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Found 1712 results

  1. I make this for @Supah.exe https://pasteboard.co/IkpLX8P.png Like it
  3. Welcome To The Wither Golem Rig Mad By CleverDamon584, Witch Is Me Hope You All Enjoy This Creation (No Credit Needed) Background Not Included Make Shure To SUBSCRIBE To My Channel Pleas It Wold Support Me Very Much Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWULO-N8GeO73vNwy6C-p1w?view_as=subscriber Download Rig Here LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5f510qpatg2st1b/Wither+Golem.zip Hope You Like The Texture This Took Me Some Time To Make Rigged Parts 1. Eyes 2.Head 3.Skin 4. Animations 5. Idle 6. (Mouth Coming Soon My Website LINK: https://cleverdamontoutube.wixsite.com/smithcloud (To Become A Member (Pleas Sign Up) If You Wont To Be Verified (You Must Buy A Monthly Paid Subscription To Access Every Site Tab Thanks For The Support By : CleverDamon584
  4. Hello, animators! I've extracted all sound effects and songs from Minecraft 1.14 and packed them all into a neat little pack for use with Mine-imator, or anything else, really! All sounds are provided as extracted, in the .ogg format and with their original names and folder structure. Enjoy!
  5. I spent around 3 days creating the 24 schematic frames in-game. Would you like more content like this from me? Mine-imator reddit post for anyone interested
  6. Just like what the title said Preview: nothing to explain, lol download button below: btw, I haven't test it on Mine-Imator yet, so if there's a problem you know what to do v: It's ok if you don't credit me for this (better to do v:), just don't claim that you made this also, I made a logo/title for animation I want to make.. This one is private tho, I just showing it here
  7. this project was abandoned and brought back so please dont hate meh
  8. Demon Wither Skeleton - View Imege Here https://cleverdamontoutube.wixsite.com/mysite Download Rig Here LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dchpov9fazek9k1/Wither_Demon.zip/file
  9. A quick wallpaper I made for Minecraft's 10th birthday. Here's to more years to come! - Mariobros1045 (Lord of Tacos)
  10. If you like minecraft, and if you like anime, you'll maybe just maybe, like this. it's just something experimental I did. ( I was clearly going for a Anime theme for this wallpaper)
  11. Greetings everyone, I am currently recruiting an animation team or individual that is capable of animating an adventurous space exploration video for my server network Hylight Network. This Minecraft server network is due to release in late June and we're trying to make our server as professional as possible. If you think you're able to animate a roughly 2minutes and 30 seconds server trailer for us within one month, please contact me via DMs on this forum or on discord (iStudLion#3414). Please include a portfolio or link(s) to your previous project(s), and the price you'll charge for the 2:30 mins video. If we do decide to continue working with you, the first half of the payment will be sent before you start working on the animation, the second half will be sent afterward. We'll send you all the details and information, including a script for the animation. And we expect to receive frequent updates on the animation [and it's progess]. Thanks for your time, and I hope to receive some positive response soon. Best regards, - iStudLion.
  12. Buy our merchandise! https://www.redbubble.com/people/MLMe... Support us! https://www.patreon.com/minelight We just launched our social media pages! Check us out! TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MinelightP INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/minelightpr... FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/minelightpro...
  13. I have officially completed the TARDIS console rig I have worked so hard on. I finally added the interior to the time rotor, and love how it turned out! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/x2uy19gu2qxnu22/1st_Doctor%27s_Interior.zip/file
  14. The video - https://youtu.be/vPdymEWNfFE
  15. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/106ua8lldiq6e47/Saber_Onimaru.rar/file Next Rig: Wolf/Sekiro From "Sekiro Shadows Dies A LOT (Yup I've Played It Myself And I Keep Dying On 3rd Mini Boss) So,Some Of You Might Be Asking, Why Do I Keep Making Mobile Legends Rig? Well It's Because I Liked I, And I Think The Hero Design Is Cool,btw This "Probably" Will Be The Last Mobile Legends Rig From Me And I Think This Rig, By Far(For Me) Is The Most Coolest Rig I've ever made Compared to The Others (even My OC Rig) The Katana Rig Is From SKIBBZ, Cuz I'm Completely Hydrated His Rig And Video Link:
  16. I am the Emperor of the Aparthian Empire in a Minecraft semi vanilla server. Please read the information below! It's very important [[ If you ever wanted to become a Queen or Empress this is your chance !!! ]] About the empire: The empire is a combination of towns, with Belkyr City or "Red City" (medieval themed) being the heart of the Empire, and two more towns with "jarls" running them including: • Fort Gold: an old western style "town" but its actually an Outpost in a mesa neighboring Belkyr city, it will be mainly used as an Outpost and for mining resources and soon a villager trading hall + Villager farm. Jarl: "Wizard_of_Woz". Citizens: None but other Aparthians can come live here if they wanted. • Star Federation: A small colony neighboring Belkyr City, ( Modern Themed), the word federation in the name is only for decorative purposes. Construction has been slow but it so far I only know