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  1. "Shaders" in Mine-Imator?

    Hello, If you spawn a camera object (or select it if you have one ready), you can click open the "Color" tab and enable advanced color mode (the button with the six squares). After that you can experiment with RGB/HSB add, which might be what you're looking for. If you have an animated camera and want to apply the effect to all keyframes, you can click the little keyframe icon next to its name on the timeline.
  2. Glad you like the program! Looking forward to seeing some of your animations
  3. So who's in control of mine imator

    Currently we're both collaborating on the upcoming update, but soon after Nimi will take complete control of all future versions. You will still be able to come to me with issues or bug reports, and I might relay them to Nimi if they're related to any new fancy features he's added.
  4. Greetings animators! Five years ago on this day I unveiled the first Beta version of Mine-imator to the public, hyped up by the popularity of @Frossa's semi-viral TF2 "Meet the Team" remakes in Minecraft. Despite the program being crude and severely lacking in features and graphical effects, pumped fans jumped head first into it and started making content, and the creation of these forums shortly followed to allow everyone to share their work. I would have never imagined that five years later, people of all ages would still be using Mine-imator to make awesome animations and art. In fact, judging from the number of daily downloads, Mine-imator is more popular than ever, and has started to be used professionally to make graphic novels and to teach animation in tech camps in the US, which of course wouldn't be possible without your continued support! Now I must admit that, while functional, the program has failed to keep up with the never ending stream of new Minecraft content, and there are still serious issues halting the creative process for some users, occasionally leading to projects getting corrupted and hours of work being forever lost, which sucks. Hard. Therefore, I have decided to take some time off from other projects to deal with these problems before passing over the development torch to someone else. However, since I now also have a full-time job alongside personal projects, progress will take longer than usual, so bear with me! I'm now announcing that after a 1½ year long wait, a new Mine-imator update is in the works that will be publicly released within the next month or so, first as a pre-release before fully replacing the now outdated version. I can say right now that it will not contain any crazy new rendering effects or animation features, but rather focus on stability and keeping the program up-to-date with all previous and future Minecraft versions, which are the two current main issues with the program. "But, wait...", I hear you think (yes, mind reading is a neat little perk of being a developer), "...future Minecraft versions? How will that work?". Just read on... To start off, the update will bring some fundamental changes behind the scenes regarding how character models, blocks, items and schematics are loaded into the program. Without going in too far into the technical details, a big flaw of the current Mine-imator is that everything is stored inside the program executable (hard-coded), which makes it a significant effort trying to keep it up-to-date with all the new mobs and blocks being added into Minecraft at an ever increasing pace. However, in the next update, all the assets will be located in an external archive, along with a specification file that defines what it contains and how it's used. Along with this, the file handling will be given a make-over, to address some of the crashes and corrupted files people have been having. The program's engine will also utilize a newer DirectX version that could increase the rendering performance for some users. Among other goodies, this is what you can expect in the update: More stable project/rig loading Blocks and characters being loaded from external JSON files (that may be customized if desired) System for auto-downloading new Minecraft models and textures Some minor graphics-related features New settings for character models and block variations I have been collaborating with @Nimi, the current undefeated champion of Mine-imator modding, and he has decided to discontinue his "Community Edition" mod in favor of me letting him take over the development of future Mine-imator versions. As an extra bonus, Nimi has been working on a long-requested feature to go along with this update. Exciting, right!? More will be revealed soon... So basically, a pre-release of a shiny new Mine-imator update will be available for download on the forums within the coming month. I'd appreciate if you could try it out with your new and old projects (just be sure to save some backups if you value them!) so I can iron out the biggest bugs before making it official! Until then, keep calm and animate on!
  5. @david Could you send me a copy of 1.0.5 mine imator... the 1.0.6 bugs out badly on my laptop :(

  6. How do I create a Topic?

    You just made one, congratulations!
  7. The Forum software just updated and things look a little different, but should work about the same with a few extra quirks and features. Can you find them? :I_approve:

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    2. EnderSculptor


      I like it!     :D

    3. DragonLord
    4. Pharien


      well now all the text is so thin I literally cannot even see it. Had this problem prior with google but now its on here too. revert?

  8. I WISH I can use it mineimator in Mac ;-;

    1. Zeno


      If you donate $500,000,000 or more, it unlocks a Mac download.

    2. hiendiep55
  9. Nice mug, nice booooowtie. You look nice.

  10. More mob

    The community mod is getting the new mobs soon, and Nimi has agreed to help put them in vanilla (yum) 1.0.6, which will probably become 1.1.0. We're just waiting for Mojang to officially release Minecraft 1.12.
  11. 你好,亲爱的大卫

    我想把Mine - imator1.0.6和mime-imator社区建立发布在MCBBS上,那就是使用中国的Minecraft BBS,我会保持www.mineimator.com链接

    1. 吊打小逗比


      Really very sorry,I don't input the Chinese carefully

      Hello, dear David

      I want to put Mine - imator1.0.6 and mime - imator community to establish a release on MCBBS, that is to use Chinese Minecraft BBS, I will keep the www.mineimator.com link

    2. 吊打小逗比
  12. david

    Can I transfer the Mine-imator:Community Build to the Mine-imator forum in China?
    Nimi thought I should come and ask you for advice, because Mine-imator:Community Build was modified by Mine-imator.

    I'll write you and Nimi's topic link

    May I reprint it?

    1. david


      If you mean simply reposting the topic on a different forum in a different language, but keeping the download links. Sure :thumbsup:

  13. You should call your next program Norgrender.

    Hue hue hue.

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      @Colonel Muffin yeah yeah its my unnoticeable sarcasm


      which is always truly


      u n n o t i c e a b l e

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      10/10 half life 7-1/2 confirmed

  14. why you did create a rig creator for mine-imator ?

    that will make mine-imator more easier for Rigs makers

    1. TheXKing360
    2. x3j50


      game maker limits.

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