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  1. Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last dev update, and I'm sure you have questions about the update and what's taking so long, so let's start with answering that. What's taking so long? In the previous dev update, I mentioned that I was working on "Inventory", the new UI for Mine-imator. This ended up taking a while to finish and pushing back when I planned to start on optimizations for rendering. I've since finished optimizations and now wrapping up any final graphical features for the update. A change of plans As many of you know, the "Caves & Cliffs" update for Minecraft has been split into two parts. This delay in the second half of the update will give me more time to further refine the update and improve areas where the program lacks, like animation. This of course will result in a delay of the update into next year, Mine-imator's 10th anniversary. The Anniversary Update With this new delay for the update going into Spring 2022, I've decided to rebrand the next major update from "Mine-imator 1.3" to "Mine-imator 2.0: The Anniversary Update". With overhauls to graphics, UI, and eventually animation (?), both david and I believe this update is deserving of the 2.0 title. I can't say for sure what new features will be coming in the next coming months for the update, but I'm sure the update will be worth the wait. W.I.P. feature gallery It would be pretty cruel to end the update with nothing to show, especially with how long its been since the last dev update. So here's some early previews of what's in store. Do note that things are still subject to change in development and the following may/may not be final. ? That about wraps this dev update up, I doubt anyone was hoping for a delay on the update, but I hope these exciting announcements offer plenty of hype for what's still to come!
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  2. Greetings! With the 10 year anniversary of Mine-imator coming up, I’ve decided to temporarily rejoin the developer team and add some long requested features you will soon be able to download in an upcoming version 2.0 pre-release arriving late May/early June! @Nimi has done some phenomenal work on new features (many not even announced yet!), however the graphics engine used (GameMaker) has been a big obstacle towards optimizing the software and ensuring good framerates and memory usage with all the new additions. Therefore I have jumped in to lend a hand and I've finally been able to successfully migrate Mine-imator to a new graphics engine using the C++ programming language for added performance, optimized memory (x64) and multi-platform support. For all the technical details see the bottom of the post. In order to facilitate the development we have greatly appreciated your support throughout the years, creating and sharing content, giving suggestions, reporting bugs and especially with donations! Mine-imator has for the past decade been completely free and will remain so, but your donations have helped keep it alive with webserver costs and directly funded the development of version 2.0 (for instance, I had to get a MacBook for this update ). If you have not donated yet to the development team or wish to continue supporting, see the link below: Donate to Mine-imator development ($5+ one-time or recurring) With all that aside, let’s get to the new features found in the first 2.0 pre-release, later followed by additional releases with Nimi’s UI changes, animation improvements and rendering features (See Dev Update #21)! Let’s get HYPED! Starting off small yet useful, an actually working Cancel option when clicking the program’s X! Next up something for the multi-monitor animators: No more crammed workspaces, simply detach your timeline or camera view into a second window and drag it to another screen! Scenery/.schematic file loading has been multi-threaded and optimized to be around 10 times faster as well as taking up less memory, allowing much bigger regions than before! In addition, the scenery is cached and instantly loaded upon re-opening your project (with no loading bar). Mine-imator will soon be able to handle much more complex projects with a speedup between 3-5 times compared to earlier versions when rendering many objects. This is made possible with CPU optimizations and combining objects into batches before sending them to the GPU for rendering (Mine-imator will not be allocating more CPU resources compared to current versions, just using them more efficiently). Linux users have been left out of using Mine-imator for 10 years, but no more! Version 2.0 will run smoothly on Debian/Ubuntu operating systems with all the same features! (P.S. If you have another favorite Linux distribution let us know) Same goes for Mac OS users after countless requests! Finally, the “Import from World” option has been completely reworked to have a 3D interface for more easily selecting a section of your world to animate. Despite being 3D and having more options, it will also load worlds much more quickly compared to the current version and in general be more stable. It will also be integrated into the software rather than opening a pop-up window, and accessed with a shortcut in the toolbar. Behind the scenes of the 2.0 C++ port: (Things will get technical and nerdy, you have been warned!!) Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming pre-releases, following our Twitter page or joining our Discord chat might be a good idea. Once again thank you for all the support through the years and keep on animating our favorite block game! /David
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  3. Good news! The legendary 2.0 Anniversary Update is here for testing on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms! This update is in fact so grand that it has been split into two phases that will be revealed over the next few months as pre-releases: Phase 1 (May 30th): Multi-platform support, performance improvements, new world importer and multi-monitor support by @david Phase 2 (Late August(?)): New user interface, logo, rendering and animation capabilities by @Nimi, also includes all features in Phase 1 and Minecraft 1.19 support Since these builds will contain many features and be built on an entirely new C++ engine, expect bugs to appear! As usual, please report them in the Issues and Bugs subforum with as much information as possible included in your topic and project files if possible. Note: Back up your projects before installing, or install in a separate location! Now, without further delays... Get for Windows Get for Windows (.zip) Get for Mac Get for Ubuntu/Debian (Stay tuned for Arch/Fedora support...) 2.0 Pre-release 2 (2022-06-13), changes: Note: The next pre-release (3) will focus on performance issues and additional platform support. Features Interface scale setting for high DPI monitors in Settings>Interface (Automatic or custom scale) Render distance slider in Settings>Graphics Changes Squashed a lotta bugs Added a more accurate FPS counter Adjusted size of custom fonts in the UI Removed option to add block timelines when >500 timeline are available (will return as an option in the Resources tab in later pre-releases) 2.0 Pre-release 1 (2022-05-30), changes since 1.2.9: Features Mac OS support Linux support (Debian/Ubuntu) Drag-n-drop mode when adding objects from the workbench after clicking “Create” Objects are locked to the mouse and snaps to the world until released Hold Shift while clicking “Create” to spawn at 0,0,0 Hold Shift while dragging to toggle position grid (modify size in keyframes, default is 16) New world importer 3D interface integrated into software Left click: Rotate/Create selection Middle click: Pan Right click: Fly (+WASDQE) Mouse wheel: Zoom towards/away from cursor Shift: Ignore selection Increased performance and stability improvements Shortcut button in toolbar After importing from a world, clicking the “Reload” option under “Resources” will update the block changes from the world (if still present on the disk) Multi-monitor support Drag the timeline or secondary view out of the window to detach as a new window Alternatively, click the new “Pop out”/”Reset” buttons Monitor setup is saved when re-opening Mine-imator “Cancel” option when exiting the software via “X” Assets and files can be dropped into the software from the system file explorer Improvements Overall software performance improved by x3-5 Particle performance improved by roughly x10 Audio loading is now instant Scenery/.schematic importing up to x10 times faster, depending on CPU cores Optimized memory usage for 3D meshes, meaning bigger scenery can be imported Generated scenery 3D models are cached in the project folder, allowing instant loading (will generate in the background, may take a minute to appear) Project/resource loading stability improvements Program now runs in x64 mode using C++ Changes “Sunlight Strength” is now 100% by default (this setting may be removed in the future) Removed “Spawn near work camera” option (replaced by the drag-n-drop mode which achieves the same thing) New error message popup with direct links to log file and Mine-imator forums Log file moved to application folder Installation: Windows: Run the installer executable or extract the .zip archive before running. Mac: Open the disk file (.dmg) and drag the Mine-imator icon to your Applications. Linux (Ubuntu/Debian): Either double click the .deb file to run the Software Installer or run the following command in the folder: sudo apt install ./Mine-imator\ 2.0\ Pre-release\ 2.deb Mine-imator can then be found in your Applications menu. We hope you enjoy the 2.0 update, also please consider donating to help the project if you can! Donate to Mine-imator development ($5+ one-time or recurring) Cheers, David
