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Found 568 results

  1. So... I was searching for some models and I found a Baldi model. Which looks REALLY SPICY!! Big thanks to JohnTRM14_Productions for making this rig possible!
  2. I was bored and I really wanted to try out some of the camera effects, then i got this. How is it? Credit to Mr. Darl for making this amazing model. Credit to Scott Cawthon for making F.N.A.F in the first place.
  3. https://streamable.com/rz4nu feel free to give cc
  4. Just test minecraft letters rig by @ShinyGHASTTear
  5. I don't know what happened... but this was my mysterious footage, where the cash register was mysteriously pressing '305' and printed a receipt... I checked for the receipt at the café and it wasn't there... https://youtu.be/BzIdSi-s9rY
  6. I've recently been learning blender and i've made my first test animation! Hope you like it! Also, this is a model from GTA San Andreas I imported into blender with an add-on so i just did the animation, and re-modeled the cape since i couldn't apply cloth physics to it. And since this is not a mine imator creation i think THIS sub-forum will be ok. (Cuz its about videos...) Tell me what you think!
  7. I spent around 3 days creating the 24 schematic frames in-game. Would you like more content like this from me? Mine-imator reddit post for anyone interested
  8. https://streamable.com/j41fh @ShotUAnimations helped render this video.
  9. Been working on this for a few hours, thought i might post a bit of it Creators of Rig and Model Creeper 2545 Sans Rig IamCringe - Frisk/Chara Model
  10. If you want to know where you are among animators you can join this to figure out. So the poll had most people answer they were fine with either, and second most was that they prefer lighting. So you include lighting and rigs (Though not any of their their own rigs or skins, so people cannot recognize them as well), though I ask people not to judge them by those very much, this is to be judged by animation mostly. The 3 first have a 10 second limit, the last has a 50 second limit. 1. So for the first animation, a backflip, as I used as an example. 2. For the second, swinging any sort of weapon that uses one hand. 3. For the third Is crafting at a crafting table. 4. And the last is an animation you made for this being up to 50 seconds. I tried to pick a good selection of different actions to cover different types of animation, with the backflip relying more physics based, the weapon swing being more action based, and the crafting being more calm of passive based. So you can give it to me via discord (Solomob422#8589), or email it to me at supersolomob422@gmail.com, idk if there's any pming system in place here at the Mine-Imator forums either. But whatever you do, please to not publicly show it until after the poll is done, this will get you disqualified. And if you see someone else doing this please tell me. Thanks if you're joining and good luck. December 8 is when submissions will be closed, I want to give people plenty of time. WE'VE GOT A DISCORD SERVER: Because I can't manage anything without one. https://discord.gg/nWKkZvW
  11. i will enter a state of mania if anyone knows where this comes from did this in about half an hour, I felt like retouching MI for just a bit
  12. Hello everyone, I just made a little test : CC is appreciated.
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