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  1. Welp... Missed me? Hehe Well, I'm back to cheer your day again >:3 Here another mini episode of TFMCF, like really short. It's quite close to each of these ppl's personalities tbh, specially @kazooha, no offense :v As some of you may know I've been quite busy lately, it's harder for me to sort my time and school is starting soon... So i don't hope to see myself animating new episodes for a period of time, long or short, idk. Well, I just hope you like it as much as I do People from the FMF in this short: @kazooha @Fox Miner @TheToastedIron Me :v c ya weekee! Oh btw, yeah there's a watermark now >:3, made by my beloved @Fox Miner Tysm
  2. GUARDIANS OF DELIRIUM - Minecraft Animation - Episode 1 (Minecraft series) Download high quality posters for free at BOOSTY
  3. Hello lovely Mine-Imator users. I am working on a little show called 'Blues of War'. It's based on the effects of terrorism and war, and the genres are 'fantasy', 'drama', and 'action'. Episode 3 comes out on October 2nd, 2022, and the finale comes out on a later date. I hope to hear from as many of you as I can, and hopefully you enjoy the show as much as I do. (Credits and release dates are at the end of every episode) Ep 1: Ep 2: Extra: If you see your rig and want credit, email me with proof that you're the creator of the rig. I will take care of the rest. Lawsuits, doxxing or any other form of action are not needed, and just ruin the other party's life.
  4. https://discord.gg/7yyWbajb7c phasmophobia collab server pls help
  5. After I finished episode 1 (uploaded on my yt channel) I started on episode 2, and have been unable to progress it fast enough to be done soon. It's partially my fault, and also this episode will probably be longer than the first, but I am looking for some help to finish this episode. The script is finished and 2 scenes are finished animated, but there are multiple others that need to be done. If the trailer above seems interesting to you and you want to help, these are the requirements: You need to be able to finish the project given to you. Do not take what you cannot handle. Must have discord. Do not tell me what yours is here, but through a DM in mineimatorforums. Must be able to do decent animation. If you want to know what I'm looking for, check out the first episode in this series. You don't have to do perfectly, and I can edit things out or around if I need to. (I also find 'base animation' to work off of easier if you feel that's what you can do, it would still help.) A way to receive project files. (gmail, google drive, for example) DM me if your interested. If I accept your help, I will tell you my Discord and invite you onto the server.
  6. It's been around 6 months, it was delayed for a month, but after all of that, it's finally done! Episode 3 of Tiny Head Adventure. Hope You enjoy!
  7. Hello everyone ^^Today, I wanted to share with you a small creation that I made. This is a animated short film, obviously based in the world of Minecraft. This episode is a pilot to a mini-series of independent episodes, named Creeper Stories.In this first episode, we find ourselves in Russia, where Russian Creepers have managed to get their hands on a human hostage, and they want to smoke it and then retrieve the loot. However, they are hardly sharers and all want exclusive loot. To decide between themselves, they will engage in the game of Russian Roulette, a deadly explosive game ... If you have remarks, comments, opinions, both positive and negative, I am interested ^ - ^
  8. Director: unknown Editor: Ritvik GM Sounds: Brian J Title Animation: D.DTA Animation:D.DTA Subtitles: Ritvik GM and D.DTA Cast: DD: The Animator BKM: Prahlad KC MKM: Midhun KM BJ: Brian J RGM: Ritvik GM Teacher: Minaal S Police Inspector: Sanjai BN Popular Kid: The Animator GENRE: MYSTERY, THRILLER SYNOPSIS: PROJ.DBMBR is a series on the basis of 5 teenage detectives' lives. They are unaware of what is to come from their actions of misunderstanding. TEASER(released on 25th October): TRAILER(released on 2nd November): https://www.youtube.com/crFfF8F8Xc0&t FACE RIG: SHARPWIND(https://www.youtube.com/user/www111614YxxREEPERSx) WE DO NOT OWN MOST OF THE MUSIC AND SOUNDS USED IN THIS VIDEO. LINKS TO THE WEBSITES: https://freesound.org/ *THE MAIN THEME WAS CREATED BY BRIAN J* MAPS FROM PLANET MINECRAFT: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/a-japanese-high-school/ https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-school-2559918/ SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/fusionpicturesanimation/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/PicturesFusion LINK TO THIS VIDEO: “Improvisation is evident and will be done in every future episode.”~ The Director. A WORLD OF MYSTERY NONETHELESS…..
