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  1. Another drawing (Sombra):


    1. NeonMurray


      Are there some lines you forgot to remove or is that just your style?

    2. Aronanners


      [boops in Spanish]

    3. MineRocker Animations

      MineRocker Animations

      @NeonMurray Oh if you mean the lines on her arms and hair. Yeah i kept those as style. :)

  2. A Genji drawing that I've made..


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    2. SkythecreeperCS


      @Skjoldwhat status of mine is that under minerocker?

    3. Skjold


      @SkythecreeperCS The one where you come out as a closet-furry.

    4. SkythecreeperCS
  3. Genji the Executioner - Overwatch

    It's so satisfiying to throw the mech to see 6 kills instanly pop up in the killfeed! Will this m e m e ever end?
  4. Genji the Executioner - Overwatch

    I still share my non-minecraft animation videos here.. I idk why. Not motivated to animate I guess. I hope you like this though..
  5. Hack & Slash - Overwatch Genji Montage

    Another Genji video where Roadhogs miss their hooks on me. I keep making these because it's fun. Not motivated to animate really. - - SUBSCRIBE - - https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations
  6. "Edge of the End" (Original Song) - MineRocker

    Thanks! It means a lot. I'll definitely keep on doing this stuff.
  7. "Edge of the End" (Original Song) - MineRocker

    A dark post-apocalyptic atmospheric themed song that I've wrote and recorded. I really hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think. (You might hear some mistakes in Mix-Mastering.. This was a bit rushed due to some other work.) - - SUBSCRIBE - - https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations - - - -
  8. Deadly Gunslinger - Overwatch McCree Montage

    Well, I know people like Taimou or iddqd can make him work but he's not great unless you consistently get headshots like them. Soldier's current (unnecesarily op) buff makes him out-dps McCree even at higher ranks. He was a beginner character like how he's supposed to be before the buffs but now he's better than McCree in the current triple/quad tank meta due to Soldier's spread and big hitboxes of tanks. But yeah.. I need to improve on hitscan. I play protectile heroes like Genji and Pharah almost all the time so I'm not that great at McCree.
  9. Deadly Gunslinger - Overwatch McCree Montage

    Some of these are from comp, yes. However I don't think I'm good enough at McCree to play him at comp in Masters so I play him in my smurf. It's sad that Soldier kinda replaced him these days.
  10. Deadly Gunslinger - Overwatch McCree Montage

    Too unmotivated and lazy to make animations right now. So I'd say I'm a decent McCree, not that good at him yet but I still enjoy playing him a lot. Here's a short montage of my highlights.. or rather high "noons". Ok.. Consider subscribing if you enjoy this! - - SUBSCRIBE - - https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations Music used: Overwatch OST - Route 66
  11. A silent Christmas night as Dread is watching over the city.. Lif strikes again and has his own plans. It's up to Dread to stop Lif and his new "friend". This is mostly a teaser for the next fight animation! To be continued.. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope you like it. If you do, don't forget to drop a like and even Subscribe for more cool stuff! Let me know what you think! - - SUBSCRIBE - - https://www.youtube.com/user/MineRockerAnimations Music used: The Flash Soundtrack: Season 2 - 16.Sending Reverse Flash Back / Wells Betrays - - UP NEXT - -
  12. 32 GB Ram and it still takes 2 hours to render a 1 min animation... Point Lights are op lol :D

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    2. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      128 GB is the way to go.

    3. MobKiller Animations

      MobKiller Animations

      Huh, didnt know that point lights can lead to so much rendering stuff. I only use 1-2. How long does it take to render a animation without them?

    4. MineRocker Animations

      MineRocker Animations

      @MobKiller Animations 1-2 doesn't affect it much so it's the same without it.. I used like 20 to make a moonlight and city lights effect tho. :D

  13. Finally rendering! ;)

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