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    Malaysian Youtuber and a (kinda bad) animator :P

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  1. Diamond4luck

    Bow Shooting

    That's where I learned to shoot and making the GUI.
  2. Diamond4luck

    Bow Shooting

    I just learned about GUIs and bow shooting, so I made a test animation and before I knew it, I made myself another animation...
  3. So you guys know that in Mine-Imator, you can make your player walk/run by using the buttons near the keyframes. I think that Mine-Imator should add more presets like sword swing, bow loading etc. (Yes it may make the animators a bit lazy, but hey it's only a suggestion)
  4. Diamond4luck

    Introduce yourself!

    Diamond4luck: Hey everyone! My name is Diamond4luck and I'm a gaming youtuber in Malaysia! I mostly do android gameplays (and some Minecraft videos since recording in PC is hard as I don't have a good laptop) and some Minecraft animations. I hope you guys can check me out on Youtube and stay lucky!
  5. Diamond4luck

    Don't you do it... (Minecraft Short Animation)

    The guy raging is actually me
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOOIKxCfnf4 Short animation about a guy who is reading a book sees a person attempting to dab. Will he do it?
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