  9. Director: Unknown Editor for the series: Ritvik GM Sounds: Brian J (Main Theme) Trailer Editing & Animation:D.DTA Cast: Will be revealed in EPISODE 1(NOVEMBER 15, 2020) SYNOPSIS: PROJ.DBMBR is a series on the basis of 5 teenage detectives' lives. They are unaware of what is to come from their actions of misunderstanding and wrong judgments.
  10. +====================+ A Minecraft Series I have been planning on creating is Finally in Productions +====================+ +====================+
  11. 9redwoods had recovered from the nerve-wrenching reflection maze and went into the vast, mysterious trail that will lead him to another part. He doesn't know what awaits him, but it's better than staying in the void forever. @9redwoods for his V4 rig @Ystijger for rendering this for me Beacons by me "Hope" that you enjoyed this! Please leave CC out here so I would improve on posing, lighting, and theme
  12. This one's short but Here's Episode 2 of 1045 Bros!
  13. This is a new series that i started and this is the first episode decided to post it here cause, why tf not.... let me know what you think of it and Enjoy, or don't.
  14. A Youtube Banner Promotion for my upcoming series... Not gonna lie, it looks good. ? And apparently my first 1.2.3 render without any other programs used. MGB? Nope. It's rather... a reverie. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGcbgb11l4tiU5ojvwIzZ0Q?view_as=subscriber Also advertising coz y not. /shrug
  15. Living With Thanos !!Coming Soon!! Criticism is Appreciated... Expect bad animation!!!
  16. LINKS: Episode 1: OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the world of TERA, a land of not just Humans, but Dragons and other creatures that may be lurking in the darkness. Henry is an escaped prisoner from the Overworld dimension who is hiding out in the TERA Dimension from his world's military, the A.C.A.U unit. Join Henry on his first adventure in the world of TERA, where not all is as it seems. UNOFFICIAL SECOND DESCRIPTION: A mysterious kingdom, another world, and a dragon. Things do have a way of going south for Henry Jackson, a former military solider from the Overworld who ended up in the TERA Dimension after having to escape from his own dimension. Henry may find that things are not what they seem in the world of TERA, and things have a way of working out. Q&A: Q: How long are episodes of TERA? A: The opening special episode is 26 minutes in length with credits, every episode after Episode One will be 20 to 22 minutes in length and will be posted only on Mondays or Fridays. Q: How many episodes will there be of TERA? A: I have thirteen episodes planned for the first season, and ideas for a second if people like the first season and want more. Q: Where did I come up with TERA? A: TERA actually is the by-product of another project that has (so far) never seen the light of day. TERA started out as test animations to see how far I could push Mine-Imator with my skills, and eventually it evolved into a series of 13 episodes. Q: is there an Intro? A: Yes, but it isn't in Episode One because there simply wasn't enough time to include it, it will be in Episode 2 and on however. Q: Is Herobrine or any other of those characters in TERA? A: No. What I want with TERA is a story that focuses on two characters who grow and change and evolve alongside the world around them as they face challenges both old and new, and Minecraft' existing catalog of characters isn't really able to handle that without it feeling cringy. Also, I wanted TERA to be unique, everyone is using Herobrine and the others, so I go in the other direction and introduce new unique characters you can enjoy without feeling as if there's a thousand of them. Q: Who is/are the main character(s)? A: The first main character is a man from the Overworld named Henry Jackson, a former military solider with 11 years of experience fighting in some of the nastiest wars to plague the overcrowded Overworld. I can't really go to much into the second main character, as he is in Episode 1 and if I did, it would be SPOILERS. So I will refrain from doing so.
  17. UPDATE: Pilot episode is done! Pilot Episode Coming Soon...
  18. (made with only mine-imator, no external editing) just a render I made for my new series comic. To anyone who remembers (if there's even anyone of you out there who do) the series reached episode 2 but in the last 2 years no new episodes have come out, only a few teasers happening here and there. but the whole series concept had enough work put into it that I don't wanna give it up. now I'll shut up before my wallpaper topic turns into some huge speech
  19. Hello everyone , I did not publish the pilot of this series last year here, because I forgot. XD But here it is, after a year (2017), this is a pilot to see if the series would be approved, and the support was positive, so I started to develop it. The series will be made in Spanish, but there is a team that will translate it, part of me. I hope you like the pilot [Activate subtitles] Now some information about the series:
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