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  1. Someone interested in a QUBICLE lincese?


    1. KicksBrickster
    2. DigitalEvorian
    3. Maybe0ne


      Not really, you should get that 250$ version only if you make a game or sell assets (commercial usage), for art and other things you can buy that 60$ home edition.

  2. Awesome wallpaper but you could a more inspired font (like a pixelate one, not minecraft's pixelated font thought).
  3. That spawning monster 2D block.
  4. Took a look into the Mine-imator resources > Requests and ALL the people think that RIGS = MODELS.

    1. Nicolasev


      Models can't be animated and rigs can. It's the difference or im' wrong ?


    2. Maybe0ne


      A model is for example a rock, you don't have option to animate it (beside rotating, scaling and moving it).

      A rig is something that has option to animate like a character where you can move it's hands or face parts.

      A gun is a model if is just an asset that doesn't have the animation options. If you can move a shotgun forend (the pump that you reload it with) that means is a rig.

    3. Nicolasev


      K, so I was right 

  5. I like that the final text is not centered.
  6. Is more an image compilation than an animation.I've seen only 2 animations and a few images in that video. But if is your first, is pretty good. Next time: Maybe apply a mozaic effect to the sky (space) so it looks more minecrafty.Get some better FX effects (with that teleporting blue effect)Make some more animation, never add just a image for a few seconds because is boring. Practice more and you gonna be very good at animating.Maybe some music or some sounds?
  7. Don't forger 30mins per day of SPORT!


    1. Scot


      don't forget 3 hours per day of work out


  8. From 100°C to 30°C, the water cooling does that :D

  9. The overall animation is nice but the camera moving and angles are just cringe. Take a look at a storyboard video or tutorial about the camera, is pretty helpful. Or look at a movie and try to imagine the camera path movement.
  10. David should implement this walk cycle. 10/10
  11. Pretty nice but I expect something more pixelated like minecraft. Maybe a pixelated spash? (OFFTOPIC: your signature code doesn't work, the code "box" is to show code lines, not to run a code)
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