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    Dev update #13: 1.2 feature gallery

    Hello Mine-imator users! Today I have some important and exciting news concerning the next update.. we've decided that since Minecraft 1.13 is taking a while to be released, we went ahead and merged 1.1.5 into 1.2. (So the next update is no longer 1.1.5 but instead 1.2.) Now, enough progress has been made on 1.2 to show off some of its many features! (Be wary that 1.2 is still in active development, however.) Glow effect for objects and bright blocks/models(Optional) Collapsable checkboxes Bloom camera effect Animatable DOF blur size Sprite particle angle settings Biome color tinting and hiding during different render modes Spinning items (Spin offset option has since been removed as you can rotate the items with keyframes.) Edit: Blocky bending for arms/legs The update's development is going rather well, however I did have to scrap specular lighting due to complications with the texturing system Mine-imator had, so I focused my efforts on the addition and improvement of other features to the update. The next update is still planned for release after Minecraft 1.13 with its accompanying mobs and blocks, so in the meantime, happy animating!
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    The Minebox

    GOLEM FIGHT | Minecraft Life

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share the animation I just recently finished, my first fully animated video done completely in Mine-imator! I'm open to criticism and any ideas for future videos I could make, thanks for watching!
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    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    Download the final 1.2.0 from here with the latest features and bugfixes:
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    Rough Landing (Animation)

    So I had a spark of motivation out of nowhere to animate this. This took about 6 hours straight to animate! The animation was also 98% linear besides the camera work. If you guys wanna check out the project for yourselves you can download it below. Note: I removed the particles you see in the animation because it was a lag-fest so I'm sparing your sanity if you wanna take a peek at the keyframe work behind this animation! Click me if you wanna see a VFX comparison. (It's nothing much, but I tell you what I used in post editing if you're curious.) !! Requires MI 1.2.2 !! [Download Project Here]
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    Random Renders #4

    howdy yes im back from the dead i been making some render recently and i want to show you guys it [my english is bad so yeah, bear with me] First Render: "Childhood" Second Render: "Subway Train" Third Render: "Tired" Fourth Render: "All nighter" Yeah that about it Critcism are very much welcome If you like my render, remember to HiT THat LiKe AnD sUbSCriBE BuTTOn For MOre OrigINAL ContENT i mean hit upvotes and share them to your friend [with credits ofcourse] ily you all no homo < 3
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    Dev update #14: Moving on

    Hello animators! This will be my final dev update topic, as the previous main developer of Mine-imator, to give you all an idea of what I’m currently up to and give a well-deserved shout-out to the efforts of the current Mine-imator team: @Nimi, the new lead coder, has proven himself beyond capable of thinking up and implementing some very impressive and long-awaited features (like glow, bloom and various camera effects found in 1.2.0, not to mention a fully functional model creator), so Mine-imator is definitely in good hands! @Voxy, for designing a deliciously handsome interface for Modelbench and who also have some plans for the future look of the site and forums Also a shout-out to @AnxiousCynic for his excellent tutorial video series for beginners (now reachable with a button in the program) and our beta testers! Great job guys! Since we're looking for new coders, don’t hesitate to reach out and drop me a PM/email if you are interested in joining the development team, given that you have a passion for programming and a desire to make Mine-imator better! In this case, please also send your portfolio and/or examples of previous programming/scripting you've done. As for me, I will still be available for server administration tasks, i.e. keeping the Mine-imator site and forums alive and keeping an eye on the moderators, as well as helping out with some of the more technical back-end aspects of new releases. This means that site/forum related inquiries should still be sent to me, but not Mine-imator suggestions, since I’m no longer developing new features. If someone is misbehaving, you should still contact a moderator, since I will not be checking the content on the forums/Discord server as often. Now, keep an eye out for future non-Minecraft projects from me! For instance, I’m currently working on two wacky hand-drawn music videos, largely taking place in the sky. You can see some WIP material below. More teasers coming... eventually. I’m also exploring some concepts for a sequel to Mine-imator (with a more generic environment rather than limited to Minecraft), an idea which has floated around for a few years. You will find my stuff on my Twitter, Youtube channel and of course my website (which has an overdue update coming as well…). Keep on animating and making awesome stuff! / David
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    Sticky has set on a spiritual journey to gather all the infinity stones in order to eliminate half of the forum members to bring balance to the website. The forum's finest heroes, developers, veterans, newbies and members of all types must set aside their differences and join forces in the forum's most ambitious crossover event to stop this imminent threat! MASSIVE THANKS to EVERYONE who were so kind to share their skins and character rigs for me to use in this wallpaper, this includes @BaconSandwich, @BoltedJames, @BBruce7815, @Che3syPlayz, @Rollo, @EthanForeverAlone, @Jake_28, @KaryuGraphics, @mbanders, @MachineGunInc, @MYSELF3200, @Nimi (I love you magneficent bastard), @Pigeon_, @9redwoods, @Skjold, @Swift, @tditdatdwt, @YoshiHunter, and fellow discord buddies Gabe, Hozq and Tug the Fox. And oh what the hell I'm gonna thank @david for giving us Mine-Imator. 23 People in a wallpaper heh? Total pain in the butt to ask one for one permission to use their character and pose them afterwards, but hot damn it was worth it. For the occasion I wanted to make a different type of "more-than-one-member-wallpaper", because since I saw that these types of wallpapers often include only people who are in a certain group/server/team, I wanted to include a large variety of forum members themselves to represent how diverse the community is. All the rigging styles, all skin styles, everything clashing together in one wallpaper. Thank you all very much! V V Get your own Infinity Gauntlet rig down here! V V DOWNLOAD No need to credit for the rig, enjoy it. Don't claim as your own. Thank you, everyone.
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    Life in a Cave