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  4. Version 1.1.0: Fix bug: diffuse reflection can't reflect colorful light Fix bug: import from world do not support the grass path we also fix other bugs in different parts, but I forgot their details. Version 1.0.6: Now Violet can select the correct language file automatically Fix bug: Sometimes mouth-animator can't convert audio file into texture mouth model and curve mouth model Fixed the problem of camera contrast Version 1.0.5: Base on Mineimator Version 1.0.4: Base on Mineimator (support minecraft 1.18) Add diffuse reflection to the piont light and spot light Completely fix the bug of bezier curve(graph editor) Increased the upper and lower limits of volume fog Mouth animator supports exporting animation to blockbench Welcome to Mineimator Violet! I am Excai, an amateur animator and programmer Thanks to my friends, we have completed an exciting mineimator modding Now let me introduce you to violet! Post progressing update: You can moderate the color temperature of your renders now. This new property can be found in ‘Camera-Color correction’. We also improved the brightness algorithm in the "color correction" of camera settings. Fog update: We added two types of fog in Mine-imator Violet, height fog and volume fog. Both of them give your animations/pictures an entirely new look. More importantly, they do not require expensive hardware or devices to use. Enjoy Mine-imating with them! Height fog: Volume fog: Control FOV by camera length: To handle some camera effects like Dolly Zoom correctly, we add a checkbox under the Field of View in the Camera tab. When activated, "Field of view" will turn into "Camera length". Now you can control your lens width smoothly! Bezier ease curve: We introduce the Bezier curve to you in Mine-imator Violet! Using the Bezier curve could make our animation more controllable and fluent. You can find it in ‘frame editor - Keyframe’, where you chose ease curve before. Mouth animator: Confused about making mouth animation? Our mouth animator will handle this hard-nut for you! By using this mouth animator, you can get a correct mouth animation that varies in the mouth model. Whatever your mouthes are, the mouth animator could generate animation based on the sound provided by you. You can find it on the toolbar, which looks like a lip plus. Model importer: We always dreamed of importing some excellent models from Minecraft mods easily. Now the dream come true! You can import models from particular Resource packs and Minecraft mods into Mine-imator now, only in the Violet version. Night theme: Used to be a night owl? We provide an auto-changing night theme. Take care of your precious eyes. :-) Startup acceleration: Violet version has reduced the software startup time by 50%. Multiple resources import: Violet supports importing multiple texture files at once Contact us: If you have any questions, please contact us in the forum or youtube Fourm ID:Excitablecell,Stanwade,ttrtty5,ChennyWang0311 YOUTUBE Authors: @Excitablecell @Catrina @Stanwade @ttrtty5 @ChennyWang0311 @raw_chicken
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  5. At least the first third of it.
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  6. #DearNimi A huge thank you to every creator who put their time and effort over the past 3 weeks to accomplish this arduous task. I used "fame" to reach out to as many people as I could about a collaboration between all kinds of artists. Including musicians, animators, and others alike. All to help band together to create one large collaborative video dedicated to the one and only, @Nimi. We kept this a secret, all 158 of us. Doing everything in our power as a collective group to keep it from reaching Nimi's ears until we were ready. Unfortunately, that meant that many people wouldn't be able to hear about this Collab and contribute. Which is why I encourage anyone who wishes to contribute, make a video anyways and simply put #DearNimi in it to be apart of this trend.Anyone is welcome, we all just want to show our appreciation to a great and genuine person. Thank you, Nimi.
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  7. Shoutout to @Voxy for putting up with my constant requests for vague close-up shots of all the new UIs we've worked on through the years. ? Mine-imator Community Edition 1.1.0 (Cancelled, revealed in 2016) Modelbench Beta (2018) Modelbench 1.0.0 (2020) Mine-imator 2.0.0 (2022) Really happy to see this 6-year long journey of a new UI coming to Mine-imator come full-circle in 2.0. I had my doubts when I first became a developer in 2017, but I'm glad we were persistent.
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  8. RNUB

