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  1. Make doors 3D so there is depth in the window, and 3d plants and possibly removable water so people can add in their own
  2. The Doctor Falls - Cyberman Wallpaper

    Because in the next episode there are different variations of Cybermen
  3. This was made quickly with a few png overlays and mucking about with luminosity curves. I'm actually really happy with how this turned out considering I just stuck a few cybermen on the ground and put basically no effort in, truly shows what you can do with a simple render. Unedited Edited
  4. TARDIS Interior rig

    Decent but not perfect

    The hexagon walls go underneath the side balconies, and you need to add the blue pillars
  6. TARDIS Interior

    This is a console I made a year ago, I am gonna be remodelling most of it like the console unit. Side panels need to be modelled but let me know what you think UPDATE #1 Re modelled rota, added side panels. Need to fix scaling and make pillars shorter
  7. TARDIS Interior Dalek Mod Rig 1.1.0

    very nice Check out my WIP console
  8. Rollerskate test animation

    I APPROVE OMG YES, I got a rollerskate rig if you want me to send you it
  9. The Nature Collab Closed

    Save the video upload it to dropbox or mediafire then message him the download link
  10. TARDIS Rig REBOOT V1!!

    DOWNLOAD RIG [Adf.ly Download]
  11. Horse Rig thingy

    Very nice! Have a +1!
  12. Stormtrooper V2 WIP

    Thanking you
  13. Imperial Stormtrooper Rig

    Version 2 is out
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