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Found 81 results

  1. I thought of an idea over the weekend and since I currently do not have access to the discord I will post my idea here. Series description: Hex Hall is where people with lets just say odd abilities and features go to when their abilities become too much or impossible to hide. Our story follows Luna and her brother Alex as they soon discover (to their own surprise) that they are anything but normal and when their "abilities" fully awaken they get sent to Hex hall where they meet all kinds of people. Current Cast Luna (Main protagonist) Alex(Other Main protagonist) Forest Spirit ( TBN (to be named)) Water Spirit (TBN) Air Spirit (TBN) Fire & Lava (TBN, Family) Mr Noone (Head of the school, Voiced by myself) Miss Harper (Assistant Headmistress, Main antagonist) And about 15 wizards/witches (that may or may not be custom characters) Discord is required for everyone interested. Full (Planned) developer cast - 23 total voice actors ( counting myself) - 5 modelers - 10 extras - 11 animators (counting myself) - 10 set builders You are allowed to have more than one job. Discord Link -https://discord.gg/gV7wM6z4vQ
  2. Heya! Decided to make a team so lemme just list down the requirements. Team is volunteer for now Requirements: - Must be over 13 years of age (Discord TOS) - Be mature - Must use discord Application: https://forms.gle/MTfNn4PhXNxVvUQU7 If you have any questions about anything please DM me, ShotU#6106 Current Members: 19 Note: If you don't receive an invite within 24 hours of submitting your response, it most likely means you were denied
  3. Basically a collab mode but you can do it all at once and not have to switch projects alot of the time
  4. guys i told you i want to help you in your projects but now i decided to make a whole team for this we cannot start with our projects we have to start with helping people after dis we make our own work baby if you want more informations send me a message or reply here GLAD TO HELP YOU
  5. Hey, guys. I'm making an animation set. I created a YouTube channel called "Minecraft Animation Studio". I'll lay out the animation created by our team of animators. So if you're good at creating animations, then take part in the project. In team need just-only six participants.
  6. Yeah.. Close- Ups: I hope you like it.. USES NIMIS FACE RIG
  7. So me and a few friends are making a channel for animations. Called "Explosion AnimationsTM" and are looking for more people to join. To apply to join, just post an animation you made into the comments below and I'll check it out
  8. Eager Animations is an upcoming animation team. We are planning on making animations in many categories, and have one large series planned. Right now we are looking into leadership positions, which are the following. Manager (2-3) Make sure the animationteam run smoothly. Will recruit new members. Lead Writer (1) Must have experience Manage and lead writing team In charge of script Lead Animator (1) Must have experience Manage and lead animation team In charge of animation
  9. I NEED SOMEONE TO COMPLETE MY ANIMATION !! If you want to help me finish this animation , feel free to contact me ! FACEBOOK<-- CLICK TWITTER <-- CLICK I will explain the story after you MESSAGE me ON FACEBOOK then we will talk in group chat After this animation finish i will upload to my Youtube Channel(CLICK HERE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL) and i will give credit to my video We can be Animator Team too !! THANKS VIDEO SHOWCASE
  10. " Team Epic " Introduce: Hi! I'm Phupha and welcome to: Team Epic - Classes Select Today I gonna show my work each class. What class you prefer, download it Each classes from this: Here! Keep follow this topic or like to get more prefer class! I call them: "Team Epic" Feature: Download: Current making: "Cleric" List of classes [W.I.P]: F.A.Q Rules: - Do not edit the rigs - Please give the Credit on Picture or Animation [etc] Credit: Angry Birds Epic [Rovio Entertainment / Visit their website! Here!] Other: This used to create for the rigs, choose for fun. " Thank you! "
  11. @MCBoomBox Hey guys Kyle here. I am (Hopefully) creating an animation group to create a project i couldn't do on my own. V main project V Side Projects V basically anything that me and or the group can think of. V things we/I need to join V 1 Decent animators 2 Great animators 3 talented riggers 4 decent riggers 5 AE(after effects)/Video editors <-- video editors not necessary really 6 Voice actors 7 sound/audio people 8 script writers 9 quality controllers(animators can do this if they'd like) 10 texture pack/Image creators 11 set builders(most important) 12 Story boarders 13 (custom) if you can think of anything, comment it Type all the numbers in your comment that you would like to do also with your skype username. and if your not interested in joining then don't comment. only comment if you wanna join or have questions
