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  1. i think you deserve more rep

  2. Now I'm impressed. Nice work!
  3. Open the image in a new tab. You'll be able to see the comic bigger. Glad you love it.
  4. Inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMoA1YuS4vc
  5. Nice! It's good to see back an old character you like here.
  6. Hello, everyone. I decided to start a brand new comic series named "Mobs Adventures". It will focus on three mobs: a skeleton, a creeper and a zombie. Unlike fad and Herobrine which stories were more serious and mature, Mobs Adventures will be an humourous series. For this series, I decided to get closer of Minecraft physics although I cannot guarantee everything will be exactly like it is in Minecraft. I also tried a brand new style for human skins, similar to Minecraft: Story Mode's rather than the default skin I've been always using to create skins since the beginning. For those wondering about my current story "Herobrine", don't worry it's still going on and in progress. I just wanted to try some kind of comical series. I hope you'll like that series. Here is the cover and the list of characters for the series.
  7. Fighter

    [SFM] What even

    Well it's funny face time. Nice pic, friend. Keep it up. Well it's funny face time. Nice pic, friend. Keep it up.
  8. Thanks! Happy Halloween to you too. Thanks!
  9. The link is on now, I just forgot to put it here first.
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