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Found 87 results

  1. Got already about 8 minutes of animation... and it will be epic! The story is set few years after the Battle of Hogwarts so you will see brand new story with new characters and spells! (However there will be some Easter eggs and some old characters will come back too! There is no end to Voldemort!) So... what is your opinion? Are you looking forward to the full animation?
  2. I'll try and make another trailer but I'll do that when the episode fully complete I created the music in the trailer as well
  3. i have been busy with my YTP Channel for while but you know, global pandemics give me time to work
  4. +====================+ A Minecraft Series I have been planning on creating is Finally in Productions +====================+ +====================+
  5. Click to see the video Sorry, soon I will add English subtitles, not that it will make much difference unless you're subscribed to my YouTube channel. I will soon release a short film with this Enderman
  6. https://www.wevideo.com/view/1538854106 This is for my school exam portion, to sell my FCF book, so here I am, with this thing.
  7. Video: Featuring the Talents of: Rig Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  8. Featuring the Talents of: Rig Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  9. I am working on this animation, this is about Steve having a normal day until players begin hunting him down with varying motives. @Hagus made the first entry, and featured in the trailer. the rest will be featured when the entire video is finished. And of course... criticism is much... MUCH NEEDED FOR THE SAKE OF IMPROVEMENT! The lighting, the cinematic, the animation, EVERYTHING (except the obviously intended part). So if this trailer receives no criticism but the final project receives criticism, i would be ticked off. SO... drop criticisms here! Thank you.
  10. so um, i hope you like it cc is always appreciated
  11. Hello everyone Well, I've made a trailer for a minecraft server that I play in my spare time. In this animation, I show the SkyPvP mode, with some scenes in slow-motion, I put several skins of my subscribers and forum members.I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  12. Hi, Here is trailer for my upcoming INTERACTIVE Animation. YOUR CHOICES will affect the story (Yeah, something like Life is Strange). You will decide via youtube thumbnails. Tell me if you like this idea!
  13. Divided 4 Trailer! You probably know my Divided fight series - a popular minecraft animation triology, with over 260 thousand views and a sparking discussion in the community. Nearly two years later i bring you the next episode! The link i'm sending here is a trailer to the animation, which is around 18 minutes long, and the trailer is premiering in 50min after this got posted. Stay tuned as i bring you the final episode and close the story and all possible cliffhangers. I promise that this episode will contain much more story and a big spectacle! After all... - We all die, so why not be happy? ~Stay Sharp
  14. Hello everyone Well, I've made a trailer for a minecraft server that I play in my spare time. In this animation I show different game modes, What do you recognize?, Activate the subtitles for the parts that are in Spanish. I feel that I was improve a lot in this animation with respect to the previous ones, what do you think? I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  15. hi guys, today bring to you a video, an animation the i created, is alone trailer of rig zurgame,that will be available in two week, thanks for watching the video and comment you opinion
  16. I already posted this in october 31, 2018 :] WARNING: BLOODY AND GORE Enjoy! ? Dont forge to visit my channel to like this video if you enjoy and subscribe for more
  17. Here's my updated channel trailer (My last one was from 2 years ago and is cringy)! Hope you enjoy!
  18. So ive nearly finished the first half of the season and i decided to make a trailer for it i still need to finish the second half of the season and im looking for some tips on what too improve Any comments would be appreciated ? Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYjFHxD4V-s
  19. Hello, I'm preparing a new video clip. but too busy in July. My original purpose was to complete before the release of the new Antman movie. It is probably difficult. So I upload a trailer. Anyway, I plan to finish it, so please watch it a lot.
  20. OMG,I FINALLY GOT THIS THING DONE!!!! Uhhhhh,,,, Sorry about that. Moving on... My First of Many Trailers for the episodes in my series, note that not everything in the animations is going to look like the final version and is subject to render. (Also I messed up the date at the end, it's supposed to say 6/22/2018 not 2019) Questions and Answers: "OMG This is such a Reality Ripoff" "You're just ripping off reality" "You probably want to be like CaZaKoJa" For those of who are going to say this, let me tell you that the reason I chose CaZaKoJa for the Prologue is because without the start of his MGB Central and his Reality Series I would have not have created my character and possibly not have made the friends I do now because of him. This is more or less a tribute then a straight ripoff. And plus, the storyline besides being in the flatlands has no connection to anything with Reality besides having James. No crushes, breakups or possessions of any kinds. "Why chose flatland's and the trees instead of actual scenery?" James/ATI in Reality has a ability to make his dreams come to life, In the animation a scenario that is part of the plot occurs for him to become unconscious. Through monitoring his brain activity someone can go inside his brain and wake him up from the inside of his dream by almost any method by winning against James/ATI or losing and having him do it himself. With that,from information I have found on the old MGB Central James can only summon the 3 ATI forms into the flatlands. (Correct me if I'm wrong) "When do you think the next part is going to be?" Hard to tell, I have to figure out some more plot elements and such and to figure out different aspects of the series. I hope that answers most questions, I hope you enjoy. Also thanks to @WillesFilmz for helping with After Effects editing for me!! Fun fact: I've been planning on doing this animation for a few years now since 2015, and I finally got the courage and the skill to actually animate this.
  21. Hi, I hope you'll enjoy my new animation! ? ? ? Enjoy! ? ? ? Full animation coming soon! This animation is inspired by a great movie and book series "Maze Runner" by James Dashner. If you haven't seen/read it yet, go for it, it's really awensome! Do you guys like it? Please subscribe my youtube channel!
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