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Found 506 results

  1. Here is an animation test for my lawn mower. Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated to improve upon it, or to just make it better.
  2. Door test [Dodge Charger]

    Just testing a Door model for the Dodge Charger rig. That's it....
  3. Smooth Arrow shot Test

    Don't mind the crappy sound effect. Hope you enjoy! or something
  4. Intro SYNC Test

    This is my last post today. :T (I know... the text isn't centered)
  5. Howdy Doody My Friendly M-I User Im back again with another Non-Edited Render I hope you enjoyed it ;D Hours Spent: more than 10 hours Map: Me Rigs in the render: Batman4014's Trashcan rig, Baseball rig Motorcycle Rig by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiVL0cSwemV1YaHjUDREXHA and some human rigs that are privates Texture: the internet duh Critisim are Welcome ;v
  6. I made this when I got REALLY into Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Street Fighter V. Feedback and/or criticism is appreciated!
  7. Sorry about the inactivity everybody! I had family things to do and such. Here's a nice complimentary video for all! {Sorry about wierd things in the render, I hid them inside the program but they seemed to appear once again. Even after I unchecked the show hidden objects button.} Feedback and/or criticism is appreciated!
  8. Rolling Animation Test

    Im trying to make an animation with Rolling and i want you to rate my Roll Animation Test . Yea , So tell me if its good or bad and i will try working on it..
  9. I am remaking this topic due to lack of lighting. And I was too lazy to edit it. So here. I fixed the lighting. Oh. It also isn't unlisted anymore. Feedback is always welcome!
  10. Death test

    Some animation test. I call this as unfinished, because I failed at improving it, in other words - I can't make it better. Anyways, I hope I won't get downvotes at this. Criticism is appreciated, as always.
  11. Testing SKIBBZ's Lightroom (4K)

    Really nothing much, just some posing practice to get me back into M-I.
  12. Shotgun Test

    What's up my hamslices. I made an animation out of boredom recently. Give me some dank feedback on if it sucks nuggets or not. Please like too because I need rep Ok bye
  13. Some Short Test Animations

    I figured I should get back into animating, so I started with a few transition tests and a few tests for the new MI features (also just for trippy stuff i guess) from the description: " And yes, I do realize that the GameCube logo is slightly messed up. I rendered it a while back before compiling these animations together and it seems I forgot to correct but it's a bit too late for correcting it now. "
  14. Just a test, who can give me some suggestion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cao6Xy2RTHw&feature=youtu.be
  15. Horse Idle animation thingy.

    Howdy Y'all I have made an animation using my new character OC rig not much to say honestly criticism and feedback is appreciated
  16. Test Run in Pivot

    As usual any advice and criticism will be appreciated. (and yes I made this my profile pic. also the arms are hanging out behind the stickguy cause the arms were confusing you can't tell which is which very good. so i messed up the arms more than once and decided to leave them like this)

    First kick :3
  18. Running Test

    This is a test running animation. As I said before, I would appreciate anybody's criticism and advice for animating on this vid.
  19. Testing lighting So I was bored and wanted to work on my lighting so I just made a quick wallpaper so can work better on making better wallpapers <criticism is well needed here>
  20. Got lazy towards the end. Enjoy! Leave feedback if needed!
  21. Random Thing

  22. This is more of a lighting test than an actual wallpaper but what the heck, here you go! Edited in After Effects. Use this however you like, just don't claim it as yours, thanks! ;3
  23. practice scene #1

    credits: @Mike for the backpack rig
  24. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I got hooked on games like Blockland and ROBLOX. What do you think? I bet it's an improovement.