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  1. well to defeat sun spirit u only need to hit the ice balls back at him, a shorter sword wud be a disadvantage but it could still work
  2. me likey
  3. oml you commented thank you
  4. in case ya missed it

  5. thanks. one has heterochromia and the other is just from a different dimension
  6. end this.....
  7. a wallpaper with the sun spirit! Armour rig by @AnxiousCynic
  8. mincraft story mode

    the blur is really strong so the wither storm is hardly even seeable, i like the pose though, good try
  9. well no, but if the eyes wernt glowing you wunt be able to see them?...
  10. well.. it is a night time and dark scene... kden
  11. Thanks, and yea the eyes are glowing more than they should, i was testing with lighting on such, will do better in next one
  12. just a wallpaper ideas i had about the whole human/mob hybrid story, ill probably make more about it but this one takes place after Nightlight's Destruction and murders. the characters being Craz and Shadow, the crying from one eye also has a reason i will explain in later wallpapers that feature one of these two.
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