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  1. Why is there a cake on the header image?

    1. Paul Sheldon

      Paul Sheldon


      david's profile -> birthday

    2. Emaniplex


      Yes, today our king celebrates his day of birth.

  2. McMojang TP Test

    Here you go: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/mcmojang-version-10/
  3. Hello everyone! Welcome to my Minecraft comic series called A Hero's Downfall. This was inspired by Minecraft: Story Mode and fighter33000's Minecraft comics. The first pages should be up very soon. I hope you'll enjoy it. Premise: Every world has a hero. This world's hero is called Bethany the Brave, a hero who would stop at nothing to protect the land she loved. However, on a trip to defeat the Ender Dragon, she never made it out alive and was presumed dead. Now, a few years later, an ordinary person called Callum finds Bethany's legendary sword, which acts as a navigation device to an unknown location. Together with his best friend Daniel and Heegee the villager, he sets off on a quest to follow the sword's trail. AVAILABLE ON COMICS.DLLJS.UK
  4. Stranded - Recon .16

    You heard it from the man himself. Time to move on... Farewell.
  5. Stranded - Recon .16

    (This is definitely dead. RIP.)
  6. Stranded - Recon .16

    Tomas: We've docked. So, what are you looking for? I can get hold of almost anyone registered in the Galactic Repository of Personnel and Businesses. A modern version of what our 21st century Earth-locked ancestors used to call the "phone book". ((Btw, is this dead?))
  7. Stranded - Recon .16

    Tomas: Good thing you asked! We are just reaching the outpost now. In fact, we can now exit Supercruise. Hold on tight. *the ship returns to normal space*
  8. 3D Cake Rigs (Vanilla & Chocolate)

    Mmmm... Cake. *drools*
  9. Stranded - Recon .16

    Tomas: Guys, you do realise that we are in Supercruise, traveling faster than the speed of light, heading towards an outpost orbiting a planet?
  10. Stranded - Recon .16

    Tomas: This is not alien technology! This was invented by humans in the late 28th century! ((Also, I'm guessing none of you have seen or played Elite Dangerous, right?))
  11. Stranded - Recon .16

  12. Stranded - Recon .16

    Tomas: Err... guys? You do realise that, by a very unexpected twist, the other ship just blew up in front of us? That was pretty good going, if I do say so myself. Now let's continue to the outpost. Zira, start the FSD. ZIRA: FRAME SHIFT DRIVE CHARGING.
  13. Stranded - Recon .16

    Tomas: *to comms* Hey you! Cease fire. I will reconcile with the passengers. Tomas: So here's what happened: The huge ship you see outside interdicted us, pulled us out of Supercruise and he now wants you and everyone else on board. So, what do you want to do? Give yourself up to the ship? OR Attempt to get out of there?
  14. Stranded - Recon .16

    *The big ship jumps in. A voice crackles through the comms* ???: Why hello there. You know why you're here. Hand over your passengers and I will let you go.
  15. Stranded - Recon .16

    ZIRA: WARNING: SYSTEM TEMPERATURE RISING BEYOND OPERATING TOLERANCE. Tomas: Uh oh. This ship is going to fry up. It looks like we are loosing the interdiction fight. ZIRA: INTERDICTION SUCCESSFUL. FRAME SHIFT DRIVE MALFUNCTION DETECTED. BRACE FOR IMPACT. *The ship very violently exits Supercruise and rattles around.* ZIRA: HULL INTEGRITY COMPROMISED.
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