    Sunset Street [2K]

    All models are made by myself.
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  9. Floofy

    Floof's Minecraft Arsenal

    !!INFO!! This is a new project im working on, it will release in packs of five or so weapons, consisting of diverse types of weapons, or themes if people would like that! My goal for this project is to give a choice of artillery that fit the style of a minecraft character, similar to my previous Double Barrel Shotgun and Tommy Gun. I look forward to creating weapons for the community to use! IF YOU WANT TO REQUEST GUN MODELS, ASK IN THE REPLIES!!! IM WELCOME TO ADD MORE FICTIONAL, REAL, OR MENTALLY INSANE GUNS!!! This is only just the beginning, future packs will be out when i get to them sooner or later. but for now... PACK 1 DOWNLOAD HERE INCLUDES: -Spas-12 Rise and shine old yeller. -Musket Just like the founding fathers intended. -M4A1 Bomb has been planted, lets get outta here! -Glock 17 Feel the inner Bond! -MP7 Small but deadly. (PACK ONE SHOWCASE IN SPOILER) TO DO LIST
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  10. Yo gangstas, what it do i reinstalled GameMaker yesterday 2 help my homeboy @Nimi (this playa been doin some sick codes lately) with MI v2 n added some fly features for yall (fo' shizzle) 1st i booted Mine-imator n the fps was wayy wack so i upped by like x10-100 ez, then memory was real tight so i ported all the codes to x64, then x128, x256 and so on n now U can animate an entire M.C. world instantly but it no vibe on my 8 monitor setup so next i did a multi-monitor feature real quick and now the UIs fire (v1 cant touch this swag yo) + Mac and Ubuntu support cus gotta help out them Apple/Linux dawgs cruisin da hood, amirite? check out this preview vid of all the new dope stuff (fo' rizzlefizshizzle) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kppx4bzfAaE wait nvm thats the wrong link try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW-BU6keEUw no where that link at aight i let U know when i find it PEACE -The OG Thug "D"
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  11. Floofy

    Ink Demon v5

    Remember almost 3 years ago when I uploaded a really crappy bendy and the ink machine model? Time to fix that Download the model here Here's some other pose/renders of the model: Courtesy of @JDButter Animations
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  12. david


    Nothing much to see here, just Steve and Alex crafting some golden Apples.
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  13. oh wow hihi i just joined the forums ive been using mi for years
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  14. Hey there! Probably about time I posted something, huh. This was long overdue, but I've finally got round to making this... and just in time for the Creeper's 12th birthday, too! How fitting. Here you will find links to all of the Cursed Creepers I have made so far. Click one of the buttons below to go to the respective thread! This list will be updated as more are created. Also introducing... All your favourite Cursed Creepers, now in the style of Mojang's promo art! Direct download links for each Pack below! Just like above, this list will also be updated as more Packs are created. PACK 1 PACK 2 PACK 3 PACK 4 PACK 5 PACK 6 PACK 7 If used, credit is appreciated! Enjoy!
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  15. So im making genshin impact wallpaper for the first time here ya go Credits: @GammaKlee Rig @Hozq3D Upgraded blocks
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  16. !!BEFORE DOWNLOADING!! Make sure you have WinRAR installed into your desktop so you can extract my Rig Pack files. >Click Here< to download WinRAR. WELCOME TO THE I'm proud to announce that my Trevor Henderson Rig Pack Is now out for everyone to use. This Rig Pack has over 90 Trevor Henderson Creatures for you to choose from, all which have their own unique styles and is guaranteed to give your Minecraft Character(s) a scare of a life-time. I've been working on this pack for months, just to make sure you get the best quality Rig Pack out there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Support + Contacts -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Update Log -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- This Rig Pack contains -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vv Trevor Henderson Pictures + Main Download at the very bottom vV ** If any of these Rigs are used in your Images / Videos, Make sure to credit me ** -- Anxious Dog -- -- Banana Eater -- -- Bell Head -- -- Big Charlie -- -- Bonesworth -- -- Bridge Worm -- -- Cartoon Cat -- -- Cartoon Dog -- -- Cartoon Lion -- -- Cartoon Mouse -- -- Cartoon Sheep -- -- Cartoon Shin Demon -- -- Costume Man -- -- Country Road Creature -- -- Forgotten Baby -- -- Funny Fear -- -- Ghost Chicken -- -- Ghost Pig -- -- God of Roadkill -- -- Good Boy -- -- Highway Worm -- -- HMSAM -- -- Hole Man -- -- House Head -- -- Humanoid Rabbit -- -- Hush -- -- Kuasar -- -- Light Head -- -- Lil Nuggets -- -- Living Building -- -- Long Horse -- -- Meat Horse -- -- Milk Walker Ambassador -- -- Moth Man -- -- Nervous House Guest -- -- Nurpo -- -- Old Detective -- -- Peeping Tom -- -- Ribbit -- -- Scribble Head -- -- Siren Head -- -- The Smile Room -- -- Smile Room Host -- -- Starliner Cinema -- -- Strange New Life Form -- -- Street Horse -- -- The Angel -- -- The Extra Slide -- -- The Hugger -- -- The Imposter -- -- The Lamb -- -- The Man With The Upside Down Face -- -- The Meatball -- -- Thomas The Train -- -- Thumper -- -- Train Eater -- -- Turn Off The Lights -- -- Yoyo -- Vv Click this button If you want to download the entire Trevor Henderson Rig Pack vV Hope to see you again soon.
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  17. In terms of the new rendering features(Global illumination, volumetric fog, etc.), their performance impact will mainly rely on your GPU. There's also a system in place to improve the quality of these effects while also helping with performance by rendering these effects overtime. x64 support will only help when it comes to crashes with high memory usage and won't increase performance. I have yet to get this working. As for multi-threading, not everything can be multi-threaded, it's usually used to help split up large tasks and can't tackle general performance. Probably won't be added unless YoYoGames (The creators behind the engine Mine-imator uses.) adds it natively to to their engine.
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  18. SAFR V5, now a non alpha rig! - Now a Non-Alpha face rig! - New eyelash design - Lips that replace the bevel mouth on SAFR V4
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  19. This is underwhelming. Enjoy my one render in two-months time. Speed art:
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  21. mbanders

