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How to make a Nova Skin wallpaper.

If you don't know, a nova skin wallpaper is a wallpaper that you can change the skins of players in that picture.

See for yourself here https://minecraft.novaskin.me/wallpapers. Recently, @Nimi made a nova skin render and

a good majority of people were wondering how it was made. Now I will tell you.


First, you will need this skin: L9xMQfg.png

Second, make your scene and for all the players you want to be changeable, use this skin.


Now onto making the renders. For this, you want to make the players have a mix color of white, and percent of 100 and a brightness of 100.

And make sure the hat layer is NOT VISIBLE.      It should look like this: 




When you render it, name it background0000 and make sure it is png.


Next, reset the values that you just changed. Leave the hat invisible. Render this one as background0001.

It should look like this:




Now, make everything's mix color white. Leave the brightness as is. Render it without hat and name it layer_ao0001, then render it with the hat, name it layer_ao0002.

It should look like this:




You're halfway there! For this render, make everything's brightness 100. Make sure that the ambient color is reset to normal in the background tab for these two. Render one without the hat and name it layer_matcolor0001, and render one with the hat, name it layer_matcolor0002. 

Should look like this:




Now the final 2 images! Turn the backgrounds mix percent to 100 and color to black. Make the player's mix color white, and percent 100, and brightness 100. Make sure that anything else that isn't a player is black. Render this without the hat and call it layer_object_1_0001. Now make everything BUT the hat black, so that only the hat is white. Render this and color it  layer_object_1_0002.

It should look like this:





Now put these into the test page to see if it worked and you did everything correctly. http://minecraft.novaskin.me/wallpapers/test.html

If you have any questions ask me and Thank you to Nimi for showing us that it is possible.



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1 minute ago, Alinous Productions said:

what do you mean? You can submit them to the site.

yes but is the one you used as an example on the site?

Edited by MCBoomBox

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