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  1. A render of a Halloween version of Amy based on something I saw on the internet. Made using an Amy skin found on Nova skin making a few changes to the colours and then edited a bit with ModelBench. Credits: Broomstick rig by @Cube Productions Halloween Candy Bag by @Lumie
  2. A Sonic Rig made by me using Modelbench. Mouth rig by SoundsDotZip
  3. I tried to submit for the Magic Show Collab hosted by Erval Animation, let's hope it gets through
  4. This animation was back before I was improved, that's why it is a bit stiff compared to my latest works
  5. Back in April of this year I joined a collaboration by JakeandMason which is called: The Tournament Collab, and I decided to have my character against MasterlewGr in a quite quick Lightsaber Fight
  6. An old video of mine testing the Sonic rig by Hydrolic Flare. Sorry for the Audio quality cause back then I couldn't find a better version.
  7. If you are asking why it says #2, then check my channel and find out why.
  8. Original date of upload: February 8th 2020 A Mine-imator Recreation of the 3d animation The Incredibles but everybody is Sonic by GraphicationMaker Sonic Rig #1 by ThatGuyBrian Sonic Rig #2 by Hydrolic Flare
  9. Another one of my past videos from 2019, back in the Community Build days
  10. Here is one of my old animations from 2019, a remake of the SFM video Two Evil Eyes Fnaf 3 map by Darkdragonpro Springtrap Rig by Mephilis 12
  11. One of my latest animations as well as the first post on my Mine-imator Forum account
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