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    I'm still learning how to make a non-crappy animation.
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  1. Youtuber4Life

    Fnāf pack (4 animatronics and 1 re-pose)!

    Im NO fan of fad, but holy crap, THESE RIGS ARE AMAZING. (dont let the downvotes disencourage you((sorry if i cant spell)))
  2. Youtuber4Life

    Splatoon 2 octoling rig

    lol yeah
  3. Youtuber4Life

    Splatoon 2 octoling rig

  4. Youtuber4Life

    Splatoon 2 octoling rig Comes with octoling glasses. Face by skibbz
  5. Youtuber4Life

    SCP rigs

    * Triggered *
  6. Youtuber4Life

    Mooncake rig

    How can this guy be a planet destroyer, also thx for upvoting this rig
  7. Youtuber4Life

    Mooncake rig

    Mooncake rig (From Final Space) Rig download: (comes with movement thing from video.)
  8. Youtuber4Life

    Octoling Rig

    I might tweek this and make my own splatoon oc
  9. Youtuber4Life

    Derpy Rig! (first rig need feedback)

    No, the hat, sorry, I was VERY tired when I posted that reply.
  10. Youtuber4Life

    Derpy Rig! (first rig need feedback)

    dont make the bottom of the part realy fin, but to be honest, this is like a natural talent for you
  11. Youtuber4Life

    Mike's 3D Maneuver Gear rig (Remodeled)

    So in a dfferent place like adobe or something :<
  12. Youtuber4Life

    SCP animation trailer

  13. Youtuber4Life

    Mike's 3D Maneuver Gear rig (Remodeled)

    How do I make steve do the cool 3DMG wire thingy seen in the two gifs
  14. Youtuber4Life

    SCP animation trailer

    This is just a trailer for the series, please rate this from 1-10 Also I am bad at animations. Video: Pls don't hate because I used story mode mouth rig.
  15. Youtuber4Life

    SCP rigs

    I tried to, I used imgur and copied the link, but it showed up as that Also how did you do that? Nvm I did it
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