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Found 16 results

  1. This was a project took longer than I intended it to take. Added as much as I could and had to optimize a bit before Mine-imator would give up. I made all models and used JosSamLoh's displacement map illusion on the ground to add depth and 3D realism. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: The render shown above is the last render of the project that Mine-imator would render before crashing.
  2. Hey guys, i found a little bug. On top of a snowy grass, there is normal grass. Image of it is this: https://imgur.com/a/SfHnIY2
  3. I've been working on an animation project for about 4 months now. I'm slowly pumping out rigs that I plan on using for this animation and in the process I try to showcase the rigs I make for it. This model is based off of someone's old and most Iconic Minecraft skin they made themselves. Hoping she sees it in an animation. Otherwise I played around with DOF and posing. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: I made the model and the render in one sitting while having the song Skeezers on loop the entire time.
  4. I have homework to do but meh, I wanted to do this instead. AGAIN it's all MI:CB with no edits (except the watermark). Took around 5/6 hours to make. @UnmutEMC Pls tell me what you think :3 4K wallpaper: imgur link: http://imgur.com/I8JYEPk Anyway, you can use this wallpaper however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks ;3 Previous Wallpaper:
  5. I KNOW THIS IS SMALL!!!! but i spent time on it instead of loading just plain old minecraft because you can CUSTOMIZE this one! just shuffle things around to what you like, and because i used SO MANY ITEMS!!! i put them all in a folder called terrain so your project can stay clean! download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aqk45hdldc2iz6g/terrain.miobject picture of persuading: and remember, if you dont like something in this terrain, just fix it yourself! i made this myself wasnt copying a world or anything just went with what i know about world generation while keeping it nice looking
  6. Hi,i have another rig to show you look simple Right? but... (open the spoiler plz) Click me to Download it That it bye Next Rig:??? Edit:the download is fix now
  7. This picture made in the connection to my friend's little event in MAUT Group (Minecraft Animator Universe Thailand) in the topic "Favorite block". And here is my favorite block "Noteblock" Credits. - Grass rig by @kiepocu studios - Rose rig by @blockerlocker P.S. i can't upload any image to imgur, it takes very long time and never load so i use the another picture website.
  8. Zovo

    3d Voxel Grass Rig

    Ok Guys so i'm releasing the 3d voxel grass Now keep in mind this is Very Very Heavy! Use with caution or with a good computer Anyways Hope you like it! V1
  9. Nimi

    Grass block rig

    I was pretty bored, so I made this. Adjust the grass color by changing the 'Blend color'. Download
  10. EpicJ


    Just grass. Literally just grass.
  11. so i came up with this feature so anyway this is the idea of it: so grass blocks could look better if when theres one beneath it and on the side then the grass's texture of any sides that have grass next to and one space below. example: so vote! bye! =D
  12. ...like wind is blowing it. I'm gonna show you how to make grass move like a Shaders Mod pack. If you don't know what that is, I recommend looking it up. 1. Place down the grass in Mine-imator. I'm gonna be using Sugar canes because I couldn't find grass. 2. Make a Key frame whenever you want it to start moving. Rotate it 10 Degrees on the Y Axis and using the advanced scaling, elongate it to 1.5 on the Z scale. 3.Go 5 Key Frames ahead rotate it back to 0 and using the Z Scale, scale it to .9 4. Go 5 Key frames ahead and and rotate it -10 Degrees on the Y Axis and elongate it to 1.5. 5. Repeat Step 5. 6. After you repeated Step 5, Repeat Steps 2-6. Now you're done!!!
  13. Dragon

    Logos #1

    • "M" on a grass block • Simple Logo• Another Simple Logo• Circle Logo ~•~ What logo do you like? Let us know =D ~•~ What does the "M" letter means? It could mean Mine-imator, Minecraft, or nothing. ~•~ Edited with Photoshop. I got bored so I made this =D Hoep u leik it. ~•~
  14. 1° ground improvement. looks better a complete ground... a plane ground does not look good, but reduces lag. I think it should have an option for the full ground and plane ground. 2° is a color effect in textures to give a special lighting effect. this effect is just great!!! -It looks like this:
  15. I've made another animation for my channel and it would be fantastic if you checked it out. Every like, favorite and subscription is appreciated. In this animation Grass Block goes on a big adventure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5sTcxiy2DA&feature=youtu.be
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