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  1. Can we at least see two examples of people being "mean" on these forums? recently?
  2. Really good. The cape is fabulous, the positioning is gorgeous, and the light is exceptional. Fantastic work here Mister @Quickstreak
  3. mincraft story mode

    Good try, good try. Try rotating the camera int he direction of the wither storm, and place the character a little bit more to the right, And you've got a neat wallpaper!
  4. Basic animation, with minimal story telling. It is GOOD. It really is when you place it against other frist0time animations. You've got a good understanding of camera placement. You've added environmental sounds to fill in silence. It was not quick and erratic; It was not sluggish and slow either. Try to make it longer
  5. Finished 13 Reasons Why. A very good Netflix series, would recommend the majority of you watch it. :thumbsup: 8.3/10 Overall.

    Now I can focus on animations. I will possibly take a break from lurking on the forums; giving constructive criticism and spend all that energy on making an animation instead of telling others to do it.


    Maybe use a bit of my own constructive criticism, instead of looking like an all-talker, but no action kid.


    Actions speak louder than motherfucking words

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    2. CisforCrispr


      @Aronanners Actually, it's capeesh

      But I am now informed



    3. Aronanners


      I was wrong, it's "Capisce?" actually. Fun fact though, it's Italian for "Understand?"

      Anywho, good to hear.

    4. BAC0NB0Y


      I watched some of it with my mom and my sister. Yeah, it looks pretty good. I'll probably watch the whole thing another day, though.

  6. @BBruce7815 If you know me, you will know I have a love for Indie games. Please do whatever you can to complete this masterpiece, when I speak, I speak for the community of Mine-Imator FINISH THE GOD DAMN GAME SON! I would be happy to provide resources for you, main-ly sprites for health icons, loading bars. And I would be grateful to create a main menu screen for you. I cannot do music for shit, but I actually after seeing this and how far you've come, I'm going to learn music development; I will become a fully certified armchair music professional and create something then deliver it to you. Or I'll just find shitty stock music, then remix it till it sounds good Please, man, finish it. I did'nt write this in Times new roman font for nuffin'
  7. Yeah, but aren't collectibles usually doing something? They usually have some sort of pose, which defines their personality Follow this guide, try to include asymmetry into your poses: Also try placing a spotlight facing your characters with quite a high brightness, but keep the ambient the same. Hope you produce better results in your photos!
  8. Took me some time did not know that was an Ender Dragon
  9. Alright, see you after your three days
  10. Don't worry, just go slow and easy, it's not always about the rep, it's your contribution. But sadly, many people face rep discrimination Also, make it 6 weeks, because I'm sure the two weeks will be spent religiously procrastinating. Then getting a huge motivation boost!
  11. Oh s***, I just realized you're going for three days... C'mon man, can't we get one more good wallpaper or render? And are those your rigs?
  12. Holy crap, @Artamiel Crescent back at it again with the good stuff. Love these rigs man.Is it MI?
  13. I think this is a good idea for a collab. You can have a lot of ideas. For example Steve enters the portal and it turns out to be a rapid chase and he leaves using the exit portal. OFFTOPIC: Please, guys. Don't bring his reputation into this. This is just in hindsight because the -13 rep could generate a lot of hate :/ I'm in. What's the due date?
  14. No, I do not but I can create one. We should discuss this in Private Messaging
  15. Ay! Holy Crap! You listened to me and @TheFastFilms's constructive criticism! +1
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