    I took a break for 1 year and now I'm trying to retain my skills from going anywhere lul by the way, it's not edited.
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    Street Cat [4K cinematic]

    100% MI Speed art: Have a good day! Criticism is as always appreciated. (LD vehicle pack by my friend Ghatos)
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    Who will be the last one standing. Ladies and gentlemen, I present The best one I've made Reality Concept 6
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    Hi guys! Today I just finished the wallpaper so here it is! Hope you guys like it! (:D Before Edit After Edit Credit Rig : The potion Rig and the Bookshelf Rig made by : @Achroma MC , Minecraft Story Mode facial Rig made by : @Tempus
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    Advanced Character Model Version 3

    Hey everyone, the Advanced Character Model Version 3 is finished! ! Import the .miproject ! Features: -Smooth and Sharp bends -Controllers, for that Blender/C4D feel (Not fake, they actually work) -Full body auto 3D second layers -Skin friendly, no skin editing required, just apply your skin and it works -Auto texture fingers (only for steve) Overview: Auto 3D extrusions: Full: Legs: Body and arms: Head: Fingers: Trailer animation by Hozq: That's all, hope you guys like it. (Contains both Steve and Alex) Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8s9rdd76pkkuk67/ACMV3.ZIP/file ! You don't need to credit me, but it would be appreciated !
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    Out to Eat [4K Cinematic]

    Hey guys. Foxtrot gave me this base idea and I build off of this. I bring you today... Out to Eat. EVERYONE from left to right: @Foxtrot0806 @KaryuGraphics @MikTRF @EmberWing @Fray @GamingQuick @ThatRobloxerGamerYT @Hagus @9redwoods @Hozq @Dr. Nexil Additional people scattered around the scene in various ways: @TheJeweledWolf @Ethanial Thanks to Karyu for help on the lighting. I hope you enjoy this, and as always, criticism is welcome! Have a great day.
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    The Way Some People Judge Content And Why It's Kinda Stupid I've been using Mineimator for about a year now, and I feel like I've grown so much in my abilities as a rigger, an animator, a map builder, and just a content creator as a whole. I used to be really bad and made some really crappy animations like you'd see any other new person make. And I've made some really broken rigs and models that didn't look very good or work properly when I first started out. But now almost everything I make looks absolutely amazing and I'm so confident in my skills I would even consider myself a professional MI user. But like I said I wasn't always good, I started out making F.N.a.F. rigs which everyone reading this knows is hated by some of the community. I personally got hate by a few people on the official Mineimator Discord just because it was F.N.a.F. which totally put me down and made me really upset as any new content creator would feel. It makes you feel like you'll never get good, and you'll never be able to achieve that goal you just set out for yourself because you think you're not good enough and never will be. I feel like just the way people treat others just because of something they like or have an interest in is more "trashy" or "cancerous" than what those kinds of people are saying the content creator's work is. It's honestly really just childish and immature and I hate seeing it which is partially why I'm writing up this little rant/speech you're reading right now. My question to those people is, why? Why waste your time typing out messages just to feel like you're stronger or better than somebody else and just to push them down when you could be trying to make a good reputation among this community and others. Do you really just want to be seen as that guy who just says "ew fad" all the time? Why not try to help people, instead of just telling them their content is bad tell them what they could improve on. How do you expect to live a good happy life and have people treat you right if you don't do the same others? What about a future job you want? Who would want to hire somebody who used to or still trash talks people on the internet and harasses them about things they like just because they don't like it? Now onto the present, how I've come this far and how I'm recognized by this community and others. Even though I got put down by some people, I also found others who treated me and my creations like people should treat one another. I got noticed for my effort and even though my content was still kinda "eh" at the time a lot of people encouraged me and pushed me to keep working on what I was doing. Instead of saying "ew fad" after every F.N.a.F. post I made, people actually looked at my content, thought about what I had created, and told me how I could improve. And after that it's been like that ever since for me, yes I still got hate but it was only from a few selective individuals and every now and again somebody new who was just trying to *fit in* thinking that's the norm just because they see one person say the same thing over and over again about somebody's post. But I realized those people don't matter, why listen to somebody who has nothing good to say but the same two words every time you make something. People love my content, even a lot of people who hate fad or just don't have any interest in it tell me my work looks good. I'm seen as a good quality content creator by the majority of the communities I'm a part of. What really sucks and honestly upset the most is that I see a lot of other people making new and original content but sometimes they get hated just because it's about or related to a certain thing which is really messed up if you ask me. I understand if you dislike a rig just because it's a retexture, or an animation because it's actually crappy, but you shouldn't just call it trash. You should talk to them about their work and give them some points to improve on, for example if the rig is just a retexture of another rig, tell them they should try to make something themselves. If one of the legs seems to be having a seizure in a walk cycle, tell them how they could fix it. Nobody starts off perfect, and everybody likes their own things. I don't care if they are part of a fandom that made cringy content or was over saturated or even has porn of it, I don't care if you're into a movie about aliens fighting rocks riding dinosaurs, I don't care what kind of music you dance in your seat to while you're alone driving home from work, I don't even care if you dress up like an animal and go hang out with other people who dress up like that. I'm not going to judge you for what you like or what you're into or whatever something you do is about. I'm gonna talk to you and treat you like you're a human being and that's all I'm gonna do cuz that's how you should treat somebody. If you want to crap on something somebody likes just because you don't like it, you're just acting stupid and immature and you're making a bad name for yourself and probably setting your life up for disaster. I know this rant/speech probably isn't going to change the way some people act. But I hope I at least inspired some content creators to keep doing what they're doing because some people are gonna hate what it is no matter what you do. But who knows, maybe somebody immature will read this and actually decide to grow up a bit. Anyway if you read all the way to the bottom thanks for reading and sticking to this long mess of words, I really appreciate it. -Cobalt Creeper Edit: Please read some of the comments below that I and others have made as well because they do bring up some valid points.
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    OK! Finally, It's done! Thank you to everyone who gave me their skin and rigs. This was a really fun wallpaper to create! Let me hear your thoughts in the comments! I'll see you all later. The forums need to give up on using Mine-imator because of a tiny bug David needs to fix. But people are resistant to David's requests. All the people of the MI forums have an all-out war over what is right. WHO WILL WIN? People in the wallpaper: @BaconSandwich @Ian_The_One @DuallyElemental @MikTRF @YoshiHunter @hiendiep55 @Slime @JH Animations @TecnoGamerJW @ThatRobloxerGamerYT @WAZZL3 @Ninja Dino @EnderSculptor @GamingQuick @XxEmeraldSquidxX @AlfaProductions @Obsidian_XK @-StickyMations- @Netherall Brimstone @JB Animations @Nerdinq I know, the wallpaper sucks, I'm sorry to disappoint you all. It was the best I could do. One thing you might or might not have noticed is that there are some skins you probably don't recognize in there. That's because those skins are some of my good friends: IzzyDog200, RadReagan2005, Mr_GeekG, and the all-famous PopCorn. Alright, I'll catch you all later! Bye!
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    Hi everyone, this is the Advanced Character Model Version 2.0! !Import the .miproject file! Here's the full view Sharp + Smooth bends Fully smooth body bend It has controllers, which move the body and disappear when rendering Now with the Alex version as well Credit goes to RandomJeremy for the render RandomJeremy's showcase animation: How to make it work with your skin: Steve Alex Steve Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d4ptdxiixi3uok7/ACMV2.0.zip/file Alex Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3s2304cbgjyv9yh/Advanced+Character+Model+V2+alex.zip !Import the .miproject file! !You don't need to give credit, but it would be very appreciated!
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    Fireflies [2k Wallpaper]

