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Found 107 results

  1. Simple Mario Background image, will upload another pack of items. this is only the begining.
  2. What you need to is to always say yes, after that, make a question. rules: -No inappropriate questions (if there is, say skip and asked a question) -dont be rude -make a appropriate question that can make them say yes -no probably, maybe, no and etc. Just say yes -have fun EXAMPLE: Person1: are you BLUE? Person2: Yes, can i eat you? Person3: Yes, are you married? person4: Yes, are you a furry? person5: yes, can i kill myself? person6: skip, can i hug you? thats it. just keep on going until this game is dead. i'll go first. Are you ok?
  3. So I started working on my animation yesterday and this is how much I've got so far Also it might be Hard to see anything in that test version :L Link to Test video version :)
  4. This is the Razer Cynosa Chroma, as is obviously stated in the title. It's a little bit to long (Z) for its measurement wide (X) but it's not too bad. Because it has all those little keys, it can provide a substantial amount of lag depending on your computer. (NOTE: In these pictures the bottom left "ctrl" "Windows" and "alt" buttons are "caps" "A" and "S". Don't worry, the file you will be downloading is correct and has the right keys in the right place.) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hh3bwub1se2n3et/Razer+Cynosa+Chroma1.miobject
  5. The RGB Game Controller XDDD Joystick Trigger Use For [Mine-imator 1.0.6] or [Mine-imator Community Build 1.0.3] Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yh36545jcqfvx0c It can CHANGE the LED color, If you ask me how to change the color, The following tutorial is my answer. 1. Click the "Game Controller" folder. 2. Click the "Color" Tab. 3. Click the "Multipy" Button or "Blend Color" 4. Change the Color. 5. Done! Have Fun!
  6. INTRODUCTION: Hello everyone, my name is Tony. I'm currently 21 and live in California. I started playing Minecraft since I was 13, so it's been awhile. I love going snowboard every winter and go skates at my favorite skating place called Boomer in Fountain Valley. My major is computer science, basically writing codes, so I'm very excited about the upcoming Hytale game coming out. I love Minecraft but since Microsoft bought the company. Many things have changed, some are good, and some are bad. I recently created a Youtube account dedicated to making Minecraft Videos, but I'll also make more Hytale video when it is coming out. I have a channel called California Luminous on youtube mainly making Minecraft or Hytale video(maybe other games too). THANK YOU so much for reading my introduction. Now let's move on to the critical part. QUESTIONS: In the comment section below. Please list your name? How old are you? What are you doing right now, ex: student, working, marriage, etc..? How long did you play Minecraft for and why did you get hook into Minecraft? What's the best game mode that you like to play, ex: skyblock, factions, creative, survival, etc.. If for any questions that you don't want to answer, that is okay. PROBLEM: Minecraft is an entertaining game for us. It has been part of our childhood and daily life. It started in 2011 and now is officially eight years later and the game is still hugely competitive. However, in recent year, the Minecraft community been "attacked" by the Fornite, PUBG, Apex Legend community constantly update and Minecraft couldn't keep it update on par with other games. Sure, the game is trying is best but still not enough. Maybe they ran out of ideas, or the new "company" couldn't refresh their thought. One of the problems that I see in Minecraft is that the game doesn't have enough light block or item to keep the player interest or new ideas coming out. As you can see in the picture below, there are very limited option for lighting. But even though there is a not a lot of light block, there are many different designs of creating light like this. