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  1. GREETINGSSS!! I had an idea. Name a random Minecraft animal or mob and I will make a cool wallpaper with it. I'll try to surprise you.
  2. Here's a project that started in 2018 but never got finished, so I decided to split the video into two parts.
  3. I made an acorn. Thats it. Idk what you expected. Download!
  4. So, uh I want Ena (By Joel G), the Titan Ravager from Animation vs. Minecraft (By Alan Becker), an alternate from the Mandela Catalouge (By Alex Kister), and...uh...and Mighty.Zip from FNF D-Sides.
  5. I can turn your skins into a model. ask me to make u a custom animal model just give me texture. All free! Just message this post.
  6. So... I made a new rig. It's a purple creature with black spikes on its back and head and long arms and legs. Picture: Download And it can bend... weird. See it bending like crazy!
  8. Hello guys this is my very first topic on Mine-Imator Forums so check out my chainsaw rig with free keyframe for chain links the rig was already released on the Website Called Modeliachaika Developed by @niam so that's all don't forget to credit me if you used the rig you can also like and subscribe on my channel have a nice days guys.
  9. the title speaks for itself. https://streamable.com/pxjfvc (idk how to put the video like any other topic in the forums, so if you can help me with that it would be very helpfull.) If you want to give me some feedback it would be very nice, goodbye.
  10. Hello, It's been a short time but I did some testing for lighting and the new program as in stuff as Lighting and other stuff and got some good pictures and a screenshot from a new animation I'm working on. Thanks for Viewing and Feedback is always Appreciated!!
  11. Since I don't have a name for him, I'll refer to him as "X". Name: Need some help here ( ._.) Appearance: Wears a black trench coat, a red T-shirt and blue jeans. Red eyed. Age: Unknown Race: Human? Evil/Good: Neither Weapons: Dual Ruby Daggers, Dual Guns, Black Bow You might think he is a regular human being, but he's special. X isn't a normal human, if anything. He doesn't fight for the good, nor is he evil. He makes his choices entirely on his own, so you can not trust him. Nobody knows much about him, that makes him very mysterious. People rumor that X is posessed by a demon, who gives him special powers. One thing is known for sure though: X enjoys combat, and he is good at it. He is never known to any losses in battle, and nobody has ever seen an open wound on his body. He has been seen outside in the middle of the night, killing monsters for fun. Oh, and don't you EVER make him angry. You'll regret it. When angered, his "inner demon" breaks free, and totally controlls X's body. In this state, his whole eyes get red, and he can do anything to kill his opponent. It wears off after a while, though, but only a few, mighty people have survived X's wrath. Backstory: Nobody knows how X got posessed, but at first, he was in a permanent Demon Wrath state. He killed everyone in his sight, even peaceful villagers. This caused a lot of trouble, so a mighty Paladin, wich name isn't known, went to battle him. The battle ended with the Paladin lying on the ground, with a dagger in his heart, but X got a big open wound on his back. The demon inside him slowly flew out from the wound, freeing X of his posessing, but a part of it stayed. This made X able to control himself again, as long as he stays calm. The last small parts of the demon is still inside him, trying to take him over, but it can't as long as X isn't angry or sad.. The Demon had already corrupted his brain, though, so he still enjoys killing and fighting. So that kinda sums up my first OC. I'd appreciate some constructive critism, and all blah blah blah. I really need a name for this guy! Preferably something that begins with "R". Also, the gun in the pic is made by Speedystar!!!
  12. no download link, project is gone : (
  13. I have this sheet of random items that I felt like sharing. Do whatever you want with this stuff. Last update: May 27, 2024 Includes things like: Customizable armor, tools, ores, etc. More food, weapons, and gems. Other dumb cosmetics and whatnot. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. (If you want this stuff in earlier versions for whatever reason, you should cut it down to 256x256.) You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  14. so My last post about photo Realistic car render doesn't get into that showcase Tab, so I don't know what I can do more with MI. Seems that I am Boring to do stuff that I already do. And about the Poll. No one wants to vote the poll. Don't know why, but This is my Last Post of January I think. So here it is: So guys. I know you will ignore it, Cuz Of course nothing SPECIAL WITH THIS RENDER. I just randomly post this, because I don't know What can I do with MI. Like Always, Don't forget to breathing while you eat. ADIOS.
  15. Booger778

    robot rig

    here is a random robot rig its not very good but enjoy. download: http://www.mediafire.com/?3o39urv8wb2q3iz
  16. If you see it very dark or you don't see it: 1. turn your brightness as much as you can 2. turn off night mode (that changes the colors of the display to make it comfortable for the eyes) 3. If nothing help make sure that your vision is good or go to doctor (I see it okay)
  17. Going to write down my thoughts. Even if I haven't been in these forums for such a long time, I've been thinking about how I've gotten here. I had to write an essay on how the thought of my future career has changed for the past 18 years. Believe it or not, Mine-imator had a huge impact on this. I found Mine-imator when researching Minecraft animation programs after I had been inspired by Minecraft parodies back in 2012. Fast forward 2013, & I've found MI with a quick Google search. This was at the time when it was at v0.6.2. Now it's on, what, like 1.2.0? It's been improving with every update & I'm quite proud of how far it's come. Animating in MI pushed me to be creative in a blocky world & honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Despite the 4-year hiatus I've had from it, I've learned from a lot of you here & other communities about myself. I did want to pursue to become a 3D animator or modeler, but realized that it wasn't meant to be. I needed a career in STEM, so I thought of "What if I create the programs that make MI?" This is what got me into coding. Now, I'm a computer science major, going on to transfer out of CC into a UC to become some combination of computer science & environmental science. Would I have gotten into programming if I haven't found out about Mine-imator? Probably, but I wouldn't have gotten into it as young as I have. Perhaps I would've chosen the biology route first, & find out later it wasn't for me. Or perhaps medicine, as I desired to be a doctor when I was younger, but find out that it also wasn't my route to partake. So, this is how I'll express gratitude for MI, its developers, & the community. Thank you all for the past 7 years. Probably this won't be seen by many, but if you do see this, thank you for reading & being a part of a wonderful community. What's your story to share? (Also, mods if I posted this on the wrong category, feel free to move or delete it. There's some things that have changed around these parts haha)
  18. Hello everyone This is my last short animation for this year, the following animations will be more elaborate and with more time. In this animation I try to recreate a bit the style of some TF2 animationsI hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations. English Subtitles Available.
  19. Hello everyone I haven't posted anything for these weeks, but I seen some works in this forum, also I been busy doing scenarios, with some friends, for a series that I am working on. Here a random animation that I made in a single day. The next ones are entrys for a collab that I am participating, and then an animation of 5 minutes.I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations. English Subtitles Available.
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