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  1. Happpppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Birthdaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (return to us)

  2. happy birthday... plez get on :c

    1. ChaseTheBoss69


      Last Active Aug 04 2013 13:04, i highly doubt it...

  3. H-happy birthday. ;n;

  4. Happy Birthday mr.corpse

  5. come back with me brother

  6. Toumouniek is officially dead.

  7. Toumouniek is officially dead.

  8. Where hast thou been

  9. Hahaha, ask Davide (put an "e" so his annoying message wont show , sorry Dave ) why he is God then I've never asked for rep, btw guys, sorry if I'm not on the forum lately, I have stuff to do :/
  10. Im impressed bu the dog's mouth, good job dude! But may I ask why zombies, skeletons and wither skeletons all have the same missing tooth?
  11. LOLOL, Id love to see him in sneak mode
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