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Found 29 results

  1. Made this test, might make more renders like this or with more of a scene.
  2. So I've been playing around with settings to get some good sharp shadows as I hate blurry/soft shadows. The result was this strange shadow shape. How do I make the shadow more straight?
  3. I've been searching for any topics regarding this issue on the forums, but apparently no one has reported this yet, not that I know. So here's the problem, when you use any FOV value that is significantly below 45 on your camera, you'll notice that the rendered range goes down and you end up with places on your animation that seem to be lacking shadows. The lower the value, the less shadows you'll see. Normal: With decreased FOV: I'm not sure as to what is the cause of this but I'm sure that it can be a heck of a pain in the ass especially when you use a decreased FOV on a scene with a huge background where this glitch is most noticeable at. If you want to try this yourself, use a FOV value of 1 and you'll see that shadows completely disappear from the scene. Is there any solution to this inside the program itself? :c
  4. First of all, I will inform you that I speak Russian, and therefore I may have some mistakes. In addition, I physically can not check all past proposals, but I'll try not to repeat them. My suggestions
  5. 'Ello! Welcome! ifyourereadingthissayboopinthecomments Please do critique it. Tell me what you like and what you dont. Also tell why. Critique and whatever>
  6. The birth of the new villain Lif and his rise from the darkness. Also a teaser for some of the upcoming fight animations. I hope you like it.. There will be more soon.. Credit for the Lif rig: GasCreeper Note: This is supposed to be 60 FPS.. idk why it's not.. Youtube sometimes gets it a bit late. ----SUBSCRIBE----- https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations ---------------------------
  7. I panicked and this was the best I could do in 15 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PUF_aaDCn4 Rendered by Blox in 1.0.0 Just... Just please don't ask.
  8. I think there should be an option were you can switch between the regular shadows in MI and the "circle-ish" shadows minecraft has for entities. I don't really find this too much a great suggestion, but I think it would be a neat feature since MI is a minecraft animating software. Ex.
  9. I was looking at some MI 1.0.0 scenery with shading on, and i noticed it has a lack of ambient occlusion. Here's a picture to give you some insight on what I'm talking about: Basically, it gives the edges of objects a dark outline, which makes it looks extremely nice. When i look at Mineimator however, i see no ambient occlusion. I was able to make some make-shift ambient occlusion by toying with the shadow setting a bit, but it makes everything else look bad and it only works in some parts. The first picture is the 100% standard shadow settings in mineimator The second one is my make-shift ambient occlusion: Normal shadow settings Make-shift Ambient occlusion I would love to see this in mineimator, along with the bloom effect, but that's been suggested a million times already, and David is already planning to add it anyway. Thank you for your time
  10. So you want to make an animation/wallpaper like this? Yes?? Then here's how: (Sorry, my english might sound a bit odd, I'm german)
  11. Eh, I'm making an animation for the first time ever (Or second, more like) and I'm having a huge problem with the shadows and the lightning... they just... don't fit at all. Here is the gif: http://i.imgur.com/lRCmwzN.gifv (It says that this extension isn't allowed) I know that the first thing I'm gonna do is remove the shadow from the particles. Tell me how to make this lighting a little better?
  12. I hope it's my last job with fake shadows, can't wait for 1.0.0! Also i did a video
  13. This is my second wallpaper using I couldn't of a good title so I just put "Cool Wallpaper." I hope you guys like it.
  14. Well... I found my own way to do shadows so... yeah heres the video
  15. Hey guys! So, while waiting for 1.0.0, I made these pictures with shadows, just for fun. Here they are! And this one (not so good): Like my signature says, hope you guys like my stuff! -AlecAnimates
  16. good .... the idea is a new option for shadows (hard and smooth shadows). also, would be good bends in the shadows more pictures: the bend in the shadows just change the corners of the cube (circular shadows)
  17. Hey guys!Last Wallpaper I have was Steve's dark Shadow!But I realized that the real shadow could be dull.So here's another picture of a Shadow of a Block!I hope you give me for this! If you really want to see my previous wallpaper,here it is! Thanks!!
  18. Hey guys!Even though Mine-Imator 1.0.0 hasn't been release,I make this Wallpaper for you guys. I hope you give me a .Thanks!
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs0CtANjk74 [Links and info is in the description of the video] SHADERS! I've been planning of making a mod showcase of this mod but I don't have time so now, I got time . (wut) Sorry about the video quality, I can't really upload high quality videos because of slow internet connection, but I'll try to upload high quality video next time.. Also, suggest a mod so I can showcase it, thanks in advance! Hope you like the video =>
  21. Hey everyone. I've been testing some interesting Photoshop filters, and I came out with a really awesome looking wallpaper. Enjoy!
  22. EVERYONE IN HOW TO BE A RIDER MUST READ!!!! your lucky to be in this animation, because Arquys (The Epic Rigger) and I made a deal that he would do shadows for my animations for now on and this is my first animation with improvements from others, and Arquys if your reading this.....thank you for assisting with me in animating.
  23. Hi David! How are you. I would like to request some stuff. First is the shadows.. Please add shadows (automatic shadows) like the shaders mod. It would be more fun. Second is the Enderdragon.. Please add enderdragon. Because i'll be making a movie or a short film in minecraft called "Steve and the Enderdragon" It kinda like "How to train your Dragon" movie. So please add enderdragon and shadows like shaders mod.. Thanks! Have a good day! Please
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