So Here's some images of the Dodge Charger so far. So... This may be completed in...... I Don't know when i'll be done.
  23. I am sharing another model of my car for download. Will anyone use it for their movie. Please write. Here you can download. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cv2IuEcqS90baHeK8didIsRiChOHkfag/view?usp=sharing
  24. https://imgur.com/5DbvCmS RIG TEST ANIMATION SUV WIP
  25. Here is a small video I kinda threw together. Mind the camera skills. They suck. That's why I dont do animations. Any who, im making a very detailed car rig and I wanted to give a small preview of one piece of it... The engine. It's probably the simplest part but details go a long way P.S. Should I keep the blue wires? They make it look a bit too cluttered. What do you think?
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