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  1. Elemental Starter

    Eh, its alright. I mean its far from perfect. But your getting there, just keep trying. And you'll eventually make it great.
  2. I might recreate the infinity war trailer. Give me around half-a-month to do all that. xD

  3. Jedi Meditation - [Wallpaper 4K]

    Pretty much, people who give criticism, he gives a downvote to. I don't know why. Since all we did was give our honest opinion.
  4. Jedi Meditation - [Wallpaper 4K]

    That's what i want to know. Whats the point? Lol
  5. How come i have no warning points? Lol

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. EnderSculptor


      @SkythecreeperCS I know that feeling.    That's why I prefer to restrict myself to the old up and down stuff.

    3. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      What have you done that would justify a warning point?

    4. RTB2033


      I dunno, anything? Just seems off. That i don't have a warning point.

  6. Jedi Meditation - [Wallpaper 4K]

    It's ok.... Its a little too bright. On the sun, but other than that. The only thing i like is the saber effects. Other than that... 2/10.
  7. Ok so i've gotten interested, in remaking stuff i've made. 


    So give me ideas, on what i should remake. That i've made already.


    Since i can do better, than i did before. So....

  8. So i made a wolf among us thing. Like two years ago, right? No one probably remembers, ok lemme refresh you're memory. This was the original: It's really bad, i mean. Really really bad. Well now, i have remade it! Remake: I do apologise if the light is a little too bright, i rushed the lighting a little with that. Lol But yea, here's the remake. I could edit it a little and tone down the glow. But other than that. I think you all will like it. (You probably won't, but hey. Its you're opinion. I won't hold you down for it.) (Oh and credit to ImmersiveGaming for the lighter rig.)
  9. Two years ago, i made a wolf among us poster. I mean it was really bad. Just look.0jzkUJv.jpg

    1. RTB2033


      It looks really bad. Well now. I'm remaking it. Because it needs one, it needs a good remake.


      (It will be up in a few minutes. ;) )

  10. Loading Screen

    In fact it looks a little bland, and looks like it was made. In like 3 seconds.
  11. Loading Screen

    Ehm, its ok? It looks kinda cheesy to me. And not much in it, for a loading screen. :/
  12. You got banned eh?

    Well damn. I mean, who else will get banned.




    Oh i spoke too soon.



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    2. RTB2033


      Oh no, i wasn't on for like 2 months. :o 

    3. tditdatdwt
    4. Skjold


      DigitalEvorian? That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

  13. [4K] The Flash CW Poster

    This has to be, One of the best jokes. I've heard all day.
  14. ({[I think i'm getting better? I dunno. What do you think?]}) (P.S, I made the lightning bolt for his ears and chest. It turned out pretty cool so.)
  15. Oh god why.




    Bear in mind, This was 2016. This happened. I don't care. If it was year ago, this still drives me up the wall.

    Ok? Why do people think its ok to steal work from someone. Better yet, How the hell did i not notice this sooner?!

    1. SkythecreeperCS
    2. RTB2033


      Oh, I kinda took the video down. Uh sorry. But someone was copying what i made so i took it down after asking them to change the thumbnail or atleast credit me.

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