  12. Any Animation Team which can take me in? ( m bored of solo) or anyone wanna make a team with me? if u want just message me or reply here :DDD
  13. Provision has his own website now! its not like a forums or something just a info site. you can sign up here for provision if you want so... hi http://provisionanimation.weebly.com/
  14. Hello Guys I am New Of This Forums I am bored now because no one invite me in a team in my country if any one need a rig maker , answer me what can i do? - Make Rig with the best pairing -Make Rig What ever you want But, You should give me a picture of what you want -A rig what i make is best . you can move what parts of that if you want - Best Color setting in a rig -I can Make rig of : Skin , Mob , Gun , Cannon , And What ever you want - I can make Textures needed for rig I am 16 Years Old Live In : Islamic Republic Of Iran Email : javad.m.z82@gmail.com I worked with mine imator from First of the summer . so i am good Some Of My Works : (Admin do not remove this topic . if i want to join a team i should show my works) Sorry For Image Upload Gatling Cannon Picture Gatling Cannon (Other Render) Picture Skin Rig (Diamond_Ali 's Skin) Huawei Mobile Star Wars Sword So Invite me if you like them
  15. I am looking for an "animation squad". The name is Outside The Box Studios, and I need an animation team to help me work on a big project, which is called Super Minecraft Revolted. I only need 9 people to join. I am the leader of the team, and this is a big opportunity for me to make my dream series come true, be more social, and make friends! Message me on skype(my usermane is on my profile) if you're interested or need your questions answered.
  16. Wrong House| Collab Hosted By | The Crying Squid dont forget to share this concept You are running on a grass plane, while the camera is in 2D perspective (much like urban run). You eventually enter a trough a door entering a house. This is where you decide the: action, what happends to you, and what ever you decide Example (My Collab) Click Participants Red = Working on Green = finished Orange = disqualified/needs change Currrent number of participants: 26 Current Status: Closed. Finish Your Collabs! (Collab must be finished before Feb. 10) Tromstep Super Gohan Gamer TheGolden-Animations Pokekights Antcioff Nicolasev alex2806 Animator Dark Naresee TheDroidMPD skibbz FancySkelle Kler Willesfilms PuddieTheKat Mine2 2 BlueYoshi68 superninja574 OfficialCUYT SevenCraft7 Fosni/Effusion DarkDragonPro DaveKick Pancakes Hero JosSamLoh Pixelrigs RULES (IMPORTANT)!!! let me know if you are making more than one collab. A max of 3 is allowed VIDEO LENGTH MUST BE 10-30 SEC YOUR OWN WATERMARK IS REQUIRED (MUST NOT FILL MORE THAN 2/9TH OF SCREEN MINIMUM VIDEO QUALITY 720P WITH 30 FPS OFFENSIVE, RACIST,SEXUAL CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED (NO EXCEPTIONS) NO FADE IN/FADE OUT IS ALLOWED DO NOT ADD MUSIC TO YOUR COLLAB Then I don't rly care if u cut ur guy apart with a chainsaw... IF YOU IN ANY WAY FAIL TO COMPLY TO THESE RULES YOU WILL DISQUALIFIED! How to participate 1 Send youtube name and notfication of entering to the following mail: thecryingsquidmsg@gmail.com 2 Once you have been confirmed and added to the collab you can start making your animation > Download Project Template < (you need it) 3 Link to your Collab video uploaded on youtube (send to thecryingsquidmsg@gmail.com) Have Fun Animating!
  17. Join Angel Productions Today! What is Angel Productions? Angel Productions is a Mine-imator team like CAW. Its lead by @DirtBlock. We're currently working on a short animation, which is our first project. We have currently have 1 member so far, @Dannyboi, so we need more people to hep with animations. We need any animators, riggers, and schematic builders available. How to join and get help with animations? If you want to become an member of Angel Productions, you must send me your Skype info and email address and put the Angel Productions logo in your signature. Or, you could just help create animations and just send me your Skype info and email address. If you need help making s custom signature picture, email me at contact.angelproductions@gmail.com. Cast and Members Animators: @DirtBlock Riggers: @Dannyboi
  18. Welcome, to the cubix world. The group made to revolve around the Mine-Imator community. We're here to make HUGE things. Magnum sized, if you know what I mean. We can't just let this discussion explain itself, so, we'll let everything else explain itself. Our Website - http://cubixworld.wixsite.com/tcbxwofficial Our Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheCubixWorld Our Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrCIEeuWDtiQtPBktEA7Dxw Founded by - aka XxEmeraldSquidxX PLEASE NOTE - XxEmeraldSquid DID NOT post this.
