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  1. Legends (Webcomic)

    So yeah... I have decided to make a webcomic and upload it on Webtoons. (I keep getting youtube ads for it) The way it will work is that one animator will make each chapter. I will start with the first. If you want to do a chapter, just post a reply. I would also like some suggestions for characters, so leave some Minecraft skins and a description of the character (this part will be closed after the first chapter starts being developed.) After that I will need a basic story for the whole comic. Just a few seconds long. (This part will also close when I start the first chapter.) So that's the basics of it. I do have a sort of concept cover for it. (It will not be the official cover, however.)
  2. Should I make a Minecraft webcomic?

    Okay, I will make one as a collab.
  3. Should I make a Minecraft webcomic?

    So I come back to this: Of coarse they would be the same amount.
  4. Should I make a Minecraft webcomic?

    I'd probably upload on that Webtoons thing I keep getting youtube ads for or something. I have no idea if this is the right place to post this topic, but it seems the best.
  5. This is Halloween Collab parts

    Part 5 I should be able to get it done.
  6. Seems familiar...

  7. Umm

    Well, I'm an idiot. Most skins and all of the capes were from the 2012 Halloween skin pack.
  8. Werewolf - black wolf

  9. Metalspear mech

    Roses are red Violets are blue I don't know what you should do And I can't rhyme
  10. Introduce yourself!

    I'm pretty sure when you use Comic Sans, the bad time rubs off on you.
  11. Splatcharger

    This guy is amazing
  12. What are the best transitions for movements?

    I like cubic
  13. Never Gonna Give You Up cover

    I actually used a trombone part to make this. Everything else is mine.
  14. Relaxing during madness

    *me during survival games where no one can get out of spawn but I have the Athlete kit*
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