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Now imagine if there are many more light block, item. The ideas will be endless. Some of the light item I was thinking like Neon light, LED light, Christmas light, Tree that light up. Light block with different color. You may can argue that you can do this with glass color on top of beacon like the picture below. I actually finish making a really good beacon light machine that generate different color light. I still in the progress of finish the video. It'll be on my channel California Luminous soon. I'm very excited. But it doesn't make us more excited than actually have an actual block color for lightning right? Like this one below 1 Light Block 2 Christmas Light 3 Neon Light 4 LED light 5 Tree Light This is what I think that Minecraft could improve on the game. In the comment section below, I want to hear you guys thought about this topic. It could be anything, if you like it, dislike it, any thought in mind, just commented below. Also, if you like this threat, make sure to give this a like, thump up, happy face because I spent a lot of times making this threat and hope can see some activities in the comment below. I have a youtube channel call California Luminous on youtube dedicated to making Minecraft video tutorial so be sure to come and check it out. Give me a chance to prove my self. AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS POST. YOU COULD BE ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW BUT INSTEAD YOU SPENT YOUR PRECIOUS TIME READING MY POST. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY AND STAY SAFE. - California Luminous
  7. This maybe off topic but I just want to show you guys this video so bad. It took me 12 hours straight for making this video... Brawlhalla best montage with amazing music and edits. Take you into a journey of Brawlhalla amazing game play and designs. Maybe today is a long day and all you need is some kind of video for you to enjoy? SONG: TURN UP BURN UP
  8. Looking for a Cuphead RIG? Here is one! Eyes/Blink Mouth/Smile/Frown/Move Teeth!/Move Tongue!/Move Pupils/Eyebrows!/Straw! Start Animating! This is my first RIG and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time I hope you like it! Mugman coming soon I think tomorrow! Link/MediaFire/Cuphead!: http://www.mediafire.com/file/95yzgi64g59y98o/Cuphead.miobject/file File size: 67.19 KB (.MIOBJ)
  9. This is about minecraft skywars minigame. my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCll01gXQDNKBo2KYMnnlkVA
  10. What would happen if endermans were tamable? What could they do when we tamed them? How would we tame them? ... this animation will answer to you're question. The map at the end of the animation: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pjtvnz4io94a516/Broville+v11.1.zip my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCll01gXQDNKBo2KYMnnlkVA
  11. Vortigaunt (Alien slave Ver.) Barnacle (hl1 Ver.) Cockroach Bullsquid Still making a package of HL1's mobs! I'd like to get your feedbacks of these rigs. How do you think about these rigs?
  12. Headcrab Zombies (based on hl 1 zombie) Zombie without Headcrab Houndeye It's not a complete package of hl1 monsters, and I want you feedbacks. How do you think about these rigs?
  13. It's pretty simple. u can leave constructive criticism.
  14. This is a "Sequel" adventure map of a map i've already done! link in the description of this video! This video was shown to me by the map creator! Great map! I'm sure you'll enjoy this video everyone! And as always! Keep it good on the MysticSide!!!
  15. This is a cool challenge! I'm playing Hide & Seek on THE HIVE, playing as a seeker with the lowest of FOV and the highest of sensitivity! You'll love how this video is! Come see and hopefully leave me a comment in the video if you have done better or want to try it! Have an awesome time watching this video!
  16. Hope you all enjoy the FINAL part of this adventure map! If you haven't seen the first part! Take a look! You'll love it! Anyway! Here's the link!
  17. Ayy I have something for you all. Which version of the sonic do you like the most? Comment on both this post and the video! I happen to prefer the right (Cubiod) now that I have had it for a while. The 11th Doctor's sonic is my favorite out of all the sonics. I love everything about it. Mostly the composition of said screwdriver. The copper, alluminium, and the hand-stiched leather grip.
  18. So, I was bored, and listening to DAGames' "Follow, Greet, Wait, Repeat" song, and the animation for it based on Amnesia, I decided to make this rig. I might add more character rigs later, but for now this guy's here! And yes, as with all of my rigs now, it's all organized, and you don't need to go through the timeline to search for the head and stuff. The original character's still there, so just click what parts you want to animate. Images: (IN A SPOILER!) Amnesia Girl (I don't know the names of the characters, sorry...) (Download updated to the newest download! Also, face is better than in the pictures. Both rigs included) Rules: If used, please link THIS PAGE, not the download page.
