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Found 540 results

  1. So My YouTube Channel is with cool ANIMATIONS yes Animations. Best Video: Public Link:
  2. I wanted to put these both out here, just to get feedback. If enough people dig it, I might put up a download page or something. Thank You!
  3. Hello everyone, I did an animation test of various movements (Scarf, Blinking and Walking) For the movement of the Scarf, I took SharpWind's reference. For the walk I took reference of the fat characters when they walk, in old cartoons. I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  4. Something I made while playing around with the cylinder. Never expected to make something like this ever.
  5. I wanted to test out a walking animation, i personally think its a bit stiff but idk i also implemented some sfx cause why not
  6. The box prop was made by a friend of mine known as Terasal, while the can rig was made by me. Testing out reflections with photo realistic props and renders. Let me know how you think it looks! I used Adobe Photoshop for the reflections. Fun fact: The can rig is planned to be in an upcoming "Prop Pack" I'm working on.
  7. So I wanted to create my own wallpaper since I've never done that, I was always more keen on animations. Anyways here it is, it's quite heavily edited but that's just cuz I was bored and testing out the filters xd Hope ya like it! And as always helpfull criticism is always apreciated : D RIGS USED: skibbz facial rig (sfr) v.6 Phupa' cigarette and alcohol rig AlexTSC MP25A5
  8. Ricky T

    short zombie test

    So I've always wanted to create an animation that has episodes and a story line evoliving around an apocalypse. And to prepare myself for that I've decided to make couple of tests (the other ones will be uploaded later seperatly because I make like 1-2 a day), hope you like it and of course criticism is appreciated! : D
  9. Ricky T

    physics gif

    Hey me again, tried challenge myself with realistic physics. Idk if I succeded but I had fun and gave my best, criticism is appreciated it looked quiter better when it was at 60fps but turning it into a gif locks it at 30fps : b should be able to use this link ( if you want to check the 60fps version (don't fully know if it works tho)
  10. Ricky T

    smoking a cigar

    So after I did my wallpaper test (idk if you saw it) I really wanted to make an animation from the character in it. So here is a quick little gif, hope ya like it! and remember don't smoke xd RIGS USED: Skibbz facial rig v.6 Phupa' cigarette and alcohol rig
  11. Cooker126

    Test Run in Pivot

    As usual any advice and criticism will be appreciated. (and yes I made this my profile pic. also the arms are hanging out behind the stickguy cause the arms were confusing you can't tell which is which very good. so i messed up the arms more than once and decided to leave them like this)
  12. Cooker126

    Running Test

    This is a test running animation. As I said before, I would appreciate anybody's criticism and advice for animating on this vid.
  13. EN Hello everyone! How are you? I'm fine, because I started my way with Mine Imator and wanted you to evaluate my work! I will be very grateful! All the while RU Привет все! Как у вас дела? У меня нормально, потому что я начал свой путь с Mine Imator и хотел что бы вы оценили мою работу! Буду очень благодарен! Всем пока
  14. Fryzzle The Pork

    Working in progress (ANOUX one)

    ANOUX one Technology without hatred can be a blessing Technology with hatred is a disaster
  15. Ricky T

    Run Animation

    So I'm back, made a run animation with my new rig. The rig just makes everything smoother (because you can bend body parts after moving them [basically uses the camera trick, if you know it]) Here's the animation and if you want the rig just tell meh, so I'll post it in the "rig" section
  16. A showcase of my Hellbent and 1963 interiors. The hellbent also has the correct exterior model as well. I am very proud of how they both turned out. As well as a brand new console model which is as screen accurate to the show as I'll get.
  17. I made it 12 seconds because the MI version is now 1.2, so yeah... Tested new feature of MI 1.2 on this video: bloom, animated DoF, spinning item, glowing object, custom biome, vignette, more colour sheep, and minecraft story mode style cloud. maybe just it... any question or something?
  18. This was all made within an hour because they're tests; so there may still be some problems.
  19. It's my last Mine-imator thing I was ever doing. I'm permanently moving to Blender. However I'm not leaving the forums, I'll still be active. I have something to tell you about the future of my animation hobby, but not now. See the gif first. Sorry for bad quality, but the original GIF had such a big size. Now onto my future.
  20. nlove77


    Its my first Mine--imator animation, tell me how I could improve! -> Test video <-
  21. TecnoGamerJW

    WarioWare HUD Test

    Hello everyone, I've been working hard to make a collab in the Mine-Imator community (both in the forum and my followers of my channel). So I did a HUD test and short animation before making the collab public with the rules. Here the Collab: So, what do you think of this test? I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
  22. nlove77

    Another Test

    Here I come with a new test animation. It improves the old test by adding character, yet i think it looks a bit more jumpy than i'd like. -> New Test Animation <- And since i made a new account, the old one can be found HERE! Tell me how I can improve!
  23. GamingQuick

    Updates to my test rig

    Alright This Topic will be about UPDATES to my test rig IMAGES: Added 3D Teeth Added Button to the Chest (bow tie Coming Soon) Added Ears Added Bigger Pupils MORE COMING SOON I'LL POST IT ON HERE TO SHOW YOU GUYS I Might also Update the rig's costume itself