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  1. It looks good. I just recently started watching siren-head videos and have been wanting to create a MC video with siren-head in it and have been looking for models. I will definitely use this one. Thank you
  2. That's purty. I've been looking for sun/moon and cloud textures. I would love to change snow and rain texture too
  3. Short animation based on a dream. I have been logging dreams since 2011 and I decided to start re-creating them in Mine-imator. This is the first dream I recreated, there have so far been two more. Always open to feedback. I noticed my other thread here didn't get any replies, unfortunate but not unexpected
  4. Sounds interesting. Exposure is something I have been looking for, even if its a teeny tiny amount IGN: Recolada Alex Model "Recolada" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVcdWGi7tb8Ck5C9Qj4m7EA/
  5. So does the Herobrine have to be the normal Steve variant with white glowing eyes or can the Herobrine be another creature? In several of my videos I have a mascot called a Herobrine Creeper. Pretty much a creeper but with white glowing eyes.
  6. I liked it, nice work
  7. One of my more recent videos created entirely in Mine-imator and then edited in VSDC Editor
  8. Hello there my name is Recolada. I was encouraged to join here. I have been using the Mine-imator software for several months and have lurked unregistered on here for every one of those months I create YT videos just as many people do here as well. My motivation is storytelling, I enjoy literature and its diverse genres and subjects and I also enjoy creating stories. Mine-imator is a very useful program to help further my creativity
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