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Found 517 results

  1. jailrush

    Some Random Test

    I decided to make another test animation, but with a little PIZZAZ I added a couple of capes, dramatic camera, sounds, and a classic feel! Please leave any feedback you have below! Thanks!
  2. So here is just a small test I did today, any feedback is appreciated (And the Wilhelm scream was needed in my personal opinion). The scenery was made by @WitherCube for his old Survival Fight Collab and the Bow and Arrow Rig was made by @AnxiousCynic (I ain't claiming the scenery and bow rig as my own) Video is in the Spoiler: Hope you are having a nice day and thanks for viewing.
  3. Sam Animation

    My Test Person Camera

    Hi, My Name Is Sam, I'm Brazilian
  4. TheFastFilms

    Realism test

    Somehow, I barely lagged while making this. In comparison, I get 46 fps in minecraft. There are 942 pieces of grass. This was just a test in making something realistic. I'm probably not making an animation or anything with it.
  5. Hey guys! Ya missed me? I'm back from playing mega-tons of Blockland, Roblox, Minecraft, etc. I haven't used MI lately, and I decided to brush up!
  6. Well, I ordered a weapon from @EnderSculptor a month ago, and it finally came in the mail! Let's just say I've got to get used to the knockback. In all seriousness thought, I would like to thank EnderSculptor for working on the KRISS Vector for me. If you would like to see more guns made by him, or request one, check out The Modelbench Armory: Texture Pack Used: - Name: Rodrigo's Pack 8x8 - Author: @Rodrigo_Al_ (twitter) - Download: As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated!
  7. michaelk122

    Facial Rig (My First Rig) Test & Download

    Hey! I am a new person here on the forums and to minecraft animating and making rigs. Here is my first one! Download: Test: ( I know its not much but its just a test ) Hate on it all you like, its just a face rig but also my first one. Thanks to everyone who supports
  8. Lip sync/facial expressions test thingo that i felt like randomly making whilst listening to the song, enjoy ignore that it's literally 5 seconds long
  9. PenguinAkkey

    Batman4014 vs Bloody merry
  10. I spent around 3 days creating the 24 schematic frames in-game. Would you like more content like this from me? Mine-imator reddit post for anyone interested
  11. Well hello again, I finally finished this small test animation. I wanted to try something diferent, to animate a large crowd of characters and apparently it turned out pretty good. I was also testing some lighting, usage of music and most importantly, camera movement by using folders. All this useful knowledge will be implemented in my future projects so yeah, I'm not doing this test just because I feel like doing a small animation (like most people use this subforum for), I'm doing this because I'm genuinely curious as to how these stuffs work. Honestly, I'd call this testing a success so here you go, take a look at it: So yes, apparently a huge crowd of animated characters is entirely possible in Mine-Imator. Haven't really seen anyone do this before so I dunno...
  12. 2D Geometry Dash test This is just a small test animation. I'm trying out 2D animation with MI and I'm kinda interested in making GD animations since it's a game I've gotten quite into recently + there's barely any animations in the GD community. Now why am I posting this here? Because I thought it might be interesting to have a look at some 2D in Mine-imator =)
  13. This is a test of a Modelbench model I whipped up just for the sake of testing out, well, Modelbench. As always, Constructive Criticism is appreciated! (I hope a tutorial is made soon)
  14. Here is an animation test for my lawn mower. Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated to improve upon it, or to just make it better.
  15. MineRig

    Door test [Dodge Charger]

    Just testing a Door model for the Dodge Charger rig. That's it....
  16. Private Cole Man

    Gun & Character Rig Test

    Just a simple test of my improved character rig (fingers are round) and my recent 1911 rig.
  17. Emerald_SWAGGER

    Smooth Arrow shot Test

    Don't mind the crappy sound effect. Hope you enjoy! or something
  18. Animation Cow

    Intro SYNC Test

    This is my last post today. :T (I know... the text isn't centered)
  19. Howdy Doody My Friendly M-I User Im back again with another Non-Edited Render I hope you enjoyed it ;D Hours Spent: more than 10 hours Map: Me Rigs in the render: Batman4014's Trashcan rig, Baseball rig Motorcycle Rig by and some human rigs that are privates Texture: the internet duh Critisim are Welcome ;v
  20. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I got hooked on games like Blockland and ROBLOX. What do you think? I bet it's an improovement.
  21. I made this when I got REALLY into Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Street Fighter V. Feedback and/or criticism is appreciated!
  22. Sorry about the inactivity everybody! I had family things to do and such. Here's a nice complimentary video for all! {Sorry about wierd things in the render, I hid them inside the program but they seemed to appear once again. Even after I unchecked the show hidden objects button.} Feedback and/or criticism is appreciated!
  23. RijadAnimates

    Rolling Animation Test

    Im trying to make an animation with Rolling and i want you to rate my Roll Animation Test . Yea , So tell me if its good or bad and i will try working on it..
  24. I am remaking this topic due to lack of lighting. And I was too lazy to edit it. So here. I fixed the lighting. Oh. It also isn't unlisted anymore. Feedback is always welcome!
  25. jakubg1

    Death test

    Some animation test. I call this as unfinished, because I failed at improving it, in other words - I can't make it better. Anyways, I hope I won't get downvotes at this. Criticism is appreciated, as always.