    I caught a firefly the other day and that little moment kind of inspired me to make this wallpaper. It's a little too blurry, but that's okay... I think. If you want to get immersed, listen to this while looking at it. Edited using Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 & Affinity Photo Un-edited
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    So I Haven't Online For Like, 1 Year Because Animating Stuff,Sorry For That, But Anyways, In The Last Post I Said I Will Make Onstrein Rig From Dark Souls,But I'm Too Lazy For That So I Made This,Which Is More Harder Than That But Unlike My Previous Rig ThisOnly Took Me 4 Days To Make This Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3lbmgb0yc3vto46/Bone_Dragon_Knight.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/3lbmgb0yc3vto46/Bone_Dragon_Knight.rar/file Pict (No Pict No Click Right?) : UPDATED VERSION: -New Sword -Added Cape -New Shoes -Spaudler (Some Kind Of Shoulder Armor) -Updated Fingers -New Belt -Eye Changed To Red (And I Also Make It Glow ) -Mouth (It's Not A Helmet btw It's His Head) Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8bayb6a1jv94rox/Berseker_Zake.rar/file Pict: Credit (Of Course): Thanks Baren9789For The Junggernaut Rig (I Use That For The Legs And Arms) His Link: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/profile/34961-baren9789/
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    Some Room (Wallpaper)

    very creative title
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    Hello everyone, and to kick things off, happy holidays! This year has undoubtedly been a big year for Mine-imator, David, and myself. Starting off with the public beta release of Modelbench in the spring, and topping off with the much anticipated 1.2.0 update! Along with the transition of the lead developer from being the glorious David over to myself as of recently. Now there are some things I'd like to address since my last dev update in July: College Since August, I've been enrolled in a technical college, trying to go for an Associate in Applied Science degree in these next couple years. Despite only being two years, it'll still require a bit of time and focus to get through the course. Motivation/Stress Being the only current developer working on both Mine-imator and Modelbench, while also being enrolled in college and keeping up with personal responsibilities is no easy task by any means. Programming Modelbench and Mine-imator (including mods I've made) for roughly over 2 years without any sort of hiatus has been pretty tiring. With that said, please understand that development on Mine-imator will not be up to par like it has been in prior years. (Though this may be subject to change with another developer... )  Now of course, Modelbench as a whole nor most of 1.2 would be possible if David didn't teach me the ins and outs of developing Mine-imator code throughout 2016 and up until I became the lead developer. He was a big help in my journey in becoming a better and more professional developer, and if given the chance, I would like to collaborate with him more in the future if possible whenever it's my time to move on from Mine-imator. So with 2018 setting on the horizon, what's to expect in 2019? Well... Improved bending and fixed 3D planes!? More details to come next year, still being experimented with at the moment. Modelbench 1.0's release Mine-imator 1.3 to begin development Anyways, with 2018 soon to be wrapped up, it's now time to get hyped for what's in store in 2019! So once again, Happy holidays!
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    Mine-imator 1.2.2

