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Found 89 results

  1. Credits: @ShotUAnimations for skin @Phyre for inspiration(ack i need to stop being inspired ;-;) Dreadbear and Grim Francisco Pizzaro are made by me, and they are private. I had plenty of feedback in Discord, like from Ian, IKEA, and _Mine(no need to ping), and Shot also helped me. CC is much appreciated.
  2. Hello, Prismatic Spirit here! So I've been into Beat Saber lately and now I want that game really bad, it has gotten into me so much that I spent a week making this render of my character Samson cutting to the rhythm of the song. 21:9, 1440p Ultrawide 2019-05-18 Created by Prismatic Spirit Credits to SoundsDotZip for providing us with ACM V3, giving me a 3D model of Samson's hair, Hozq for giving his a lens flare pack. took me nearly a week to get him on time tjiuwersvhndfsiujexgdfbvfc CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! BY USING YOUR SUPPORT, I CAN MAKE BETTER RENDERS THAN MY OLDER ONES!
  3. Benji


    "Send out the signal and I'll fly low, If it means the death of me, I won't let goAnd if I'm lost in the worlds shadows, I'll use the light that comes to meFrom your halo" I won't let go...
  4. Hey guys i hope your having a fantastic day and i wanna show you this wallpaper i made
  5. Another maximum quality render, and I loved this outcome. The credits goes to: @Hozq for inspiration of his "some highway render idk". Give him a applause. @Ghatos for the infamous muscle car, also one of my favorite cars. @Dawid24M for his police cars. Nice details, mate! @Phyre for tutoring me on some lighting, and scene of this render. @Frost for tutoring me on DoF(yeah, I got some troubles which is best). Ladies and Users, may I present you: FAST AND FURIOUS
  6. Here's my lamest I MEAN latest wallpaper
  7. Halloween or not, I posted this to match my first pixel weapon: Deathtoller. It was a pain, but the school computer managed to up to maximum quality of it. Constructive criticism are always welcome. Don't forget, I made this to show my weapon, not the theme please don't say it's not even halloween
  8. The Spinosaurus rig goes to MaskedIndominus, he's found in SharpWind's Discord Server if you want the rig. Hope this brightens your day. :3
  9. Do you think we'll always be this way? Railroad by @Ethaniel.
  10. Credits goes to: @Zuexs for his King rig. @Mr. Cat for his Prince rig. @ky_09095 for his Ender Dragon rig. I spent this for hours and couldn't finish it, because of Thanksgiving delays.
  11. "Yes, I will go and capture some confidential documents in that Ching Yan building. I oughta be surprised my old friend is one of them. Ok, I gotta go. Titan out." My Spy submission for the @AnxiousCynic contest considering a collab of a Spy theme. Started doing this thanks to the Spy wallpaper of @anima cryses. Thx m8! Credits: @rakaela for the Papers, Please rig, and I made it look like a document @SoldierGG1 for the pistol rig.
  12. @Dr. Nexil's got his birthday today, so here it is! It's the clash between Nexil and the Cake, and Steve was roaming throooooough(sounds dramatic :/) the sea and try to help Dr.Nexil defeat thy Cake. The yacht is default schematic of Mine-Imator, so Nimi, David, and probably Voxy too made the yacht, so gg on the context! The dramatic sky was from my father and he captured some of these pics. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DR.NEXIL!
  13. Credits goes to @Batman4014 for Genji and Hanzo rig. Pretty detailed. The Hanamura map goes to RehctElf68 This is the first collab between @ShotUAnimations and me. He's in 1st place in Best Renderers in MI forums. Also, 100% MI.
  14. Thought I would share progress on this little parody animation that I have been playing around with. This shot is one of many more to come of this short scene based from a heist movie (Ocean's Twelve) in which I highly recommend anyone to definitely watch the trilogy if you haven't. That being said, I began working on this to experiment with what I could do with Mineimator in trying to achieve some good depth of field and a cinematic film-like aesthetic. For this shot I still need to refine the character animation to include more subtle micro-movement to have a more natural and less stiff looking appearance, but here is what I have so far. Soundtrack used: Crepuscolo Sul Mare 'Twilight on the Sea' Animation elements: Mineimator Final composite/color grading: Hitfilm 13
  15. Credits: @ShotUAnimations for his skin. @Frost* for his skin. @Hozq for his Buff Steve rig. Inspiration: M E N A C I N G by @Slime. Gotta say, that Buff Steve looks hilarious in my skin, I mean, those BUFF chests.
  16. I forgot how cool MineImator can be! Whipped this up in the past couple hours. Would love to hear your thoughts. Usage credits: Player Rig - SoundsDotZip Hat - mbanders Set - doctordachshund (PlanetMinecraft, modified by me) Gun - shikurin
  17. If you remember rock bands from the early 2000s, you'd understand the title without needing an explanation. Corner Street was a band name I came up with when I was talking with an old friend. =P Guitar and Drums by @CoLahaust, rubble by @SKIBBZ, ACM 3.0 by @SoundsDotZip. Feat. @Hagus (I hope I tagged those right goodnight)
  18. Sorry if this is stretched, the file was too big for imgur to handle so I had to use discord.
  19. Little bit of an experiment. As a person who now uses Blender for most animation related stuff, I used to use Mine-imator back in the day from the first demo versions of when 1.0.0 came out. I decided to come back to MI as a way to see what I could do from the amount of skills I've learnt over the years, and to see what I could come up with. Here is some images of a dive suit rig for a dolphin-humanoid character model I've had for quite some time gathering dust on my PC. I had to re-educate myself about rigging in MI with using items/other methods (which only took 5 mins as it's somewhat of a poor mans UV mapping system coming from an avid Blender user). Overhauled the rig with an array of additions for some cinematic underwater shots. Feedback is appreciated. These shots were inspired a little bit from a movie called Thunderball, and color/styling wise from the neon color palette from Blade Runner 2049. Decided to go for the 2:1 aspect ratio for these shots (3840x1920 for anyone wondering) Light rays and slight color corrections done with Hitfilm Pro.
  20. Hey guys. Foxtrot gave me this base idea and I build off of this. I bring you today... Out to Eat. EVERYONE from left to right: @Foxtrot0806 @KaryuGraphics @MikTRF @EmberWing @Fray @GamingQuick @ThatRobloxerGamerYT @Hagus @9redwoods @Hozq @Dr. Nexil Additional people scattered around the scene in various ways: @TheJeweledWolf @Ethanial Thanks to Karyu for help on the lighting. I hope you enjoy this, and as always, criticism is welcome! Have a great day.
  21. So I made this wallpaper. My best yet?? Let me know! I also made a speedart! Watch it, I need views
  22. skins used: me, Hozq, RandomJeremy, Fray, TheJeweledWolf, Ghatos, Sharpwind credits: mbanders for the trashcan model thanks Sharpwind who help me a lot for the lighting and the ambient
  23. Not my proudest work, but not my worst. Edited: Unedited: Criticism is welcomed. I'm tired as heck right now. Also, gg to Nimi for the new version of MI. I'm not going to be using it because of specific complications I have. Car by TheCryingSquid
  24. Now this is better feel free to give criticism. I'm as tired as yesterday. Edited: Unedited: ^^^credits Okay bye
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