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  1. Quick story time. (Feel free to skip this & just watch the animation) On Marvel MC (a server I own) there was a big event for the 4-year anniversary called "Game of Stones", a grand battle beneath the destroyed New Avengers Facility where all of the Infinity Stones are up for grabs. All players had to get into teams in order to join forces & increase their odds of going home with a stone or two in their possession. It was quite the spectacle. You had teams like The Peacekeepers (inspired by The Avengers), The New Protectors, The Elders (a duo of The Grandmaster & The Collector), The Symbiote Prodigies, & one player started their own version of The Illuminati, from the Marvel Comics. My team is called The Infinity Watch, we were more directly inspired by the morals of The Illuminati; a group of powerful individuals who intend to keep close watch of all six of the stones, deciding who gets permitted to use them & whatnot. At the time we had Thanos, Hela, Loki, Captain Marvel, Dark Surfer, Scarlet Witch, & Requiem (Thanos-level Gamora). We were the most confident about winning, & were actually notorious for it. We even trained Thanos to be able to withstand being jumped by 5+ players. Long story short, we won. We now possess all six of the Infinity Stones on the server. Beyond the event, there is a list of requirements for teams to become "official" on the server, like verified teams that could appear in the server lore during events. One of those requirements is to have a "team graphic", preferably a professional one. I actually started the Infinity Watch in 2019, they debuted for Marvel MC's 3 year anniversary, which was a completely different event. So we already had our graphic, but what you're about to see before you is an animation I've made out of that very graphic from all those years ago. It's nothing extra special, but it may be intriguing for those of you Marvel fans out there. Hope you all like it! Open for any questions/comments/criticism. P.S. This is only my third animation. Perhaps I can upload the first two for more detailed critiques since they're much longer.
  2. rig coming, when it's ready... What is the different with v1? - Bigger thanos - Fingers added - Glowing Infinity Stones (not like in the picture below, that was edited by photoshop xD) - Gauntlet power effect added For support me for mooooooaaaare, please subscribe my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/YanuarMohendra (c) Yanuar Mohendra (ShinyGHASTTear), allright reserved V:
  3. So, april of this year. I quit the forums, just incase you don't know me. Hello, i'm the guardian, aka RTB2033. I make stuff i like, such as marvel. DC. Anything really, i came back after some motivation hit me. And because i got infinity war on blu-ray, i decided to put a stormbreaker rig here. It is of course, a work in progress. As i feel like something is missing. But here's a preview: Here's the image version: Here's a previous version that i upgraded from:
  4. My second released animation. I worked a bit more on this one. RIP MARVEL SPIDERMAN. Worked with Mineimator + AE CC 2019 + PR PRO CC 2019 Story: Spiderman stops a museum robbery killing the thiefs. The world thinks Spiderman is changing. Living the nightlife, Spidey finds a strange meeting. A man dies accidentaly and drops a drug. Peter Parker takes it home.
  5. Hey Mine-Imators! I'm currently working on a parody of the short series "Maximum Overload" by Marvel. Here's just a short preview of the intro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVIRP6h1i7Y
  6. Thanks for the love you showed me when I came to this forum for the first time! Today, I am back with a new render especially when the buzz is really high about Avengers : Endgame BTW, Somebody thinks there should have been Captain Marvel in this render too? - ? Creepster Studios
  7. The Super Hero/Villain Colab Details The most overdone colab idea yet, the Super Hero/Villain colab... So, the video should have a hero facing a villain(or a Villain facing a Hero) in an epic battle. You can choose the the participants and even make your own! Have one of the two participants win or have it be a draw! Requirements 10-60 seconds (shorter the better) Fade in and out (to black) Custom Watermark (not required but, will make my life easier) Rules Follow Mine-Imator Rules At least Two participants No harming that of animals No movie spoilers Enter by Clicking Me!
  8. Hello, long time no see! I came to show you the antman animation production process I was wondering about. Recently I have been hired and can not make animation. I'm so sorry! I will keep coming back. Thank you.
  9. this is a real WIP, soon im gonna add cars, a bus (thanks @EnderSculptor) Spider-Man is played by @OzFalcon and enjoy! (The web swinging took forever )
  10. what's up guys. long time no see! I've finally finished making the Antman animation! I really appreciate the many people who helped me. From making mine imator to editing, VFX, SFX! It's a video that takes full advantage of my abilities. I want u to know my efforts.
  11. I made a Iron-Spider rig earlier so i decided to make a wallpaper. (Made 100% in MI)
  12. Wow, I've stayed a long time without visiting this forum... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created with blocks! for me to create characters with blocks is much more beautiful, however, we have to make several details for the character to leave perfect... i also created the shield for him... --------------------------------------- yes, I used a Base Template to create Captain America, (a personal base model of mine, I like to have my own things without anyone touching :v) ---------------------------------------- More Pics! --------------------------------------------------------- no, there is no download. if that is not the right topic, I'll just apologize and wait for someone to change. (i mean, i dont have that power right?)
  13. So, I just watched the Spider-Man homecoming trailer, and saw the last scene. Iron Man, and Spider-Man both going off somewhere. Yay. @Cube Productions will probably still make a better wallpaper than me though. sadly this is always going to be the truth.
  14. Kind of working on a weird Iron man rig '3'
  15. Robbie Reyes, the latest ghost rider, and one of my favorites. Today I made him, complete with a custom skull, and a car. (Keep in mind, I didn't put much detail, wanted to get out soon as possible, but I will add detail in the future.) Image \/ Downloads \/ Edit - I'm starting to get very sick, and I think I have the flu. That's why I tried to only work on this for a short time, with such little detail.
  16. Last one for today. Thor movie poster. Hope you like it. http://kiliorean.deviantart.com/art/Thor-562528474?ga_submit_new=10%3A1443244850
  17. I decided to use an old Venom skin and a really cool new skin I found and put them in with Spider-Man! It's not the best, but I do enjoy making these renders... The images are really blurry here, so you will need to click on them to see them better...
  18. Just a little render using an old Spider-Man skin I found on my computer, some Mine-Imator scenery, and some block scaling, and you got a cool Spider-Man render!
  19. Thor's Hammer Rig By Ryano This rig adds Thor's Hammer. This is a very simple rig but I think it worked quite well. Feel free to use it in animations etc. (No credit needed). I hope you enjoy it everyone! . Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?3i04bcsnbgj91rq . Pics: http://imgur.com/6jwdJ3E,EIvxa3d#1
  20. Here is the participation P:S it's my 2nt but the 1nt are no good from the rules.
  21. Groot is trying to tell me something!............ I really don't get it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oruCSEfj7jw&feature=youtu.be ooooh I get it now! please go check out my channel and subscribe and also why not give this topic a thumbs up!
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