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  1. MCPD - Minecraft Animation Re-Enactment

    Thanks for the advice and the kind words, PigmanMovie. We'll make the improvement In the future Thanks, EthanForeverAlone Thank you for the kind words, castedshadow98. We're still learning...
  2. Hello, everybody! This is our first Minecraft animation video, a re-enactment of one of the scenes in the Chicago P.D. TV series. It took me and my siblings roughly 2 days to finish. Just for fun. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you. CREDITS : Animation: WillowWise Rigs: WillowWise Lighting: Yaddy, WillowWise Background: Yaddy
  3. [Found A Bug]

    I found a bug, When i re-download Mine-imator 0.7 DEMO, I can't made customize item using Paint.Net, When i save it And load my customize item to Mine-Imator 0.7 DEMO,It's happends like this --> Can somone help me?<a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="http://i.imgur.com/1CfDyfD.png,%20And%20load%20my%20customize%20item%20to%20Mine-Imator%200.7%20DEMO,It" href="http://i.imgur.com/1CfDyfD.png,%20And%20load%20my%20customize%20item%20to%20Mine-Imator%200.7%20DEMO,It" s%20happends%20like%20this%20--"="">
  4. Minecraft avatar Drawing (Taking requests)

    Herea My Request http://i.imgur.com/DK2AZhG.png
  5. Guess what?

  6. Who Wants To Be In My Animation???

    I want to be in, I'll be the rober <-- Heres My Skin, Click it to download.
  7. [blender] rain of arrows

    Wow, Good
  8. The Armory (.png Weapons)

    Oh man! You really good at Texture, And item.
  9. I've got a problem, I don't have an YouTube Account yet. But how do I post my Animation Videos without using YouTube source?
  10. Who Wants To Be In My Short Animation???

    Answer: Yes <-- Heres My Skin, Click To My Skin To Download!
  11. Gonna be makin' a Halloween short!

    I do like a Halloween animation! <-- Heres My Halloween Skin, Just Click My Skin To Download!
  12. the first teenagers

    Oh, I really want me in the YouTube, But, I don't have a YouTube channel, Not yet, And if you cool with it, Then YAY! <-- My Skin, Just click my skin! (Its My Halloween Skin)
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