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Found 44 results

  1. Hi guys! Now I'm back with some refreshing wallpapers! Hope you like it! Cinematic Art: V.2: Any suggestions or tips? Please comment below! Don't forget to add react! V Thanks! V
  2. Texture Pack: Faithful 64x Art: Cinematic: Edited using PhotoScape and Photoshop CS6 Any questions or tips? Please comment!
  3. "Room"| Cinematic Render 2K

  4. Soo, hello everyone, it's me again, from GVMluccaMovies YouTube Channel !! Last night my Channel just got 20K Subscribers and I made this MV to celebrate this new milestone !!! The song is "Song Of A Small Love" and it's a Japanese song (Original name: 小さな恋の歌), don't worry, I translated it and put English subtitles so you can read and understand it ! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the MV. Thank you and have a nice day !!!
  5. post-apocalyptics scenes

    credits: @Piegon99 : tactical backpack,M16A4,M50 gasmask,M39 EMR @Private Cole Man : colt M1911 @Mike : backpack @Karlomianbot : pistol @ÜberKiller : Colt Python @Daffa_the_One : Fn Scar Map: Phobos apocalyptic survival
  6. Swampland

    credit: SKIBBZ for the fox rig
  7. Hello everybody !! It's me, GVMluccaMovies !!!! Today I wanna show all of you my newest Animation: SKYFALL - THE ENCOUNTER Actually, this is a remastered version of my old SKYFALL Minecraft Animation which was published a year ago. But well, hope you guys enjoy it !! Story: The earth is under attack, a giant alien vessel has crash landed in the ocean, it's up to a team of four ground correspondents to protect the planet from imminent doom The voice is suckkk... I know...
  8. Hey guys yet again. So last wallpaper was... a complete bust. You guys didn't like it, it was too edgy, too dark, and just made no sense at all to most of you X.x Well I am back with another wallpaper that took HOURS to do and I gotta say, I really T_T love the results. Oh and no @SKIBBZ did not help (besides with the lighting tut). Before I show you I would like to credit Skibbz for making the awesome scarecrows and I would like to credit @Awesome Emerald for making the pumpkins I used. But I would like to note that the pumpkins you will see do not start out like that, his rig just had the one pumpkin with one stem. Anyways tell me which version you guys like better in the comments or in the poll, enjoy! (With effect): (Without effect): (Unedited or "happy version"): Btw, do these look similar to Skibbz style? Just wondering...
  9. Hello everybody !!! So, I'm from GVMluccaMovies Channel. Today I wanna show all of you my Trailer of SKYFALL - THE ENCOUNTER, a Minecraft Animation !!! Actually, this is a remastered version of my old SKYFALL Minecraft Animation which was published a year ago. But well, hope you guys enjoy this trailer, and the movie will be on air soon !!!
  10. Mine-imator Cinematic

    This took 2 days to make and I am really proud of the outcome, enjoy: Music is credited in the description of the video. ;3
  11. I guess I did ANOTHER wallpaper, this time I wanted to make one with a dark feel to it, so I made a basement. This took about 2 days to make and I'm really proud of the outcome (like always, it was made in MI:CB without editing it in any other program, except for the watermark) 4K Non-cinematic 4K cinematic: Imgur Link: http://imgur.com/a/dj9Zb You can use these wallpapers however you like, just don't claim them as your own, thanks ;3 Make sure to check out my previous wallpaper too!
  12. Cinematic Camera Bars

    edit: basically useless This is for the animators without proper editing programs to add cinematic bars images: Download
  13. Blame It On The Stars

    Just made a new music video animation:
  14. Be sure to let me know what you think of my Animation / Cinematic!
  15. Make-A-Wish Collab trailer

    Jumpscare maybe, you have been warned. Time to make: Like a day and a half I think? Hey guys, so the trailer was going to be funny but then I thought, "Hey this is my chance to finally make a cinematic!" So I took it. The actual collab will be based on comedy, just I couldn't resist Btw if possible I love comments whether good or bad so if you can just leave a little something matey that will be highly appreciated. Enjoy the video!:
  16. Ok An entry for Make A Pose Collab 3 by Square To Dare Give advice/critics, if anything's bad Because im not a rly good animator. (even if i joined since 2 years ago. or 1 idk) No Edits (because After Effects, takes 3 hours to render hue)
  17. Credit to @SKIBBZ for the rig! Everyone hates it. Why?! All I was trying to do is make a good animation, I know it's not perfect, but still, you don't have to be mean.
  18. Skywars 2 [4K]

  19. Windy Day [4K]

    I need help. Both academically and mentally.
  20. so, yah, i made this rig pose, took a photo and completely forgot about him, so here he is again: i had to edit more than the text, you see, there where some strange issues with the particles, wherever i put one, it satrts good as a normal particle, but within some seconds, the exact same particle respawns a few pixels over the first one, and that repeats like 4 times, so i had to edit that out of the image, but oh well, it looks good, and that's the important thing. non-hq render version: hope yah liked it, and... see yah later! Gamers, and FREAKS!
  21. Cinematic Freezeframe Collab

    ENDS ON JANUARY 15 2017 Umm... Rules: MUST BE 1080P OR HIGHER, No music (sound effects allowed), must be longer than 5 seconds, must have scenery, the beginning of your entry must start as an animation You Are Allowed To Make More Than One Entry WE WILL ADD EXTRA SOUND EFFECTS TO YOUR ENTRIES IF NEEDED Examples: DeltaDino: DeltaAndrew: Color Code People Who Entered People Who Say They'll Join But Haven't Made Their Entry List Of People
  22. The Lazy fight

    My first test motion blur is kinda messy when the camera switches but ohh well here it is at the video editting software it came out as to be as bright as i want but when i rendered it it goes very dark..so i re editted it now i looks ugly