    Bicycle Model

    Time for my yearly resource submission. This time it's another metal thing with wheels: the bycicle bisicle bycycle bicycle. Images: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xke9w559hn55wqb/Bicycle_Model.zip/file Includes features like: Moveable wheels.(the front fork also goes side to side). Adjustable seat and handlebar. Chain gear with no chain (how does this thing work then?). Compatible with Mine-imator 1.2.6 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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  22. Thank You for Developing Mine-Imator till 2.0, And yet Nimi Leaves the MI Development after 2.0, And Hopes he still good out there. .|Making this render with Completed Assets|.
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  24. It was just a normal day in the village.. Until Villager n°14.. Showed his complete distaste for our laws.
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  26. BrotherZhafif

    render, yes

    Some of my render cuz why not LOL g Another
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  27. "Yeah, I'm climbing this forum topic. What're you gonna do about it?!" Just a little render I whipped up in roughly the amount of time it takes Suction Cup Man to climb your tower. Suction Cup Man rig made by @Shahir Zaman.
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  28. Just joined, feeling like an idiot trying to figure out things but here it is
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  29. ChristofuPH


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  30. Probably your favorite texas guy. Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
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  31. Welcome to the Bustling City of Steves! Been 5 years since I touched Mineimator. So any thoughts/critique on whats considered the 'Norm' would be great! Credits: Cigar Rig - @TheBlueeye Briefcase - @tditdatdwt Car rigs - @Dawid24M Any help/tips about getting lighting right in Mineimator would be appreciated aswell.
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  32. As it all says in the title this will be my last EVER Mine-Imator creation and rig. I've now fully moved to Blender and since then have been loving it. I wanted to remake my rigs for a long time so I here are the remakes. As a parting gift I've released these. Renders: Features Include: Male and Female Verions Base Rig (Arms/Legs) Wrist/Ankle Toe Control Latest and updated version of SAFR Smooth and Gapped Teeth Singalized Texturing Pupil Control Nose and Ear presets (optional) Scale Friendly Animation Folders IK Mimic Thumb Fill Advanced Waist Control Optimization If there are any bugs please report to them via discord ShotUGaming#4662 Release video coming soon. If enough people request a alpha face rig version, another version will be made.
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  35. My little contribution for #DearNimi. I've been using MI for 6 and a half years now, unfortunately less often now than the first few years, but it's safe to say that my life would be pretty different without it. Thank you Nimi for all you've done with Mine-imator, and making this beloved software better and better every year. Also thank you for ModelBench, which made the model shown below possible!
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  36. Here's Episode 2 of Tiny Head Adventure, the duration was accidentally longer, and it took 7 months to finish instead of 4-5 Months, hope You enjoy it!
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  37. If you don't know who these two are, they are my 2 OCs I think I did a great job on getting the perfect angle. (Yes, I secretly went there and caught this on 4K)
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  38. Yellowz

