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Found 14 results

  1. XPAdventureYT

    Beach Chair

    I Been working on animations and been using tons of rigs so now I decided to make one of my own... Hope you enjoy this. it was my 1st rig so no hate will be appreciated (I literally have no idea what the name for the chair is called I just made it off my head) Download Link a link to the video for it also credit is not needed but it will be amazingly appreciated!
  2. AmazingWolfGamer

    Crab Rig

    Tried to make it fit the minecraft style and make it look like a real minecraft mob Download
  3. As always be sure to let me know what you think and stay after the credits for a surprise!
  4. JosSamLoh

    Mine-imator Cinematic

    This took 2 days to make and I am really proud of the outcome, enjoy: Music is credited in the description of the video. ;3
  5. "On The Beach, Getting A Tan." -TheTanJames Okay. So, I was really upset that Cazakoja's computer got rekt; and I have always had this idea after I watched Skibbz's Random Complitation 2. ( So, here is another animation just like Why KeepOnChucking Has vintage Videos.
  6. Foxtrot0806

    Bonus Chest [2K]

    We probably all know what a bonus chest is, but here is a picture in case you don't. so I gave it a shot as a wallpaper, and yes I meant to use steve. To represent survival.
  7. Progio

    Beach Time!

    BEEEAAACHHHH TIMEEEEE!!!! Surfboard and Seagull Rig By: 4ward animations
  8. SB7989

    Stevie at the Beach

    Stevie's decided he's gonna take a break from the troubles of the world. He's not giving a heck today, because today is beach day. (⌐■ᨓ■) Maybe if you guys want, I could release the rigs I used on this wallpaper. But anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it!
  9. a spooky beach wallpaper
  10. Umbrella Rig by @BloxTheRigger
  11. In this wallpaper, you see @Cryotivity directing a professional model shoot on a beach with yachts and mountains. Enjoy. Hope you liked. Credit: @PikaMasterzMC Because you'll like this :*
  12. I've been meaning to make my animations be a tad more funnier, but this is a start:
  13. DigitalEvorian

    Walk on the beach [4K]

    Main / 1: Camera - Game / 2 / Optional Please tell me what you think, and if you do enjoy... remember to hit that like button. Fitting music / My opinion.
  14. Soccer at the Beach [Wallpaper] Not much to say here, but I wanted to make a wallpaper without any effects from another program. So, I'm not sure where the soccer idea came from, but I liked it. I actually like the DOF (Depth of Field) too, it added a nice feeling to the wallpaper. Well, hope you guys like it. A would be appreciated, of course, if you liked it.