  19. Hey so i was thinking of making a team called DestinyMations so yeah to join you gotta name: Example Joe, Anna, Luke age: Expample 11, 15, 200000000 what you do: Example Animator, Rigger, Wallpaper How good are you: Example Experienced, Beginner So Yeah Deadline.. When i Have Like 7,6 or 5 ppl -ITS CLOSED
  20. Oi, I'm recruiting programmers and other game developers for a quite small game project! The game is a story telling game which let's you interact and bend the story however you'd like to! It is a 2D game with beautiful sceneries. The artstyle is inspired by the game limbo and firewatch. We also have a discord channel! Check it out! -Link removed due to full team at the moment-
  21. Hello everyone! I`m batmon, a relativity new animator. I`ve decided to make a team of animators, gamers, and just... entertainers in general known as cooby entertainment. Right now we are mainly doing animations (by we i mean me ;-;) but as we get more members and meet different types of people i hope to branch out cooby into just a diverse entertainment channel. If you decide to join you don`t even need to really be that dedicated, it can just be a fun hobby to do. I look forward to working with anyone who is decides to join! Please dm me or comment if you would like to join. Applications should be formatted like this: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name(or what you want people to call you) Type of videos you will make How often you plan to upload Any extra notes(a short description of yourself and why you want to join)
  22. We need voice actors for @MCBoomBox team called Rigness Productions. Just talk to him about joining and voice acting.
  23. SlimeBouy


    Honestly, I hate being really young playing tf2, Voice chat is basically illegal.
  24. Hello People, today we search Members for: Okay, so, who are you? Other Life Studios is a group of (currently) five people with their own Youtube Channel and Skype Chat. We are making Animations, from Random Animations (Like the SkywarsAnimation) to a Big Project, "Another Lifeform" . Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNW-wtkSNtIYisrm_3XeWTA The Video there is old, and not really good. Thats also why we need more members. Why do you need more Members? Because, it is hard to start a Series with five people, and none of them are Voice Actors. Also, with more people, there is less work for Everyone. What members do you currently have? We have: - A Project leader/Story writer/Script Writer/Animator/Artist -One Texture maker -Two Animators, one of them is also a Rigger - One Particle Creator What is with this "Another Lifeform" project? The Series, "Another Lifeform" is a (Edit: Medival) Series about the Three Races of the "Creai" and Spiders. The Creai are based on the Texture look of Creepers, they have their Language that I (The Project leader) am currently making. Every Episode is planned to be around 10 minutes long. Thats why we need more Members too. We already have 16 Sites big Script for the first Episode. "Another Lifeform" is also the Priority in the Team. And Random Animations? With that, we mean Animations that are made between the Episodes, because it could take long to only write the Script. Examples: -Minigame Animations -Little Animations with their Story And so on. What do you need? We need: -Animators -Riggers/Skin creators -Image Editor -Sound creator/Editor (Not completly needed but it would be good to have one) We prefer people who can do multiple of these things (good). Or people who are very good at one thing. Also needed is Creativity and a bit of discipline. You should be able to Answer once a day, or once two days. How do I enter? Write a little Text with: -Your name -Youtube Channel (If you don´t have one, don´t ignore)# -Skype name (Skype is needed, you can PM me the name if you want) -What you want to do - Something that shows how good your at it (Picture, Video etc.) -Country (Europe is prefered due to Time zone Problems) -Why do you want to Join -What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are. -How often you can be Active -Other things you want to tell us. Please try not coping the key points. What Happens if I´m chosen? If you are picked, you will get a Skype Friend Request from me and you´ll be added to the chat, you also then get Information for "Another Lifeform". Write under this post or PM me if you want to join. Greetings Other Life Studios Edit: No OffTopic Posts here.
  25. Hi guys, Me and my friend are making a minecraft animaiton called We are the only hackers here. to start our chanell off but I need some people to help me in animaiting this is how you can apply P.S Everyone who helped will get a special shout out in our chanell Lyrics and music will be on me and my friend. I'll try to help in animaiting but I need your help. Name (In game NOT irl): are you good in animaiting (good in what exactly designing,editing etc): do you know how to make rigs!?(We need this badly!)" Thanks for your time Regards, Pro_Slendy
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