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  1. I WISH I can use it mineimator in Mac ;-;

    1. Zeno


      If you donate $500,000,000 or more, it unlocks a Mac download.

    2. hiendiep55
  2. Nice mug, nice booooowtie. You look nice.

  3. The community mod is getting the new mobs soon, and Nimi has agreed to help put them in vanilla (yum) 1.0.6, which will probably become 1.1.0. We're just waiting for Mojang to officially release Minecraft 1.12.
  4. 你好,亲爱的大卫

    我想把Mine - imator1.0.6和mime-imator社区建立发布在MCBBS上,那就是使用中国的Minecraft BBS,我会保持www.mineimator.com链接

    1. 吊打小逗比


      Really very sorry,I don't input the Chinese carefully

      Hello, dear David

      I want to put Mine - imator1.0.6 and mime - imator community to establish a release on MCBBS, that is to use Chinese Minecraft BBS, I will keep the www.mineimator.com link

    2. 吊打小逗比
  5. david

    Can I transfer the Mine-imator:Community Build to the Mine-imator forum in China?
    Nimi thought I should come and ask you for advice, because Mine-imator:Community Build was modified by Mine-imator.

    I'll write you and Nimi's topic link

    May I reprint it?

    1. david


      If you mean simply reposting the topic on a different forum in a different language, but keeping the download links. Sure :thumbsup:

  6. You should call your next program Norgrender.

    Hue hue hue.

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    2. TheFastFilms


      @Colonel Muffin yeah yeah its my unnoticeable sarcasm


      which is always truly


      u n n o t i c e a b l e

    3. Colonel Muffin
    4. Zeno


      10/10 half life 7-1/2 confirmed

  7. An official Discord channel for Mine-imator is now live to replace the old and rusty chat feature. In here you can show off your latest Mine-imator project, discuss the latest trends, deep philosophy, politics or whatever you feel like, all in real time and with fellow Mine-imator users! Join now via this link (it's free!): https://discord.gg/GxFp6xv
  8. Go to Settings (Cog) -> Graphics and disable Texture filtering. Does it help?
  9. Good evening, citizens of the Mine-imator forums. This is a quick update to confirm the fact that I am still very much alive (that some of you that I've chatted with on Discord should know already). 2016 was an unusually eventful and chaotic year on our floating ball of rock, both on the political fronts and in technology and entertainment, and my own life has not been an exception. For those interested (and to explain the lack of Mine-imator updates), here are some of the things I've been busy with the last year: Finished university After 3 long years it turns out I am one of the lucky few who survived university with a freshly baked Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in hand. For my thesis work, I cobbled together a CPU/GPU real-time ray tracing engine and wrote a 40+ page paper about it. Illustrated some books Late last year I was approached to help out with a series of graphic novels made using Mine-imator. After finishing a total of four books (~200 pages each and with some help from @Frossa) I have had an unique opportunity to try out illustrating comics, which I dreamed of as a young lad, all thanks to Mine-imator and its popularity. You can find these books on Amazon (two released so far): 1, 2, 3, 4. If you're into wacky Minecraft adventures they might be worth checking out (don't forget to leave a nice review ). Got a cool job Largely thanks to my degree (and to some extent my extensive online portfolio) I quickly got the opportunity to work as an IT consultant. This includes travelling the country and doing programming for various agencies and companies, while at the same time getting educated further in software development. With all expenses paid, this is a pretty good deal, eh? New projects Since I now have a full-time job to attend to, I'll have significantly less time for personal projects compared to when I was studying. This however is not going to stop me from making awesome and overly ambitious stuff, one of these being the fabled successor of Mine-imator. I can't tell you much more (because frankly, there's not much to show or tell as of yet ), but it will definitely not be limited to Minecraft or (most importantly) made in GameMaker. Whenever this is ready for beta-testing, I will make a proper announcement, so don't worry! As for Mine-imator, the current incarnation will most likely be the final official version (as explained in the previous update topic), due to my desire to work on new projects and limited time. If you want additional features, I'd advise you to check out the Community Edition mod. With some consulting help from me and @Emunator, @Nimi has managed to create a darn good substitute of what Mine-imator would've been had I continued to work on it this year. That's about it, let's hope for an even crazier (or not) 2017! Happy animating!
  10. ... Obleg- obleje- ohbjeit- *hundereed-OH MY GOD* Obligertory statemen heer.

    1. Blue Chocolatebar

      Blue Chocolatebar

      Obligatory* shit that's a hard word

    2. Sonicxryan


      I was just typing it as a joke ._. xD

  11. *obligatory comment about profile picture*

  12. w8, wut happend m8

  13. when you dave it just right

    1. Ramiere


      xD your pofile gif XDD

  14. Oh my god was my first reaction


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