it will display a big tower. Jarl: Suckerpunched10 (Asby) Citizens: None, it is unsure if Asby will have living space for people there. How the empire works: We are a monarchy which goals are to be a dominant force and grow as much as possible. We Will have a king and an emperor with emperor being the higher rank. We do go to war but only when absolutely necessary. Right now we do not have enemies only allies. We have grown to about 14 active people with the biggest population in the server. (Server name is Novadia and the owner is Jakipmon) Contact me here if you're interested in becoming Empress of Aparthia or Queen: Duke Kadir#7636 Current high ranking titles: Jarl: Manages a town/colony/outpost/City . Emperor: Has power over the entire empire. Duke: Oversees the Jarls, can give commands to lower ranks and gives advice to the Emperor. Low ranking titles: Peasant: A poor citizen that only owns one small house (mostly new people). People with high ranks: Emperor: (me) Duke_Kadir the First Duke: Akunahten The Great ( He will be promoted to king) Queen: None Empress: None I have yet to work on new titles based on the medieval class system or feudal system. [[ Info about Empress and Queen title ]] • About Empress title: To become Empress of Aparthia you must marry the Emperor in a church (The Church of Aparthia) which is yet to be built. The Empress must live with the emperor in a castle that is also in a queue to be built where other nobles will also live. The Empress is as respected and powerful as the Emperor and has the job of running the Empire, that means overseeing projects, creating plans, promoting people, overseeing the army, getting people to join the empire etc etc.. but the Emperor and the Empress are expected to work together in order to run the empire more smoothly. The Emperor may divorce the Empress if she becomes inactive or does not do her job well or does not work together with the emperor, in this case when divorce happens the Empress loses her title and power. The Empress cannot divorce the Emperor. At least half of the population most be present at the Royal Wedding and other allies will be invited as well. ** When someone of lower rank wishes to speak to the Empress they must begin what they will say with addressing her as "My Empress" or "Your majesty (name)" or just "Your majesty" and in written form when sending a mail letter for example it is (For her majesty (name) ) • About Queen title: To become Queen of Aparthia you must marry the king in the same way an Empress does and live with the king in the castle. The queen is as powerful and respected as the king of Aparthia and has the same job/responsibilities as the king which will be decided soon. The Queen and King shall work together to run the empire smoothly. The king may divorce the Queen if the Emperor approves. The Queen can also divorce the king if the Emperor approves. When divorce happens the Queen loses her title and power. The Royal Wedding must be equal to the emperor's wedding and as important. ** When someone of lower rank wishes to speak to the Queen they must begin what they will say with addressing her as "My Queen" or "Your majesty (name) or just "Your majesty" and in written form when sending a mail letter for example it is ( For her majesty (name) ) • Requirements for Empress and Queen title: 1.Must be a hard worker 2. Must be active 3.Must be smart and a good planner 4.Must work well with others 5. Must be charming, nice and polite 6. Must have at least one ingame skill she's good At (example: Building, Redstone, Business) 7. Must call the emperor or king: (My love, honey or other name that implies they are together and 8. love each other) 9. Should be able to handle/write paperwork 10. Must be of female gender IRL/Ingame
  17. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qic1om46pj5ojib/Argus+Rig.rar SpeedRender: Next: Saber (Onimaru Skin) Or Golden Frieza Rig
  18. Luma shaders is currently in beta. From the developer of Kuda shaders, Dedelner. Luma shaders is the official successor of Kuda shaders, which has been rewritten from scratch. It's main focus is gameplay to enjoy playing the game without any distractions from effects and what not. If you would like early access to these shaders, please support Dedelner on his Patreon. More information at Project Luma! Some small requirements using Luma Shaders: OpenGL 4.0 Screenshots by Korbs: [Not Full Size] Screenshots by other users: By 8scottsterling8 by Excederus by Dedelner
  19. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I am Xeneth, and I have a new Collab you might enjoy! It is called " Doors " , Inspired by a Collaboration of an animation with the same name! If you need a reference on what Doors is, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tr5rDR4RVs . I will make a set of 2 doors, and you can do Whatever you want within the space you have in between the 2 doors! You might want to put a watermark when your creation is up. If you can't do the task, I will do it for you. But you have to try first. You must use this skin for each room. / http://imgur.com/hPjpUeY . You will have to make a video (Unlisted / Public) on Youtube and send it to me, so I can add it to the collab. Each part must be less than 1 Minute, unless it is a really professional part, then you get 2 minutes. Some gore allowed. No nudity.. Well, because youtube.. And kids may be watching it. Users in this Collaboration: Nobody yet.
  20. https://www.mediafire.com/file/bwqbmlmk1exm45e/George_Joestar.zip/file https://imgur.com/a/74DrLOH?
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