  19. Ever wonder what it's like to be Shadow Mike? No? Well you're gonna find out anyway, like it or not. This is a f@d Fangame. Over the course of several months I was struggling to decide what to do for my f@d fangame. I decided on FredBear: The Revival. I decided on fadbear Party. I decided on f@d: New Generation. (Not to be confused with the drawkill one on YouTube) Just when I thought I'd cracked the case, something else comes along and I'm back to the drawing board. However, this time I can say for real that this is my f@d fangame. How do I know it's for real? Because it's out. It's an RPG Maker VXAce game that's on Gamejolt right now. It's two games in and it's planned to become a trilogy sometime. You can play the games by following the links and downloading them on Gamejolt. Should I have put this in a different subforum? Maybe. But anyway, here are the links: Shadow Freddie Simulator 1: Take control of Shadow Freddie and show the fadbear Family how it's done! When Balloon Boy once again starts plotting to end Frazbear Entertainment, instead of an "Are you ready for Freddie?" on the show stage, Shadow Freddie takes up the old microphone and heads out to stop the Enragement child...again. Face off against the Frazbear Family and get them to follow you on your quest! Summon monsters from enscriptions, reboot cameras and defeat all of them to bring you and your gang one step closer to the final battle for the fate of Frazbear Entertainment! Shadow Freddie Simulator 2: 4 months after the events of the first game, Balloon Boy reanimated the toy animatronics from an old pizzerria in 1987 to help him with his plans once again. What he doesn't realise is the horrible mistake he's just made... Play as Shadow Freddie or semi-new character Shadow Flandre and set out to stop Toy Freddie and his army of Budget Buddies from taking over Freddie Frazbear's Pizza and the rest of the world! Build up your currency and upgrade yourself with better weapons and parts as Shadow Freddie or manage your Spell Cards and create a stat setup that reflects the way you play as Shadow Flandre. Face off against the toy animatronics and rescue the withered gang from their clutches in a marginally improved simulator that lets you experience the day-to-day life of our purple hero Shadow Freddie as he makes an all-out rush to stop Toy Freddie once and for all! These games are very little-known, so play them and give your feedback by rating and commenting on the two games! (soon to become three) I may also use this forum and/or Gamejolt to introduce teasers for the third game. And this might seem like stretching it a little, but I would be glad to see a YouTuber like RiskRim, Luigikid or IULITM play through the games and give their opinions. So tell me where I went right, where I went wrong and how I can make the simulation even better! We shall work to make number 3 the best in the series! Speak your mind! I believe in you! (NOTE: Ignore fadbear Party. That thing's cancelled.) (NOTE 2: Although great care has been taken to fix any glitches, some may still remain. Please let me know if you spot any and I will try to fix them.)
  20. Hey guys! I made this small little image to share some counselor models I made. The counselors I've created so far are Tiffany Cox, A.J. Mason, Vanessa Jones, Jenny Myers, Kenny Riedell, Chad Kensington, and Brandon Jones. (Sorry if I spelt any of their names wrong.) The lighting isn't the best due to me sorta rushing on it. The main focus was the models, I'm unsure if I'll release them due to them not being the nicest models. I used @Keep on Chucking's face rig for all of them! Picture:
  21. WAZZZUP GUYS, CC here with a W.I.P game that may or may not be good for now. I choose to post this since... well, I spent a lot of time on it and really I want to get as much people to try it and see if they like the way it's heading. All of the models used are just placeholders for now, I am just getting the mechanics to work. This is a school project of mine that I may have gone a little overboard with, that being said, I am trying to make it as enjoyable as possible and I hope, even at the stage it is now, that somebody is able to enjoy it just a bit. If you do manage to do that, leave a like so that I know I am doing good(so far). Also, give me some feedback on it, what you liked and didn't like. If I have time I can alter some shtuff if need be. Game Project: Top-Down shoot em up Unity game with a highscore system, rounds, and 4 levels with 3 different types of enemies and 4 different power-ups. Controls: left mouse button: shoot middle mouse button: Use shield ( when obtained) right mouse button: Use power-ups ( when obtained) WASD: move Cursor: aim Note: I forgot to put this in the instructions but if you see something turning red, it would be advised that you move out of its proximity. You have been warned. Game: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxHE9mUjXj8ZV0dJaG5PaDlpR0U btw my high score is 1289, beat that you noobs! Now being the creator of this game, I know this zip(the game has been put into a zip) does not have ANY viruses whatsoever, but if you wish to see the proof here is a report from VirusTotal: https://virustotal.com/en/file/b3edf618719ea5e472c2e49814c3f51e484203b0303882c356cb81162e45b85f/analysis/1494748595/ And if you still don't believe me... then I have nothing else to say. I don't really know how else to prove to you the file is fine since you can never be too careful with files from the internet. All you can really do is trust me, or not, your choice in the end. Hope you enjoy :3
  22. okay guys today i want to show you one rig ... ITS BENDYYYY!!!!! With EMOTIONS DOWNLOAD NOW!!! ---http://www.mediafire.com/file/x7x11hl7rqqiopo/Bendy_Rig.rar---
  23. I need help to think of a tower defense game if you think of something tell What i dont to make the tower defense base of brony minecraft bloons monkeys or something that all ready base off
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