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Hey everyone - 


Now most of you know me as the Tutorial Guy but I also have a real life!...I like long walks on the beach, sunsets and of course a nice crunchy Pickle. I love to Youtube, interact with my subscribers, play games and just hangout. I'm a pretty easy going guy just enjoying my time, life and family. Outside of gaming, I love to Ski when time permits and besides that most of my time is filled playing with my daughter and wife. I agree with David with the music choice, I could jam out to 80's rock all day long, CCR ftw! 


To introduce yourself just reply to these posts and start the chain, and thanks for stopping by!



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Hai everyone, My name is Josh or HammyGraphics or HamsterGamer or whatever. I am, at the current time, a 13 year old artist who loves making drawings and artwork for the community. As of yet there are no prices for these drawings so send me a message with a request and I will try to get back to you. Things I like: Drawing Gaming Film production (CGI, Stop motion, mineimator of course!) Graphics designing The Big Bang Theory (TV Series) Basketball And other stuff I don't know that I like yet Well that's all you need to know, if you have any questions then let me know and happy mineimating! Cheers, ~HammyGraphics

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Hello everybody,I'm etrubi1. The Moderator of Minecraft Vietnam community call MineVN.

I love to play with everyone and don't care about Cracked or Premium,just be nice with me and I'll be nice with you.

I like server making,hosting,learning and the most is make Karaoke sub. "Do I like music?" Yes,I love trance,jumpstyle,hardstyle and dream. My most fav song is "Flying High".

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Hello, Everyone


 My name is Zack, I'm 15 years old. I enjoy animating, programming and gaming. I play quite the bit of games like Garry's Mod, CS:GO, Left4dead, Teamfortress 2 & Minecraft. I'm from United States, California I also live in a town. I love listening to music, and my favorite artist is deadmau5.



  Thank you, David for Mine-imator.

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Hello people of this fine realm. I won't tell you much of who I am but I probably wouldn't need to. I will tell you that I enjoy the Tekkit (modded minecraft) era, the vanilla era, Halo, Fallout, Portal, GTA, TranZit zombies, science, 50's music, swing music and mine-imator. I an artist and "animator" (codecs aren't working at the moment) I'd enjoy talking to you guys and having a good time. I will try my very best to respect you all and I hope you will accept me.

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Names Rummy.


I make Animations, Let's plays, And Im a sucky DJ (But i do make remixes)


I have been playing Video games since i was 1 (DKC was my 1st game)


I play TF2, Minecraft, and all types of games.


Im a mine-imation "Vet"


I been using Mine-Imation for my animation (I made a crappy Animation a few months ago on it. After that *Animation* i made.

i then then i started work on my most biggest project in my life!



On the project. I am working on the VGM remixing (some of them are not made by me) , Leading animator, and writer of the series. (Basically the creator of the series.) 


I live in canada.


Im very friendly.


Well... Im done here. If you want to add me on skype and ETC il give it you here.


Steam: Force-A-Rummy


Skype username: dudesonicall155


Youtube (Click here on the Youtube to get there)


Good day!~

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Hai , my I.R.L name is Yahia, that i used for making the Yahiamice username :P

I'm 12(but i'm 4 years more mature in the internet),and i live in Morroco. I like all kind of sandbox games as Minecraft. I also play some Team Fortress 2 and flash multiplayer games as Transformice. I know to code in Game Maker Language (GML) A little chips of visual basic and HTML and also a little B.A.T.C.H. I'm actually working on two projects: Chicken'z online (which is a multiplayer game built in game maker where you are a chicken *oh god what an original idea*) and making Meet The Medic in Minecraft , animated by Mine-Imator ! Mine-Imator actually amazes me how much awesome and complex things we can make in game-maker. Also... I like various kind of pricy chips and mc'donaldz or pizzas. I'll say welcome to everyone who posted here whatever i'm newer than em :P

Oh and i'm gonna change my Profile Picture to a chicken from Chicken'z online.

Have a nice day !

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Hiya.  :) 
I am Goose (real name Henrik), 18 years of age.
I live in Sweden.
IRL-friend to David/Davve.

I play games, whatever I feel like at the time but mostly stuff like Just Cause 2 or Battlefield 3.
I have a YouTube-channel on which I put up random videos sometimes.
I listen to metal music, right now I'm listening to Sabaton and Alestorm.
Well, I kinda suck at this, feel free to message me if you want to know anything.

