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  1. the general has the sacred ice blade. the abomination is a brutal experiment that fused a wither and a enderman together it is called Neveri
  2. rip
  3. noted most of the blur is badly edited fog
  4. a species of ice creatures known as the Hotzikara(shiver) part of a very old project i stopped making. tell me if you want to see more of the characters who were in this ^-^ polar bear by Nimi
  5. reminds of the great devourer from ninjago... am i cringy yet i like the wallpaper
  6. i like, but uh, its called the can can dance i believe
  7. u dont.... i like it, but again like the others, df happend to bendy in that fanart
  8. have not seen phineas and furb in a lonngggg time
  9. .... possibly...
  10. arima is not human, he glow
  11. thanks and if you mean the entire rig than soon, since im gunna make hood 3D and make the chain better and stuffz
  12. Arima is a doctor, from the ''further end'' who uses his ''soul bond'' to try seeing what is wrong with them through memories and soul condition Axe rig:
  13. it would make more sense since the bendy and boris models are mc style, nice
  14. i like, but glowing eyes arnt that liked on here, unless it is a dark setting ig. anyway nice ;D
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