    Download 1.2.2 Version 1.2.2, 2019.01.26, changes: Features: Added "Transparent block texture filtering" in graphics settings. Added "Desaturated night" option in background settings, along with an option to control the desaturation amount. Added "Fringe" option for Depth of Field. Added "Color burn" option for Color correction. Added "Film grain" effect for cameras. Added "Inherit select" in timeline properties(If you select their parent, they'll get selected too.). Added seamless repeating button for the timeline. Added interface color option for viewport object highlight. Added button in workbench in to hide list of options. Startup now displays what block its currently loading. Updates to banners: Added wall banner variant. Added banner editor popup. Banners from worlds can now be loaded with patterns and colors. Fixed rotation point and scale of banner model. Bugfixes: Fixed armor stand arms not being parented to body. Fixed vex charging variant being incorrect. Fixed world import crash with newer worlds. Fixed animatable blocks not using the scenery template's resource. Fixed default MC resource pack being sometimes replaces when replacing a resource with the same name. Fixed "Inherit..." checkboxes not being laid out correctly for some objects. Version 1.2.1, 2018.11.24, changes: Bugfixes: Fixed a crash when loading a project containing missing items. Fixed a crash when importing scenery from a world with a name containing non-English characters. Fixed a crash when loading schematics containing mob heads or gray colored beds. Fixed shapes using cameras as a texture not rendering in high quality when exporting as a movie. Fixed a crash when exporting a movie containing 1 frame only. Version 1.2.0, 2018.10.31, changes (since 1.1.4): Minecraft support Added the mobs, blocks and items from Minecraft 1.13.1 Support for worlds from Minecraft 1.13.1 Added all Minecraft biomes and biome variants, also updated biome names New options for existing models Wool color for sheep Markings for horses Charged vex option Arms for armor stands Minecraft: Story Mode clouds option Animation features Right-click shortcut in the timeline to pick a transition Ctrl+Q shortcut to create keyframes for all selected timelines at the marker’s position Option to visualize seconds and half-seconds on the timeline Option for particles to be destroyed when they hit their bounding box More background values are now keyframable using the "Background" option in the workbench Rendering features In the “Graphics” tab of objects Glow effect Glow color is adjusted in “Color” of keyframes Includes setting to only display the glow effect Options to hide objects in low and high quality rendering modes Biome tinting option for objects to be affected by the biome foliage color In the “Camera” tab in camera keyframes Bloom effect Threshold, radius, intensity, and color options Color correction Brightness & contrast Saturation (Behaves differently from color settings) Vignette effect Radius, softness and strength options In the “Background” tab of the project Sunlight strength option (High Quality mode only) Custom biome colors for water, grass, and other foliage To enable, select “Custom” when picking a biome Option for the scene to have a different fog color from the sky fog In the “Graphics” tab in Settings Blocky style option for bent arms/legs Noise effect option for grass and water Option for bright blocks in schematics to automatically be given the glow effect Option to turn on foliage light bleeding for plant-type blocks In the “Render” tab in Settings Option to turn off all camera effects Radius, intensity, and falloff of glowing objects Custom watermark options for exported images and movies Misc. Spin option for items Rotation settings for sprite particles Interface color option for the group select box in the timeline Changes Added a button to helpful tutorial videos by @AnxiousCynic Default program FPS setting is now 60 Work camera rotation now eases when moving The default ambient color now has a blue tint, and the sunlight has a yellow tint Checkboxes with interface content can be collapsed using the adjacent button with three dots (...) The “Cross section view” of Minecraft maps can now be freely moved up and down Filtered blocks will be previewed in selected Minecraft maps Acacia leaves, Dark oak leaves, and sugar cane are now affected by the biome foliage colors Updated resolution size templates to more modern resolutions Resolution size templates now use the language file Water no