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  1. You got banned eh?

    Well damn. I mean, who else will get banned.




    Oh i spoke too soon.



    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Mobdestoryer


      How'd he get banned?

    3. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      He got warned about his behavior many times but kept doing it.

    4. Mobdestoryer


      I'm pretty sure I remember him when I was 1st starting out. Wasn't he that jerk who was a plain $$$$ to everyone even if they just started?

  2. [4K] The Flash CW Poster

    This has to be, One of the best jokes. I've heard all day.
  3. ({[I think i'm getting better? I dunno. What do you think?]}) (P.S, I made the lightning bolt for his ears and chest. It turned out pretty cool so.)
  4. Oh god why.




    Bear in mind, This was 2016. This happened. I don't care. If it was year ago, this still drives me up the wall.

    Ok? Why do people think its ok to steal work from someone. Better yet, How the hell did i not notice this sooner?!

    1. SkythecreeperCS
    2. RTB2033


      Oh, I kinda took the video down. Uh sorry. But someone was copying what i made so i took it down after asking them to change the thumbnail or atleast credit me.

  5. Thanks, Yea its called horror house cause it projects visions of horror esc characters to scare people. Or kill people, If they enter the house. So thats why slender is there, And pennywise. (His eyes are white cause the surface glow was white and it got annoying.) And i see your point actually. The posing i just wanted to be simple. Lighting could be fixed when i get around to it again. Also i didn't wanna reveal any more people for this, As its a surprise for the episode. (But pennywise and slender aren't surprises.)
  6. Story: "The guardian is investigating and stopping anomalies around the globe. He discovers one in a local town in the UK. He decides to investigate and he comes across an anomaly in a house. But theres someone else in the house, He would enter house but it would be full of horrors and unspeakable evil. He must use his wit and bravery to try and beat the nightmares that hold within. The question i ask here. What are you afraid of?" Funnily enough, I actually made a good poster this time. And not a cheap poster with little things in it. Credit: TempusWare - Sonic Screwdriver thunderbirdfilms65 - TARDIS BloxTheRigger - Balloon. Go check them out, They make all sorts of rigs. (Dunno about thunderbirdfilms, Since i only saw his tardis rig. And nothing else.) If tempus thunder and blox see this. Please read below. I will take this post down if the credits aren't enough. And if this infringes any copyright you put in place for your rigs. Note: Better viewed on a PC, On a mobile device its darker.
  7. Doctor Who: The T.A.R.D.I.S Rig

  8. I decided while i was making a picture, To test my skills. And make a luke skywalker lightsaber. If you were expecting the anakin version. Sorry but i wanted to do the one from return of the jedi, And the last jedi hopefully. But this is what it could look like in the future. If i ever decided to make this a downloadable rig. The rig isn't that great now that i've fully observed it, But you can see the detail in there and the effort into making this. This is a test rig if you like it, Then sometime in a few months or more i'll try my best to remake it. With better detail and such. Hope you enjoyed what i made. (I know, Typo error in the title. My bad, I type fast and tend to make mistakes while typing.)
  9. TARDIS Interior Dalek Mod 1.0.2 Download

    From a video it looks good but when you open it, Its laggy as hell. Time for a nitpick! 1: You rushed the controls and they don't look as detailed as they should be. 2: Theres no scanners i understand its based on the dalek mod but pay attention to detail jesus. 3: The room is basically laggy like hell. 4: Finally: The door is just plain, Maybe add a white tardis door?? There thats all. Apart from that the rotor looks very well detailed. Rating: 3/10 :/
  10. TARDIS Interior Dalek Mod 1.0.2 Download

    I am blown away, This is better than my old tardis. Great job mate!
  11. Guess who decided to steal and reverse an image of my yellow jacket rig.




     This dude did it in the damn thumbnail! You can tell its my rig cause thats the pose i used for the image and the yellow behind him. e.e Didnt credit me either.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. NotAn...


      Well he did kind of apologise...

    3. RTB2033


      True, I just hope he learns to never do it again i did say if the video goes down that he can put it back up.


      I was saying thanks for the help because i never had this kind of help before. :3

    4. NotAn...
  12. Green Lantern Costume (force of will) RIG Download

    Nicely done, Although this looks like the injustice green lantern.
  13. I'm back guys!



    What happened: My life got in the way of going on here and it normally does for everything, Now i'm sorry i've not been here for while or if i have and i've been gone for a week thats a start. xD 


    Why was there no posts: I had life in the way as i said above but there was something else too, I was too busy with youtube to like not bother coming on here. Its sad ik but DWO has grown on me, And i wanted to do what was right to get back on DWO. (Aka a server you should check out if your a whovian.)


    Making posters or rigs: Well i will be trying (Idk if it will work) to redo the 2014 tardis, The first ever tardis i did on this site. It'll take what a month to make?, If it did then i'll take the challenge when i've stopped filming my batman series.


    What batman series: Just a series i'm making on the dark knight, PM me if you wanna join or voice act or even act and voice act. :P


    Will i be as active now: Not really but expect a few posts that are bad but get good and go bad, Since i'm not good with this kinda stuff. Lol


    Thats all, I hope you had a great day.

    Talk to y'all later, Peace!


  14. Message to all you haters out there:


    You may hate you may call my stuff bad, Well bad news i'm not listening to you.

    You don't command me to do anything, You are just simply haters.

    If i were to say something, Is that i'm a good friend and a happy boyfriend.

    So either be nice or just don't look at my posters/rigs and stuff.

    Plus did you even download the rigs i made before hating, Probably not so download them before hating ok?

    But you know what, I'm not gonna stop making posters i'm gonna listen to my instinct.

    I'm going to stay here and help out as much as i can.

    I'm not going down so easily like last time, I will continue making posters.

    Some are good some are bad, Does it matter? no not at all.

    I'm saying this because of all the haters i encountered on here, You maybe hating.

    But as long as i'm still here, I'm still making posters and rigs.

    Good day...


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. WhoviVortex


      You don't have to listen to me. Just giving advice.

    3. RTB2033


      It's not that whovi i'm just busy at the moment.

    4. Shane


      lol pretty much everyone is at fault here

      take my advice and leave the forums, people here are too sarcastic and mean to actually help out eachother or give some constructive criticism.

  15. Watch captain america civil war then come back and understand, Or just watch the final trailer and look for spider-man. Then come back here, Thank me later. (This is meant to be for animations/posters.)
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