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Found 36 results

  1. Desert temple thing idk i was bored I tried make it look kinda realistic I guess? idk I just tried to make it look good it took like 4 or 5 hours idk i couldnt find any sound and im too lazy to add sound lol
  2. Hello! I made a new wallpaper recently, hope you like it! Time of work : 1h 40min Also, I made a timelapse for it, you can watch it here : Note: You are free to use this as your background
  3. DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/shingel42/art/Mine-Imator-Primitive-Mobs-Filch-lizard-763760777
  4. Hey here’s to you California Beautiful haze of suburbia Living in the perfect weather Spending time inside together Hey here’s to you California Car rig by @TheCollieStalks
  5. Check out this funny adventurous Animation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4tWveYf9uM
  6. My first animation video hope you like it
  7. This is my first public wallpaper. Please tell me how I can improve. Facial rig: Made by me. Desert temple by: @EthanForeverAlone (Download: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/59569-minecrafts-structures-schematics/) Made with: Mine Imator 1.1.1 Edited with: Adobe Photoshop CC
  8. Whew! Haven't posted or visited the site in a while! A showcase of my recent model. Just wanted to make something. Made in around 30 minutes. 2K version 4K verion Credits: UH-60 - Piegon99 Model, Rifles, Helmet, Rocket Launcher, & Backpack - Me
  9. Death Collab: This is my first collab, called the Death collab (obviousley) Choose the way your character dies. No flatlands, no porn, there. Also you must use the schematic, put your character where the block is: https://www.mediafire.com/?eu24o90i5bcv4r6 I'm not that popular so I'll do it at either 10 submissions or 5 submissions
  10. Just a couple tests and stuff I wanted to make. Sample, in case the other spoiler's contents are too big. Here: I'm having problems with blocks directly facing the sun (can be seen in pic 3). Haven't tested it with other sources of light, though. So if anyone can help me out, please do. I'm using the latest community build. Credits M4A1, Soldier skin, Tactical vest & Helmet - Me Humvee - Piegon99 Volumetric cloud rig - Keep on Chuckling Taliban skin - catmelonhat AK47 - Planetminecraft (NauticalNonsense) City - Planetminecraft (EndermansEnd)
  11. Unedited Edited
  12. Wazup ! I've created a rig pack for YOU ! THE "ADVENTURER's KIT - DESERT EDITION" A mega pack with decorations and more ! In The Folder : - Fire - Giants Bones - Adventurer's Hat - Skull - Cactus - Adventurer's Belt Download
  13. Earlier I Made A Little Sandstorm Image So, I Decided To Improve It. Something That This Second Version Has Improved On Is: More FX Bigger Desert Less Foggy Sandstorm, The Last One Didn't Let You See Anything Improved Tumbleweeds. A Bit Of Photshop A Little Piggy Trying To Survive The Sandstorm To Get Its Carrot... ;( I Hope You Like My Second Version!
  14. "As if his day couldn't any worse after failing to find food, he gets lost in a desert. How unfortunate." So this is a wallpaper that I almost abandoned, just because it looked pretty bad at first. Once I tidied it up a bit, I thought it actually looked quite adequate. What do you guys think I could improve?
  15. Hello! This is wallpaper called "Dry Seas" Unedited Criticism needed!
  16. Im going to show you a video of me testing how to make a desert enviroment and i made some personal particles for the test too sooooooo ill leave a link when i post the individulas but i say they are pretty good. Btw still not posted video
  17. *Started the idea few days ago, one of my quick-made series.* Earth's Nightmare 1: The Sapling
  18. I rendered it in 4K but had to shrinkt it for Imgur... "War makes men mad..." - Emile Only real reason i used the bird is i wanted to try my rig out... And as always... if you did enjoy... please hit that like button -> Based on the sad stories of war. Added some music btw:
  19. unedited: edited: -Your desert killer, Nicolasev
  20. Hello everybody! I would like to make a request to all of the team players out there! so you see i need some help with an animation I am planning to do which some of you may know the name already. for those of you who don't know the name of this said animation it is called The Hallucination I have already created a description for this animation already: this animation is about Invoker54(me) walking through the desert exhausted then collapsing onto the sand. This is when my mind starts to play tricks on me trying to get me to wake up. all the other characters depend on what story-boarders can come up with, keep in mind that to make a story you must think of the elements that will be in it, for example, your hallucinating and you see out of the corner of your eye a floating cheeseburger, you must be hungry. this may or may not be a such a great example since i am not much of a story teller, because I always come at a loss of words story boarding isn't the only thing i need though, I would need voice actors, music and a animator that will assist me with certain things. to apply: what would you like to apply for? why? how may I contact you? how do I give credit towards you? give a short example as well of your work positions: music (taken) assistant ( need 1) voice actors (need ? story boards decision) story-boarders (need 1) note for story-boarders: settings: desert, rest you decipher mood: you decipher main character: me or steve (pic coming soon) characters: you decipher plot: mind trying to get me or steve to stop hallucinating the rest I didnt name you decipher, that is all end of sign up: Dec. 15th
  21. Ok so I animate really well, but dont upload my full animations to Youtube, because I have this sort of "goal" per se. I want to upload my best 10 animations on the same day. I know they might not upload on the same day because uploading takes long, but this is just something I want to do. K. Now that that's out of the way, If any of you have looked at my channel I uploaded 2 really crappy animations with Mineimator. The best out of the 2 is Desert Faint and I've decided to reanimate the whole thing and this is a little render I've done of it.
  22. Yes like the title says I will be comparing my Mine-imator (Desert, live) pic with an Iron made version of it... QUACK ENJOY! Iron version:
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