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Found 40 results

  1. Yes the T-34 has more detail, this is to match the sloping the tank had. The german tanks in comparison had very little if not any sloping at all. Too much detail?
  2. Fully functional parts, turret, hull, cannon breech, etc. Seamlessly animated tracks preset Added new skin:
  3. M1A1 Abrams MBT rig render test. 4k inspired from Battlefield art. 4k raw image, no pdn touch Mine-imator does not sucks anymore!
  4. Probably my first time showing off my renders in the Mine-imater Forums but here it is...... if you want the tank model then contact me, oh and the M113 APC rig is also not mine it belongs to @Private Cole Man and none of the textures were mine.. PS It was really laggy lol
  5. Forums: this is Mine-imator, you should make m- Me: yes
  6. 105mm cannon gun vertical elevation 20 degrees gun horizontal rotation -20 degrees all real mesh, no fake bump
  7. HEY GUYS! I'M BACK! I have been inactive for a long time (about two months) and I decided to make an EPIC, VERY EPIC, like @Kreuzer's epic rigs. I MADE A SUPER, ULTRA, VERY, HIGHLY, LAGGY, 0-10FPS LAG IN the ff specs (even without render mode) : I made a Panzerkampfwagen III Ausfuhrung M rig It is super detailed and will make any device with an operating system lower than mine crash. Here are some pics of it: 7 WAYS TO SEE (+1 extra) For my comrades feel free to ask me if you want the tank rig as long as you are going to credit it to me and if I ever intend to release it in public. List of le comrades This is the hardest rig I've ever made and it took me 5 days to complete it. Kreuzer is my inspiration into making this rig. OH WAIT!!! It has no main gun ammo (no ammo racks), not my problem. This rig is mine please do not steal it.
  8. This rig is once again made by me within 12 hours of non stop rigging. Its an American M4A3 Easy 8 rig, this is my 2nd tank rig and my 7th rig done. It features a movable turret, commander anti aircraft 50 caliber, 30 caliber bow gun MG and gun elevation. Download link's here: (Be sure to not steal it for I used effort on it, Skyrinn_MCAG (in facebook Mine Imator group) asked permission to edit the textures of it from me for his rig) -=DOWNLOAD=-
  9. Che3syPlayz


    Hey so my first rig that I actually put any effort into. A tank You're free to use it no need for credit. Yeah I know it's kind of bad, but hey. I'm new. Anyways, also subscribe to my YouTube Che3sy Playz http://www.mediafire.com/file/t6gfjj4o8d27rm5/Tank_By_Che3sy.rar
  10. Ladies and gents lemme introduce you my Overlord Tank Rig http://www.mediafire.com/file/r68g78jpxgu49v5/Overlord+tank.zip ^^Download^^ If there is any problem in the rig just comment bellow Enjoy ^.^ note: Dont forget to credit me thank you
  11. Here are the Panzer Rigs made by me and finally giving it to everyone....? the secret behind these Rigs is simple (so it might disappoint you? please don't) Please give credits if you're going to use this rig (and pm me if you ever did) Turtle Team's Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer -Download- Kuromorimine Jagdpanther -Download- Stug III (this special painted StuG III is not included, I'm just showing it off) -Download- St.G G Churchill Mk.III AVRE -Download- Panzer VIII Maus -Download- E100 -Download- IS-3 -Download- Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E -Download- L3/33 CV-33 (Carro Veloce) -Download- -more coming out soon?- (actual dialogue from the anime)
  12. Some few modifications for the L3/33, by few I mean adding a leg. Now Italians can run away with their Tankette, literally.
  13. Hey guys it is I, L0nEW0lF071, who have been inactive for the past few months. Like 3-7 months of inactivity. As a comeback I have made a series of animations and test and added something new that I havent made before. As you know my last animation posted here was total shit, bad effects, unrealistic effects, long intro/outro, no audio/ sound effects. all those people that said something wrong about it, thanks to you i have got the chance to improve. Tiger I Animation, gun recoil and tracer effect test. That is all folks! All the tank rigs used here are MINE, i made em if you could remember a long time ago I posted a download link for those somewhere in this forums, i forgot where. Find it yourselves.
  14. Here is my animated train crossing in action.
  15. Since Halloween is near I'm not going to miss it this time so I made a Ghost Tank Rig thingy! By "made" I mean re-texturing the Maus tank rig again like what I did with the X-Maus. More pics in the spoiler.
  16. WW2 COLLAB This is my first time hosting a collab.. Tank Rig was made by Kreuzer Sample video of the collab also my Entry Here are the rules 1. Animation must be more than 10 secs. (10 secs. is the minimum) 2. Must be WW2 related/scenery 3. You can use any Video Editor 4. Must not have a song, SFX will do 5. You can post your video in Youtube or PM me your video 6. Must not have any pornographic scene or maybe some wierd (you know what i mean +18) 7. You can make it Bloody/Gore cause thats what happen's in ww2 8. Can use rigs like tanks, mortar, guns, etc. But credit the owner if it's your then don't 9. Be sure to have a Watermark on your video 10. You can make other country win or just dont show who win or lose like mine The only Teams are American's, German's, British/U.K., French, and Russian's [you can choose your side and who to fight with] Ex.: American's V.S. German's This collab is until November 11
  17. Fish Tank Pictures: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s5aseznj6h5a733/Fish+tank.zip Credit Appreciated. Any questions ask. Fish not included. Give me criticism. Any problems loading it tell me.
  18. well finally my Tiger tank is done, I can now rest for a bit okay description: this rig isn't as great as it looks, it has a lot of lacking like the Gun mantlet, the rotating wheels, movable tracks, and the machine gun on its front hull so this rig is really more of a Background prop but if you do prefer to actually animate it then yes the turret is rotatable, the gun can recoil, and you can still elevate or depress the gun but it won't look good because of the lack of Gun mantlet but anyway that's all of it I guess? if you want the rig then visit the tank rigs download post thingy, yeh this one at the bottom go check on that
  19. Hey guys! Another set of pictures of my creations. This time, it's a game concept. Left to Right: Special Ops Soldier (USA & PHL), Soldier with vest (Any Other), and Normal Soldier (Base for All) Left to Right: Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle (EU), M40A3 Sniper Rifle (USA), M16A4 Assault Rifle (USA), and M4 Modular Weapon System (USA) Left to Right: Ground Mobility Vehicle (USA), M151 (US Vietnam-era) Jeep, Unfinished UH-1H Iroquios (USA/PHL), M1 Abrams (USA), Type 89 IFV (CHN) A little bit of the GUI and stuff Might seem a little patriotic/nationalistic of me.
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