longer casts shadows Added highlight outline for selected keyframes Item bouncing is now slower, matching the speed of bouncing items in Minecraft Heavily improved performance for shadowless point lights when used in great quantities Moved Depth of Field blur size from program render settings to camera keyframe settings, and changed the default size to 1% Increased Depth of Field quality Added a graphical improvement for SSAO Tweaked stars Piston extensions now extend to a full block Fog is now circular Bugfixes Fixed crash when importing models that contain 3D planes using “Import an asset” Fixed crash when deleting a camera used as a texture in the library Fixed crash when loading a project with a resource pack used for the moon texture Fixed crash when duplicating scenery with animated blocks Fixed point light buffer size resetting when re-opening program Fixed graphics tab in spot light properties not being the same as point light properties Fixed UI elements being blurred if "Blur texture" was enabled Fixed completely transparent models still rendering SSAO and shadows Fixed objects that face the camera casting incorrect shadows Fixed crash when undoing changes to the sunlight color Fixed a crash when deleting bodypart keyframes Fixed timeline length not updating on some keyframe operations Fixed various crashes when importing scenery from a world Fixed a 1-frame delay when switching visibility between two cameras Fixed a bug that had a small chance of corrupting a project when loading Changes (since pre-release 3): Bugfixes Fixed a bug that had a small chance of corrupting a project when loading Fixed a 1-frame delay when switching visibility between two cameras Fixed the Mooshroom model... again Fixed graphical issue with alerts when the toolbar is in a vertical mode Fixed issues with the following animated background options: Custom fog color Custom object fog color Sky fog Follow camera Version 1.1.x: Version 1.0.x:
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    CLOSED TO REQUESTS UNTIL LATER DATE. latest update:11/11/1918 at 11 AM Central European Standard Time I present to you the Modelbench Armory, the ultimate (probably) source for all your weapon model needs. Pretty much the same idea as ÜberKiller's Mine-Imator armory but it looks a lot different in visual style and it's models instead of rigs. While this is mainly for guns, I do all kinds of weapons. Bows, swords, basically anything considered a weapon. Here's how it works: -You suggest weapon models (any weapon, including fictional ones)- -I make them- -And then release it along with a few others. All the weapons currently availible: M2 Browning: M134 Minigun: Lewis gun: Aircraft Lewis gun: M1911 pistol: AK-47: RPG-7 [AmazingWolfGamer}: USP Match (Includes alternate skin!): SR-556 [Slime]: MP5A3: M1928 Thompson [Pigeon_]: Chaingun (From DOOM) [hamdan ihsan]: SPAS-12: Luger P08: M16 [Slime]: Glock 17 [Foxtrot0806]: Kriss Vector [YoshiHunter]: Colt Python [MachineGunInc]: StG 44: FAMAS [Stolderan]: Barrett M82A1 [EthanForeverAlone]: MP 18: M1909 Benet-Mercie: Webley Self-loading Pistol Mk. 1: Winchester M1907: CSRG M1915 "Chauchat": SMLE Mk. 1: M1897 trench shotgun [PhiliP]: Stielhandgranate: Weapons planned: MSBS-5.56B [Slime] SA80 [Slime] Neptune's pitol (Hyperdimension Neptunia) [hamdan ihsan] Laser Rifle (Terraria) [hamdan ihsan] DEMP 2 (Star Wars:Jedi Knight II) [YoshiHunter] AR2 (Half-Life 2) [Chirp] Plasma Cutter (Dead Space) [HeYoNia] Winchester SXP Marine [Slime] Pulse Pistols (Overwatch) [MikTRF] DC-17 hand blaster (Star Wars) [OzFalcon] Submachine gun (Fortnite) [Red Riptide] Battle Rifle (Halo) [YoshiHunter] Desert Eagle [willingsas] Mosberg 590 Shockwave PGM Hécate II [zman1der & DuallyElemental] Striker (Hitman) [Mr.Matt] Armsel Striker [hamdan ihsan] M5 Carbine [BladerInc] Double barrel shotgun [BladerInc] Ray gun (multiple cod games) [ZombieGuildford] Blurrg-1120 (Star Wars Battlefront 2) [Swift] PGM Ultima Ratio [PhilliP] AR-10 [PhilliP] Flintlock [BladerINC] S686 (PUBG) [aaucuy3345] Remington 1858 revolving carbine [DuallyElemental] Joceline O/U 12G (Payday 2) [Bronze] Winchester 1887 [StarFX] Baseball bat [Slime] Stormbreaker (Marvel Cinematic Universe) [KaryuGraphics] Nerf Vortex Proton [YoshiHunter] Nerf TriStike [Twotorule] Nerf Rapidstike [Twotorule] Nerf Mega Mastodon [MikTRF] So, I think that wraps it up. If you have any requests, please comment and I'll get on it ASAP. kthanksbye
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    SFR V.5 Facial Rig (MI 1.1.4)

