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  1. So I officially quit the mine imator forums. It’s been a fun ride. (Mostly fun), and I loved interacting with the people of the forums. But my time has come. Sadly. All things come to an end. But yes. I apologise if some of the animation is a bit bad. I’m not the best animator in the world. This was a first to do for me. So yes. This is goodbye... Stay safe on the forums everyone!
  2. I had a think about this for a while. And I know in the past I said I would quit. And I came back, but that was just me under stress. This is me quitting because I don’t see the point. I don’t see the point in putting effort into something. Only for it to be avoided or ignored. I don’t understand why I put effort into making things. That people just scoop to the side. Because someone like skibbz makes something equally better than mine. Yes, call me jealous. But I do want my hard work to be recognised a little more. Instead of just having one or two likes. I get ignored half the time. And my work gets brushed off to one side. It’s annoying, since I put hours or a day into my work. Yet no one gives a crap. (Pardon my French). You know how sad that is for me? Putting effort into something only for it to be nothing? Anyways.... I feel as if my hard work is pointless. So this is a farewell. To a community I wish wasn’t toxic. But oh well. On a high note, if someone overtakes you with a better poster. It’s time to hang the cape and cowl.


    So long mine imator forums.

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    2. alfadog


      Hardwork always beats talent,

    3. willingsas


      @MYSELF3200 So then why are people just not recognizing him. It's about as illogical as my point of view. Popular crap will always beat hard work and talent.

    4. MYSELF3200



      It's the community's choice if they want to give him any attention or not.

  3. RTB2033

    Elemental Starter

    Eh, its alright. I mean its far from perfect. But your getting there, just keep trying. And you'll eventually make it great.
  4. I might recreate the infinity war trailer. Give me around half-a-month to do all that. xD

  5. RTB2033

    Jedi Meditation - [Wallpaper 4K]

    Pretty much, people who give criticism, he gives a downvote to. I don't know why. Since all we did was give our honest opinion.
  6. RTB2033

    Jedi Meditation - [Wallpaper 4K]

    That's what i want to know. Whats the point? Lol
  7. How come i have no warning points? Lol

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    2. EnderSculptor


      @SkythecreeperCS I know that feeling.    That's why I prefer to restrict myself to the old up and down stuff.

    3. Rollo


      What have you done that would justify a warning point?

    4. RTB2033


      I dunno, anything? Just seems off. That i don't have a warning point.

  8. RTB2033

    Jedi Meditation - [Wallpaper 4K]

    It's ok.... Its a little too bright. On the sun, but other than that. The only thing i like is the saber effects. Other than that... 2/10.
  9. Ok so i've gotten interested, in remaking stuff i've made. 


    So give me ideas, on what i should remake. That i've made already.


    Since i can do better, than i did before. So....

  10. So i made a wolf among us thing. Like two years ago, right? No one probably remembers, ok lemme refresh you're memory. This was the original: It's really bad, i mean. Really really bad. Well now, i have remade it! Remake: I do apologise if the light is a little too bright, i rushed the lighting a little with that. Lol But yea, here's the remake. I could edit it a little and tone down the glow. But other than that. I think you all will like it. (You probably won't, but hey. Its you're opinion. I won't hold you down for it.) (Oh and credit to ImmersiveGaming for the lighter rig.)
  11. Two years ago, i made a wolf among us poster. I mean it was really bad. Just look.0jzkUJv.jpg

    1. RTB2033


      It looks really bad. Well now. I'm remaking it. Because it needs one, it needs a good remake.


      (It will be up in a few minutes. ;) )

  12. RTB2033

    Loading Screen

    In fact it looks a little bland, and looks like it was made. In like 3 seconds.
  13. RTB2033

    Loading Screen

    Ehm, its ok? It looks kinda cheesy to me. And not much in it, for a loading screen. :/
  14. You got banned eh?

    Well damn. I mean, who else will get banned.




    Oh i spoke too soon.



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    2. RTB2033


      Oh no, i wasn't on for like 2 months. :o 

    3. tditdatdwt
    4. Skjold


      DigitalEvorian? That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

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