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  1. I can't belive how far rigging has gone since I left Mineimator forums. You've done an amazing job on that rig, I love all of it, from the bending to the mouth, from the mouth to the eyes. Etc. Etc. ?
  2. Hey dude, I, i want to apologize about what I did the last time, am so sorry that our relationship ended that bad.

    Am a new Bruce and i hope you can sorry me.

    1. Simon G. Andersen

      Simon G. Andersen

      I think you mean "forgive me". ;)

    2. [GMK]animations


      Chicken, Family, You Know It

  3. 8bit and 16bit is easy a f and looks very lazy imo, not saying it is but they are just not goodlooking in most games, unless it's a game from the 80s. I'd suggest 32x32 or 64x64.
  4. Do you know how old this shit is?
  5. Ah well thanks for offering help, since we're using Unity I guess there's no point of you joining. And we don't need more game testers.
  6. We're developing it in Unity but we could use another programmer. What languages are you familiar with?
  7. Marten


    Amazing result! But the sword looks kind of derpy.
  8. so i herd you like marshmello... LITTERALLY.


  9. I'm not sure wether Minecraft and Terraria works very well together but I like it.
  10. She's actually just checking her own pulse..
  11. Pretty simple but very goodlooking.
  12. Marten

    Popcorn Rig!

    You didn't even.. align them properly.. TRIGGERED
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