    So I updated the SFR facial rig again. This video gives you a run-down explanation of how the rig works! This gif preview gives an idea of how expressive you can be with the facial rig Download Here [3.73 MB] !!! Requires Mine-imator 1.1.4 !!! Known Issues: Pupil AO messes up when scaled Planned Features for Next SFR: New custom pupil texture New female eyelash update Adding new easy-to-use hand rig (MB creation) New additions to eyelid controls (happy cheeks, basically) face texture variants (Moles, freckles, wrinkles, etc.) Fix the pupil AO when scaled differently (Removed AO) (more to come if I can come up with more reasonable additions)
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    Low detail vehicle pack

    Dear mine-imator users, I've finally finished the low detail vehicle pack! here's the vehicles: Also, you can change the color: And here's the best: you don't need to credit me! ;D (but still, I would appreciate it c:) Download it by clicking on that smile over here: c:
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    Fish Life - Minecraft Animation

    Notice: this is satire. Please watch the whole video before down-voting it.
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    Running and punching

    Made a running cycle loop and a punch. Haven't animated actual movement like this for some years. (Also, excuse any model bending issues, these animations were made in 1.2.1. Also please try to keep replies relevant to this topic.)
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    Hello! Long time I haven't posted something. Well, I've been busy with a rig I've promised I would be releasing to the public. And here you have it! I present to you, Cherno Alpha, my favourite mech design from the movie Pacific Rim. An absolute beast, lots of details to play around with it. It includes various animatable mechanisms throughout his body, as well as 54 rotation points (yes I've counted them) to make sure you can give it literally any pose you want with maximum precision. Mind you that as a consequence of this, it's very hard to use. The timeline is a mess but I've organized it in the most comprehensible/user friendly way I could. If you attempt to use it then I assume you're gonna have a hard time at first but eventually you can get the job done. DETAILS SHOWCASE: ===================================================================================================================================== Now you may be wondering, is it even possible to animate this thing in MI? And yes, it is, just with a bit of lag. Put it on maximum quality for best viewing experience. Enjoy. CLICK HERE TO DOWLOAD! (108.28 KB) Make sure to read the text inside the .zip file. Enjoy the rig!
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    SFR V.6 (Facial Rig)

    Here, have another update for that one face rig. This rigs intention is for overly expressive facial expressions but can also be used normally, too. The gif below provides some examples of overly exaggerated faces that you can make with the face rig. > Download Here < *For MI 1.2.1 or above* (if updates don't break the rig)
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    'sup. My last post was "Mo Creature Pack (Not Complete (But it happens.))" Wow. Time goes fast.. (Nop I'm just ultra lazy.) So, here it is in complete pack. Well.. not exactly. I have 2 or 3 mobs, 4 armor and almost all items. But we can consider the mobs as finished. (Not to hit me plz ;-;) I will update this post to add the new models. I am French and bad in English so if there are translation errors, please let me know. There are eyes and a mouth for (almost) all mobs, except insects. Ant (Bendable antena and Legs) : Bee (Bendable Legs and Wings) : DragonFly (Bendable Legs, "Tail" and Wings ; Multiple Skins) : FireFly (Bendable Legs, antena and Wings) : Fly (Bendable Legs and Wings) : Roach (Bendable antena and Wings) : Snail (Bendable Eye) : Cricket (Bendable Leg and antena) : ButterFly (Bendable Leg and Wings) : Maggot (Bendable) : BC (That's his name. This corresponds to the tiger, lion, panther ...) (Bendable tail and ear ; Multiple Skin) : Ent/Birch Ent (Extruded ; Eyes for the little monster in the Oak Ent ; Bloom effect for eyes) : Bird (Bendable Tail and leg ; Multiple Skin) : Boar (Bendable Ear and Tail ; 2 Skin) : Bunny (Bendable Ear and Mustache ; Multiple Skin) : Cat (Bendable Ear and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : Crab (Multiple Skin) : Crocodile (Bendable tail) : Deer (Bendable tail and Staghorns ; 3 skin) : Dolphin (Bendable "tail" ; Multiple skin) : Duck. Fox (Bendable tail and Ears ; Multiple skin) : Goat (Bendable tail and Ears ; Multiple skin (change the skin for Male/Female with horns/Female)) : KomodoDragon (Bendable tail and Tongue) : MiniGolem (Don't need to change the texture for Red or blue.) : Mouse and Rat (Bendable Ears, tail and mustache) : Raccon (Bendable Ears and tail) : Ray and Stingray : Scorpion (Bendable Tail ; Babies ; Multiple Skin) : Shark (Bendable) : SilverSkeleton /!\ Can lag when you bend the arms and legs /!\ : Turkeys (Male/Female ; Bendable Tail) : Turtle (Bendable Tail and... Ninja Turtles.) : WereWolf (Bendable Ears and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : WWolf (Bendable Ears and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : Marine animals (Bendable ; Multiple Skin) : Ogres (Head Customisable) : And there are some left. Items (That there is for now...) Armors (That there is for now...) /!\ Open the .miobject or .miproject file if there is one. /!\ Please, give credit if used. If there are bugs, please contact me. Click me to download :3 [32 MB] Bye ;3
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    Hellooo, A while ago I did the Mutant Creature Complete Pack, and right after that I started doing the same thing for the Mod Mo'creatures. It is not complete! The complette version arrives! (It's a long to make. Very long (At the same time I'm lazy ;-;)) So it's just kind of a preview of the pack. I hope that pleases you. (There's no gif just pictures in contrary to my first pack, I would do gif explaining everything for the complete pack) /!\ It is possible that it has problems of size and rotation ! This will be fix in the full version. /!\ Ant : Bears : Bee : Bird : Boar (Bendable ear, Mane affected by wind) : Bunny : Butterfly : Cat (Mouth, Bendable ear) : Crab : Cricket : Crocodile : Deer : Dolphin : Duck... Ent (Full eyes (also for the little monster in the Oak Ent), Bloom effect for eyes) : /!\ Open the .miproject not the .mimodel /!\ Fly : Fox : Goat (Change the skin for : Male, Female or Female with horns) : Maggot : Mantaray (Fully Bendable fin) : MiniGolem (Don't need to change the texture for Red or blue.) : Mole : Mouse and Rat : Raccon (Mouth, bendable ear) : Scorpion (Fully bendable "tail", babies) : Shark (Head buged but fixed for you (If it's not fixed, change the texture.)) : SliverSkeleton (3D Armor, 3D bones (body), 3D SilverSword) : /!\ Can lag /!\ Snail. Turkey (Male and Female, Mouth, Bendable tail) : And Turtle (Mouth) : ... I hope that I have pretty well show what's with the pictures ... 3D SliverSword : If there are any bugs or errors in translations (I am French and bad in English ;-;) Please tell me! In the full pack I will try to : If there are bugs with the textures, try to reload them in texture/model Or contact me Download !! Please, give credit if used. Click me :3
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    Iron Golem Modelbench

