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Found 74 results

  1. If you remember rock bands from the early 2000s, you'd understand the title without needing an explanation. Corner Street was a band name I came up with when I was talking with an old friend. =P Guitar and Drums by @CoLahaust, rubble by @SKIBBZ, ACM 3.0 by @SoundsDotZip. Feat. @Hagus (I hope I tagged those right goodnight)
  2. Hello, Prismatic Spirit here! So I've been into Beat Saber lately and now I want that game really bad, it has gotten into me so much that I spent a week making this render of my character Samson cutting to the rhythm of the song. 21:9, 1440p Ultrawide 2019-05-18 Created by Prismatic Spirit Credits to SoundsDotZip for providing us with ACM V3, giving me a 3D model of Samson's hair, Hozq for giving his a lens flare pack. took me nearly a week to get him on time tjiuwersvhndfsiujexgdfbvfc CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! BY USING YOUR SUPPORT, I CAN MAKE BETTER RENDERS THAN MY OLDER ONES!
  3. Sorry if this is stretched, the file was too big for imgur to handle so I had to use discord.
  4. Little bit of an experiment. As a person who now uses Blender for most animation related stuff, I used to use Mine-imator back in the day from the first demo versions of when 1.0.0 came out. I decided to come back to MI as a way to see what I could do from the amount of skills I've learnt over the years, and to see what I could come up with. Here is some images of a dive suit rig for a dolphin-humanoid character model I've had for quite some time gathering dust on my PC. I had to re-educate myself about rigging in MI with using items/other methods (which only took 5 mins as it's somewhat of a poor mans UV mapping system coming from an avid Blender user). Overhauled the rig with an array of additions for some cinematic underwater shots. Feedback is appreciated. These shots were inspired a little bit from a movie called Thunderball, and color/styling wise from the neon color palette from Blade Runner 2049. Decided to go for the 2:1 aspect ratio for these shots (3840x1920 for anyone wondering) Light rays and slight color corrections done with Hitfilm Pro.
  5. Hey guys. Foxtrot gave me this base idea and I build off of this. I bring you today... Out to Eat. EVERYONE from left to right: @Foxtrot0806 @KaryuGraphics @MikTRF @EmberWing @Fray @GamingQuick @ThatRobloxerGamerYT @Hagus @9redwoods @Hozq @Dr. Nexil Additional people scattered around the scene in various ways: @TheJeweledWolf @Ethanial Thanks to Karyu for help on the lighting. I hope you enjoy this, and as always, criticism is welcome! Have a great day.
  6. So I made this wallpaper. My best yet?? Let me know! I also made a speedart! Watch it, I need views
  7. skins used: me, Hozq, RandomJeremy, Fray, TheJeweledWolf, Ghatos, Sharpwind credits: mbanders for the trashcan model thanks Sharpwind who help me a lot for the lighting and the ambient
  8. Not my proudest work, but not my worst. Edited: Unedited: Criticism is welcomed. I'm tired as heck right now. Also, gg to Nimi for the new version of MI. I'm not going to be using it because of specific complications I have. Car by TheCryingSquid
  9. Now this is better feel free to give criticism. I'm as tired as yesterday. Edited: Unedited: ^^^credits Okay bye
  10. credit: hozq for the facial rig endersculptor for the weapon Skallord for the spaceship https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/balkon-class-escort-frigate/
  11. credits: endersculptor for the weapons piegon99 for the car
  12. IM BACK, EVERYONE I hope you enjoy this new Christmas wallpaper. This took about two hours to create, and this is better than any of my old Christmas wallpapers! I managed to get that beautiful light outline around some of the blocks. If you want to know how, all I did was spam spotlights around the scene. I didn't scale anything. I haven't posted a wallpaper recently. I've been a bit caught up in real life problems, and I've been dead on wallpaper ideas since the beginning of summer. If you have some wallpaper ideas, please make sure to leave them in the comments. Anyways, let's get to the wallpaper, you're probably not even reading this. Edited: Unedited: The snowfall isn't the best. In fact, it's pretty ugly. Don't hate on me, I'm a lazy person. Criticism is appreciated. I hope you like it! (the tree isn't by me)
  13. credits: facial rig by hozq
  14. Its been a while since I've used MI. I hope the community is still doing well. I created this one entirely with what comes with MI. Really cool features have been added since I've last used the program. Any criticism is always helpful ?
  15. Hello! Prismatic Spirit here, I've made this render today as a warmup for my comeback. I was messing around with the scaling, lights and other built-in camera effects since I lost my Photoshop software due to 2019's patch. UHD Cinematic 2018-11-03 Created by Prismatic Spirit I was planning to use some schematic piece from 1.14 snapshot but I forgot that I "optimized" the world rendering it useless in older versions, hope you enjoy this render which I don't think is good by my standards. CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! BY USING YOUR SUPPORT, I CAN MAKE BETTER RENDERS THAN MY OLDER ONES!
  16. Unedited: Edited: (personally one of my favorites)
  17. what's up guys. long time no see! I've finally finished making the Antman animation! I really appreciate the many people who helped me. From making mine imator to editing, VFX, SFX! It's a video that takes full advantage of my abilities. I want u to know my efforts.
  18. Hi, I made cinematic rendering test animation today. I used Map and Rig of my friends.
  19. Oof. So I opened Mine-Imator to make a classroom render and ended up making this. What is it? I don't know. Working to this:
  20. I can't get enough of including weather in my wallpapers! Here. I'm sorry these wallpapers have only been half-decent. I've been struggling a lot with wallpaper ideas. This may reflect my internal struggles or the drama on the forums recently. It doesn't have a true purpose, though. Okay bye.
  21. Ok.. so I tried REALLY hard on this one, I perfected mostly everything, but the only problem I can recognize is that the torches in the back aren't casting any light but it really isn't that noticeable, so I decided to leave it. anyways, here's the pic!
  22. Ok, ok, ok. I know png/surface wallpapers are lazy and all, but I found this awesome image on Google images and had to replicate it. After lots of struggle with alpha glitch and shadows, I finally got it to look half-decent. It's not my best, but it works. If Nimi or David looks at this, I want to tell you guys about the stupid glitches that are still here. You can see by the trees, there are random smudges. Also, around some of the surfaces, there are random white pixels that aren't in the PNG. It's not the alpha glitch either, I'm smart enough to turn the render depth up. Anyways, here you go. This is one of the first images that I didn't edit in Paint.NET or anything. ok bye
  23. I guess I did ANOTHER wallpaper, this time I wanted to make one with a dark feel to it, so I made a basement. This took about 2 days to make and I'm really proud of the outcome (like always, it was made in MI:CB without editing it in any other program, except for the watermark) 4K Non-cinematic 4K cinematic: Imgur Link: http://imgur.com/a/dj9Zb You can use these wallpapers however you like, just don't claim them as your own, thanks ;3 Make sure to check out my previous wallpaper too!
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