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  1. EpicJ


    I made it. It's a flat plane with a custom texture on it.
  2. EpicJ


    Experimenting with trying to get cleaner lighting because shadow blur just doesnt really appeal to me all that much. I'm fully aware this has it's own problems but i'm still figuring out the best way to go about it.
  3. EpicJ


    I was bored so I did another wallpaper. Looking at it now there are definitely some things I could add/tweak.
  4. I've been away from this for a while, but since i've got stuff in the works i figured i might aswell give walpapering a go again. And here's one that's less colour-corrected because i like them both
  5. Hey how's everyone doin' i just checked in to hang out for a bit i like this new stuff going on that's cool.

  6. I'm totally alive guys i swear i'm just really bad at finishing things

    1. BAC0NB0Y


      Same here, dude.

  7. Beside the name, the wallpaper looks really well done. Perhaps some more interesting lighting could spice it up a bit, but it looks great regardless.
  8. Das som nice comic-ing
  9. EpicJ

    Random drawings

    These are stunningly good.
  10. It affects the density of the 'shadows' where two objects meet. If you look at an inverse corner with high SSAO you'll see it.
  11. Updated my Pixel art dump a little.

    And i hope to do so more often.


  12. You must have incredibly bad internet, then. Loads pretty much instantly for me and i have super basic internet speed.
  13. While i don't quite like some of the changes, the actual texture work is very well done. It all seems like it could actually be official stuff. Except the birch but i mean who cares about birch amirite
  14. This is both (mostly) accurate and looks good. Although i feel DoF and some lighting tweaks would've helped.
  15. With proper lighting and a more accurate sky this could look stunning. Although i can't tell if you are actually using a skybox or just a static background image, because you never move the camera itself. (Unless you do, in that case it would be a background image.) Subtle camera movements with a skybox would add some gentle twinkling in the stars, which would look nice. As a side note, you should try making exhaust for those massive engines on the back of the capital ship (and the others of course). Using a few sheets textured with large blue-ish flames and arranging them to create a nice round-ish exhaust would be a pretty nice touch. Something like this if my explanation was bad;
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