    This is my first topic in Mine-imator forum. I didn't know what should I write, but here I give you one of my creations. Better Iron Golem As you can see, it's much better than the normal Iron Golem. I didn't add a mouth because I think it is useless. If you want it, I will add it as soon as possible. Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/dqg19k1kb2wx4ds/Iron_Golem.rar/file
  33. 29 points

    Hat Models Pack

    I made some hats. You can wear them on your head. Now everyone will want to be your friend. Image: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/18r2xj1idf94176/Hat+Models+Pack.zip Last Update: Dec. 14, 2018. I am open to suggestions for what kind of hats to put in here. Includes 23 hats like: Deerstalker Hat. (Detective Hat.) Beret. (Artist Hat.) Mario's Cap. Miner Helmet. Santa Hat. Top Hat. Cowboy Hat. Pokémon Trainer Hat. Fedora. Pirate Hat. deadmau5 Hat. Toad Head. Party Hat. Ushanka Hat. (Russian Hat.) Royal Crown. Beanie Desert Hat. Fisherman Hat. Mask. Shepherd Hat. Snow Hat. Straw Hat. Turban. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    "I think I heard something..."

    Simple wallpaper with a little edit. Credit Rig : Minecraft Story Mode Rig @Tempus Skeleton Rig @blockerlocker
  35. 29 points

    REALITY Concept 6 (Theatrical Poster)

    So yeah there's this I guess. This is a little promo fan-wallpaper for CaZaKoJa's REALITY series. Features: @The Tan James's Ati rig @Cryotivity 99.9% Photo-Editing Edited using Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 If you wanna get immersed, just listen to this while looking at the wallpaper ? Here's REALITY: Concept 5's theatrical poster if you haven't seen it yet. Un-Edited [4k]
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    Sharing at the Medieval Era (2k)

    hey, so I got an idea 3 days ago to make an interior scene out of references image I found on google image took me 2 days to make it also at the bottom of this post, I will have a little challenge for you guys to try out for fun you don't have to join but it will help you References Image: Credit: Thanks to @Allemn for the chair rig Resource pack that I use: https://resourcepack.net/mizunos-16-craft-resource-pack/ a little challenge for you: anyway last message bye
  37. 28 points

    The Apartment Collab

    The Apartment Collab! Thank you for your participation. Archive:
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    Hello.. finally After 1 month,i finally make 12 fish... so i was focus at school really hard,i also work n the fish pack at that time but not much the pack will still receive update cause im still interested on continuing the pack Real Life Fish: Minecraft Fish: Download? Click Me :D and i think that's all the fish Fish that been planned to be added : -Eel -DragonFish -Etc. and...im done,thanks for downloading my garbage If there is something wrong with the rig or something went wrong DM me or replies in the comment section now,bye...
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    National Park

    I made two because I was testing out different angles. Feel free to give me your thoughts, opinions, and tips! I'd love to get better.
  40. 27 points

    Night Visions [2K]

    FULL 2K IMAGE HERE: https://imgur.com/l1xY3kB No external edits made. 100% MI Based off Imagine Dragons' Night Visions album cover I suggest listening to this song when looking at this (which I actually did, and it is part of the album Night Visions) I will see you all later! Have a good night.
  41. 27 points

    Mexican Standoff

    It's finally here! The amazing, most anticipated animation of the day, Mexican Standoff! This took a while Thanks to @Foxtrot0806for doing the lighting and camera work! (Oh btw when transferring the files between each other some things got messed up for some reason, so if there are little glitches/mistakes, blame it on the files not transferring correctly)
  42. 27 points

    Ethan & Ethan

  43. 27 points

    An exploit that must not be fixed

    Currently, there is an exploit in MI that lets you set some sliders above or below their normal limits. Nimi has said on the Mine-imator Discord that he plans to fix the exploit. Without this exploit, we would not be able to make weird things like these: I'm making this poll to let the community decide on Mine-imator's future.
  44. 27 points

    Looking for new developers!