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Hey Guys,


My names Aaron and I live in England, United Kingdom.


I've always been interested in animation and programming! Mineimator is letting me fulfill this passion, thank you!


I love all sorts of games including; Minecraft, Call of Duty, etc...


I'm pretty good at CSS and HTML but never been able to program games and applications, although, this is something I aim to do in the future!


Thank you for creating such a fantastic program! I can see this evolving into one of the greatest Minecraft Programs ever!

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Hello, my name is Luci/Lucian. My old internet name is luci999.
Im working/playing with the computer from 2009 and i have internet from 2011-2012. My childhood games: Duck Hunt and more NES games, Pariah, Need for Speed Carbon, TrackMania Forever, Hulk, Theme HOSPIATL, Counter-Strikes 1.6 and more but i don't longer know. 
I live in Romania a country from Europe.
Today i play : Minecraft, Ace of Spades, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod(a bit), and more . That's it, thanks for reading.

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Haider im LaPanthere

    Im a good minecraft player and A stick figure animator I like Compter,Animating with Pivot and Mine-imator,Minecraft,and Everything! Oh i forgot to say more things




More info:Im a Admin on a server but i will get demoted in New year I say bad words but i now replace them with OH MY GAMMIT

Also Im friendly

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hello my name is jonathan, i am 14 years old and i live in the uk. i like programing/game making but im not good so im trying to learn. my fav. games are minecraft & legend of zelda. i love animating and i wana make a big 2hour long animation. i come from cuba. my hobbies/interests are drawing especialy minecraft, animating, 3d animating. i cant play much games coz my computer laggs on everything. see yall later... bye

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My name is Thomas Lagrange and I'm 15. I live in France. I speak French, English, a bit portuguese and a bit spanish.

My minecraft username is Toumouniek

I've started Animations at the beginning of December 2012. I love video games like Minecraft, Portal, CSS etc. I started with Blender and another program and I didn't understand a thing even with a tutorial. And when I saw Mine-Imator, it was so evident that I started doing animations right away, and now I'll help whoever I can for Mine-Imator. For sound support I use Pinnacle Studio 16 (that I recommend because it is very intuitive).

You can visit my Youtube Channel because I post my animations and a few tutorials for Mine-Imator.

I'm open for collaboration for animations and I can make some decent schematics.


Tell me if you need help :D

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Hey, I'm Latias. (My Real Name is Kevin.) mainly I picked the username Latias since She's my favorite Pokemon! 

My Minecraft username is TehLatiosUser

I've just recently started out Mine-imator since Yesterday. I would have got to mine-imator earlier but the undo was giving me some stress. (Thanks for fixing this BTW.) I love video games like Pokemon, Metroid, and Minecraft. I started with Cinema 4D. but It's not so easy to use til I found mine-imator. I also liked Note Block Studio! I edit videos with VSDC. :)

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I'm Arceus, I'm from Canada (eh?) and I'm 19.
I'm an animator/digital artist/musician and I love Minecraft. I like anime (Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Sword Art, Dragonball Z, ect) and I'm a huge fan of games like Fallout, Pokemon, the Elder Scrolls, Devil May Cry, and Soul Calibur.

  • Playstation Network: Imakeupoot
  • YouTube: Imakeupoot
  • Twitter: @Imakeupoot
  • Minecraft: Imakeupoot

I use a lot of animating programs and digital art programs, like Cinema 4D, Blender, Photoshop, GiMP, Flash and Macromedia (oh, and Mineimator of course :D).
I typically listen to hardcore, punk and Japanese rock music, but I listen to a bit of house. Also I'm an INTP if anyone cares about personality types still -_-. I love logic and such.
Anyway, I'm here if anyone needs me.

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Whats going on everyone. I choose to keep my identity withheld and my location a secret, though I am from a cold place. My interests are  Video Games and Video Game Development. Animating is something I do in my free time and most of anything I do is right from scrap. I am constantly spontaneous and will always change my interest, but they all relate to video games. Maybe soon I will release a video made with Mine-imator for my Mulitimedia design class. I am using this program as a foot step to increasing my interest into Video Game Development and everything behind it, so I'll take any advice and constructive criticism with gusto. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable experience for everyone here as well as everyones interest in these forums for any help.

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