    For Nimi

    Calm atmosphere
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  39. New Artwork this month lol here ya go Wip 40% Wip 70%
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  40. An Animation Studio with a green screen and all, coming in films near you today! Credits; Tdits skin - @tditdatdwt Directors Chair - @BloxTheRigger Microphone - @r3nacraft Clipboard - @TexasTony04
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  41. niam

    Le Angkot

    Left, I said LEFT!!!
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  42. For everybody to enjoy the Mine-imator forums, we must make an effort to follow some guidelines. Speak English English is the language of the internet, including the Mine-imator forums. You can speak in whatever language you want in PMs, though. Don't create duplicate topics Keep the amount of topics to a minimum to improve the browsing experience for other members. Don't make more than one account It takes up forum space, causes confusion between members and makes moderation a headache. Alternate accounts will be detected, removed and a warning issued to the original account. Post in the correct subforum If you're unsure, see the header in each subforum to see what you can and what you cannot post there. Topics that are posted in the wrong place will be moved by a moderator. Don't use oversized signatures To save everyone from breaking their mouse scroll wheel, keep the signature size to a minimum. 200-250 pixels tall is the absolute maximum. If your signature is ridiculously tall, a moderator will remove it and give you a warning. Don't abuse the Reputation system The Reputation system was made to highlight and incentivize helpful and constructive posts. Do not give up- or down-reps to a member just for the sake of increasing or decreasing their rank, or create shops to harvest Reputation in exchange for services. Doing this will result with a warning and eventually your Reputation reset to 0. Don't chat The forums are for intelligent discussions and not small talk. If you want to chat, go here or use the PM system. Don't use adf.ly or similar services Unless you are the rightful owner of the thing you're linking to. Don't post a status update about a new topic you've started If the topic is still visible under "Recent Topics" Do not revive dead topics A topic is "dead" if the latest reply is more than 2 months old. Rather than bumping them to the top, start a new topic. You may revive your own topics, as long as you add new information. Topic revival is only allowed if the topic is posted in the Mine-imator creations or Mine-imator resources sections of the forums. Use the report button, don't resort to mini-modding If someone is breaking any of the rules here, don't post anything. Rather, press the "Report" button in the top left of the offender's post. This will alert all moderators, leaving a message like "This is posted in the wrong forum!" will not. Taking matters into your own hands like this is called mini-modding, and posts like that take up space and do not add anything to the topic. Read more about mini-modding here. Do not impersonate others This includes regular members, moderators or banned users (by using the infamous "BANNED" avatar) These things are not tolerated ANYWHERE on the forums (including the Discord and PMs) Discussions of illegal subjects/activities (this includes software cracking, torrenting, etc.) Offensive/racist/rude behavior or imagery Bullying or discrimination Spamming (constantly posting the same content, nonsense or useless posts just to get noticed) Pointless swearing/overuse of CAPS Gore/Screamers or other frightening imagery Links to viruses/trojans/malware Images of/links/heavy references to sexual content Advertising potentially malicious products or sites (if you are unsure, ask a moderator) Flashing imagery or excessive use of colors, special characters, smileys and/or oversized fonts Breaking the above rules will result with a warning sent to you by a moderator/administrator. Repeated warnings will result with a banning of your account. If we follow these rules, we can all have a good ol' time!
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  43. a Face Rig for and by The Community. "What is LapisFR?" LapisFR is a Face Rig with the goal of Unity and Customization. It is not only free to use, but free and encouraged to edit and contribute to. I see no use in keeping methods and such Private. It's become far too normal to find what could be a revolutionary method for Mine-Imator in modeling; and keep it entirely to yourself, or your friends. I don't see any progression in that. Unity and Open Source allows for anyone to use it, yes. But allows for anyone to contribute in ways I could never have even thought of. Current Features: Showcase Images: Contributors: Changelog: Showcase Video: Terms of use: • Do not claim this Face Rig as your own, If you make forks or models using it please try and link back to this post! A Message from Joss: Hi Mine-Imator Forums. Hope everyone is well, as stated in my last post; I did not plan to return here due to a few reasons. But I have returned to bring you all an easy to access face rig similar to my more primitive "CPFR". If you want to see my personal projects... My Links: Twitter - https://twitter.com/Jossamations YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8sx2gkUU-KE0ORRBJtE5oQ Project Established 4/3/2022
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