    Hello! We (The Mine-imator team) are looking for new developers to help on Mine-imator! Currently it's just myself working on Mine-imator, and being the big project that it is, we'd like all the help we can get to improve it. If you (or anyone you know) may be interested in becoming an official Mine-imator developer, do not hesitate to contact me on this forum. Below are some requirements: A portfolio of previous coding projects you've worked on. (Doesn't have to be anything impressive, but at least something.) Speak (or type) and understand fluent English. Being responsible and eager to learn new things from a mentor. A Discord account. At or over the age of 18. A GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop license. Some other helpful information: Mine-imator development involves knowing the following coding languages. (Knowing all of these languages is not required, but would help.) GameMaker Language (Used for Mine-imator's code.) GLSL ES (Used for most shaders.) HLSL 11 (Used only for the SSAO effect.) C# (Used for the Mine-imator world importer.) C++ (Used for .dll files for extensive features GameMaker doesn't support, like movie exporting and handling of files.) JSON (File format used for saved Mine-imator files.) Also! The first accepted developer will be given access to a free GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop license for their work on Mine-imator.
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    Hello guis I haven't actually been active enough to know who still roams these forums and who doesnt, so i'm just going to quickly reintroduce myself to those who don't know me (For those who do, skip over the Verdana font) My name is Cade, many know me as TheTanJames or CaZaKoJa, the creator of the R E A L I T Y series (which is a bit of a curse in many ways lmao). I've been animating since the MI 0.4 days, and I was one of the founding members of a failed team called Amination Squad which included myself and many other close friends of mine (SKIBBZ, Vash0110, UpgradedMoon, Fosni, Cryotivity etc.) Of this group of friends, i'm currently the only one still making Mine-imator animations (aside from Moon who uses it sparsely for intros and whatnot). I've been inactive for quite some time and this post is just explaining why I was and what is going to be happening. Now many of the people who have kept in touch with me and my channel know that I have a very nasty pattern of saying i'm making progress then going totally inactive for many months. This is mainly due to my graduated life. Currently, I still live with my parents as I'm trying to find some stable work in the film industry but in exchange I pay them 800$ a month for room and board (i'm basically paying rent) I have 2 jobs, looking for a 3rd, and tried getting into film school before backing out after realizing its a terrible investment. The past year has been pretty hectic. July of 2017 I got a girlfriend and we spent about 80% of our time together and lasted 10 months before I broke up with her due to incompatible traits (that had bothered me for 4 months). I spend most of my time attempting to build a portfolio for film, spending time with my family and friends and occasionally playing a video game to relax. Being 100% honest, I've had a lot of time to spare for animating, my only issue is the rate at which I can actually focus on it and get stuff done that's good. Attempting to finish Concept 6 is a large hurdle for me since I've been stumped on the same location for quite some time with little to no idea of how to get forward. (I know how the rest of it is going to play out, its the 15 seconds between where I am and where the scene continues that I don't know how to fill in). Animating has always been a bit of a hobby more than a career to me, and practising filmmaking only hardened that idea more. So in the process, I've kind of killed my skill for animation altogether, which sucks because I'm not cancelling Reality by any means (since I have a promise from beyond the grave resting on it) But it makes it much harder to continue. Basically what this post is trying to say, is mainly sorry to anyone who's wondered what's going on and has been pretty damn patient with my lack of effort in the channel. Concept 6 is without a doubt the biggest one yet as I'm doing my best to prioritize my imagination over the animation (which has previously been reversed, I used to adapt ideas to my skills, now I'm going to try and push myself immensely). The quality of it should mimic, if not exceed that of the 5th one and the time should clock in at about 15+ minutes. typically each concept is split into 3 acts, 1. A Beginning village sequence (Averaging about 1:30) 2. A fight sequence in the dream (Averaging about 4+ minutes) 3. An ending village sequence (averaging about 1:30) Concept 6 is much longer in a different sense, based on each song/soundtrack I use, the length of each act is as follows, 1. 5:30 2. 4:30 3. 5:00 So yeah, it's long. The reason for its length is because this Concept is the last one to be a standalone episode. The rest of them are released together along with remastered concepts 1 - 6. Essentially, concept 6 is a finale to the series, and then 7, 8 and 9 are the GRAND finales to the story in general. Think of them as free EA expansions that actually have to do with the main story. So anyways that's all I really have to say. Now excuse me while I go play Spiderman PS4. See ya Pals
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    Live or Die [Wallpaper]

    It's a wallpaper that features really outdated characters from my failed LILY series, but oh well. Maybe they'll get an update someday for wallpapers and such. I might have a thing with falling snow, honestly. Programs used: Mine-imator1.2.0 Pre-Release 2 Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 Un-edited
  47. 27 points

    Im Leaving The Forums

    Now that I have your attention. No, I'm not leaving the forums, but eVeRyBoDy LoVeS cLiCkBaIt. I Just wanted to talk to everyone about something due to recent events. Now I know I that I can be very blunt sometimes and I agree sometimes I do go overboard with the things I say. I realize that there are many younger kids here now and that they don't understand me and always seem to get defensive whenever I comment on something of their's. I know the people who know me or at least have been around long enough to understand how I act don't seem to mind at all. Many don't like me because of the way I act and I'm fine with that but I would like everyone to know; If you have a problem with me, I'm open to talk. It annoys me when people block me or whatever because things could easily be solved by a simple DM. I will talk things out as long as you are willing to have a civil conversation. I honestly see blocking as such a cowardice thing to do because you're just running from your problems and there might not even be a problem, just a simple miscommunication. And If I really want to say anything here, I'm sorry if I've hurt you. Hopefully we can work things out, just remember to hit me up.
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    JB Animations

    A Warm Morning (4K)

    Tried my best to make something completely in Mine-Imator that isn't trash. I think I managed to do that As stated above, this is "Completely made" using Mine-Imator Rigs used : @SKIBBZ's Outdoor Asset Pack and @mbanders's 1.14 Mob Models and that's it, I'll catch ya lads next time. Peace
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    Ford F-150 & Family van car rig

    Here are two new cars i've made this past week Family van Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Downloads Family van: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cnbnlub9fxqs7e1/Family_van.rar/file Ford F-150 pickup truck: http://www.mediafire.com/file/okm28be49ce7xwp/Ford_F-150.rar/file Hope you like it Previous:Nissan Cube | Next: ( Request ) Mercedes Benz w123
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    Blue Rain [4K]

    Hey guys, back with another bad wallpaper. Here you go, criticism is appreciated.
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