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Halloween is my favorite holiday to celebrate, since I love its theme, and since then, an idea popped up to have a group-up render of Halloween! Here are my friends and I enjoying our stay in a haunted forest :0


Me for doing idea setup, initial lighting, modifying rigs, and also a knife at Dragon's right side
@9redwoodsfor his mega Halloween rig pack. Loved his use of pumpkins along with candy bags with witch hat and cauldron. Very epic, bro :)

@anima crysesfor rendering it out in 4K and remaking the lighting. Peace, bro.

@Phyre for her skin. Her skin made me thought of her as a witch 😜

@ShotU for his female skin and female base for him and Phyre(don't get confused, it's just genderbend)

@DragonPixel for his skin and rig.

@Floofy for his original skin, that I have modified his into Jason Floofies. He gonna kill me oop

This is my mega Halloween render, and I am quite proud of Anima and myself on doing this. Happy Spooktober, treaters!

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On 10/13/2020 at 4:58 AM, MojangYang said:

rip dragonpixel is facing away from the camera so we can't really tell it's him

the shirt can help *checks status update* yup its him

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2 hours ago, The_Dirty_Pirate said:

Awesome lighting! (I wish I was that good.)


1 hour ago, FrostyRazr said:

I like it! Great job! The colors and lighting is perfect.

Thanks guys! All due to Anima, he’s the man

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