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Found 24 results

  1. Map By @Bonnie animation rig by @mephilis12 Puppet by @TheFoxImator A.K.A me
  2. Some of my render cuz why not LOL g Another
  3. New Version of the Render Old Version of the Render
  4. Hello Friends! Well, I usually I dont post so often here, im just a Spectator but I think in these months I gonna be a bit active around here. Anyways, these 3 renders I made it for the #DearNimi video by @The Tan Jameswith the help of DreamHunterAnimations (DHA) for lighting on the skin. I'll give thanks to @Keep on Chuckingfor help me in the pose too on the first render. The last render are inspired by Sonic Adventure 2. I hope Nimi likes it very much Well, thats is, Thanks NIMI 4K 120FPS Next Gen, I wish you the best of the luck for the F U T U R E. Thanks for read -insert here a generic gif of someone dancing-
  5. Finally got around to doing some showcase renders of the Wall-E model. He was made entirely in Mine-imator, and I used paint.net to create the textures. Our internet was out for a while, so I spent around 4 hours or so gathering reference pictures of Wall-E from every possible angle, then used those images to model him within Mine-imator. it was a pretty fun little challenge! Eve is also here, you might've already seen some of the wallpaper renders I've made of her, but she isn't quite ready for a full showcase yet. I think they look pretty good together! This was one of the models that I'd put the most effort into getting the movement done right. I'm VERY specific on how Wall-E moves in the movies, since so many people tend to get his joints wrong. Simple things like the way his wrists move, or the fact that his head rotates, and the neck doesn't. The pistons in his neck and wrists, the hydraulics in his tracks, the lasers, all of that is important to get just right, or else the likeness won't be close enough to me. It took a lot of work, but I'm very happy with the result! Here is all of his current features: Movie accurate articulation (The only exception being the compressor and latch on his back) Animatable solar charge display Interior compactor detailing Functioning track hydraulics Opening solar panels Can be transformed into Cube form Reflective lenses Functioning Treads (Adjusted for animation and animated by @niam) Gimmicks (Laser, Eyelids, etc)
  6. Hello friends! This time I show you a challenge formed by the Mine-imator Spanish community from a Discord group. The challenge is to make a render for each day for a month, that is: 30 RENDERS!? We have already started day one, but if you want to participate, you need to follow these rules: 1. MAKE ONE RENDER A DAY (Yep, that is) , posting in the discord spanish community server and using the hashtags #30MCRendersChallenge #MineimatorSpanish #Mineimator on your social media. Here some day 1 renders: Discord server where the challenge is made and more information: https://discord.gg/YFw2VBr (Join us, we have cookies) Thank you so much for reading!
  7. Basically I have never posted anything on the forums before, and I have been using Mine-imator for like...4 years?? Something like that. So here are some of my recent renders. All of these and more can be found on my instagram, which you can access on my profile, or this handy little link Sebastian (@buddercreations) • Instagram photos and videos
  8. I've rendered an 8k desktop wallpaper from a scene of a Minecraft animation I've been working on. It's just a guy playing some guitar and recording some music with his epic gaming / workstation PC.
  9. Man it's been a tough year to get by. Credits: @ShotU for custom springtrap(the second to last) and fnaf3 map Moltenpixel for custom springtrap in top The trio close-up animatronics are by me, for a custom game I am doing.
  10. xxxlittlesavage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClABN0VjbV_LoT1W4RZ7aKQ
  11. This is a render of a character design I made for an upcoming Original series. If you want to see more of this and other characters Let me know by giving me some Upvotes and Feedback on what type of characters you want me to add
  12. For my buddy @ShotUAnimations In 10 mins. B)
  13. So, i just rendered this video on the "Best" Setting at 1280*720 video size at 60fps and it took 3 hours to render. I'm wondering if there is way to keep the quality. half the frame rate, but also decrease the render time. If anyone has any suggested Bit rates that may help also, i am open to suggestions, thanks.
  14. howdy yes im back from the dead i been making some render recently and i want to show you guys it [my english is bad so yeah, bear with me] First Render: "Childhood" Second Render: "Subway Train" Third Render: "Tired" Fourth Render: "All nighter" Yeah that about it Critcism are very much welcome If you like my render, remember to HiT THat LiKe AnD sUbSCriBE BuTTOn For MOre OrigINAL ContENT i mean hit upvotes and share them to your friend [with credits ofcourse] ily you all no homo < 3
  15. I am super happy with the results of these! Editing it was fun as well -=+=- Unedited: Edited (My way of editing): EEE!!! I love it so much. btw I was listening to this while rendering this
  16. Early halloween? I guess Made using Adobe Photoshop CS6 & M-I Community Build --------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Final * --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- * No-Edit Version* --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated!
  17. As the title said.... Warning: They are edgy Another warning: They are REALLY REALLY edgy Last warning: Don't let the Edgy kill you Skin used: @Dr. Cuto @Arczision™ Rig used: Frosty's facial rig Artemis' war axe
  18. Even though my first reaction to getting a demo was this: And I said this After I saw Spidey's status I decided to make some pictures. The first ones unedited the second isn't. Taming a Horse Fighting the Enderdragon These pictures are dedicated to Pyroland baby and the Ballonicorn. Because they have now left us. They will be remembered when we use a horse or an enderdragon.
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