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  1. What? It should be in 1080p, did I really screw that up or did you mean something different?
  2. This is my 3rd animation. Didn't really make it to look fantastic. But if you have anything that might help me improve please do so I am newer to animating so please bear with me
  3. Yaaaaas, A like because this is Halo related
  4. My only criticism is that your DOF is a little to sharp, like the view point ends to abruptly. Try to lengthen the DOF just a bit. But great photo non the less
  5. Whenever you import a schematic, I always like to try and make sure you can't see any flat lands, so what I do is find a better position for my guys to pose and add DOF
  6. But then Steve dwindled and there are few Steve
  7. Because loneliness leads to depression. And Steve is lonely. Thank you Alex for not making him lonely anymoreBut Anyway, havn't posted in awhile! Please let me know if there would be anything major I could fix in this. Otherwise, This is me.
  8. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Where's the sun, and nothing is blocky, I don't really believe this was made with MI, can you prove me wrong?
  10. Yeah V1, And SO MUCH HD so pretty much love
  11. Its just extremely creepy. You could use in like Mike or herobrine.
  12. OH gawd, this is going to give me nightmares now.
  13. Lol, not quite Its a horror map. Which is what this picture is from.
  14. Okay, I gotcha, I will keep in mind. Thank you.
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