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Found 1654 results

  1. A timelapse of Twilight Sparkle from the My Little Pony universe. I love how she turned out. It was also my fist time making and using a texture, and making eyes using the render depth glitch. Download:
  2. GamingQuick

    Minceraft Mythology

    Gepondes: God of Fire and Enchantments (his sword has a special enchantment) Fredzers: God of Light and Gold (Gepondes gave his sword an enchantment also) Vaoline: ? ReCyclopes: ?
  3. A timelaspe of the 13th Doctor's sonic screwdriver. Download:'
  4. Cooker126

    Running Test

    This is a test running animation. As I said before, I would appreciate anybody's criticism and advice for animating on this vid.
  5. After the Doctor went back to Totters Lane one last time, he finally began his epic adventures throughout space and time.
  6. Hey everyone, I need an advanced Splinter Cell Rig that has to have: 1. Removable night vision thing ('removable' in a way that the character can put it up and down and it looks realistic) 2. Fingers (not necessary) 3. Eyes and mouth (not necessary) THANKS IN ADVANCE YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!
  7. WAZZL3


    IK it's not the best lighting
  8. I have officially completed the TARDIS console rig I have worked so hard on. I finally added the interior to the time rotor, and love how it turned out! Download:'
  9. I already posted this in october 31, 2018 :] WARNING: BLOODY AND GORE Enjoy! Dont forge to visit my channel to like this video if you enjoy and subscribe for more
  10. Voxy

    Minecraft Sound Pack — 1.13

    Hello, animators! This is a sound pack containing all the Minecraft sounds and songs, extracted straight from the game files. All sound files are available in the .ogg format, which means you can import them into Mine-imator without needing to convert them. Enjoy! The files are named according to how they're referred to in-game. If you need help figuring out which sounds corresponds to what, you can use this list from the Minecraft Wiki.
  11. A timelapse of a fridge TARDIS exterior inspiried by the Dalek Mod which is inspired by a 1960's refrigirator. Girrafe the Great Animator ( ) also wanted a shoutout, but I don't really know what to put here, but there ya go bud lol. Download:
  12. HanzXD


    Hope you like it! Anyway, does anyone know how to change profile's name in mine imator forum?
  13. ExoticBuilder

    ExoticBuilders GhostBuster Costume

    OK so basically I have made a Ghostbusters rig of myself so I want to give it to everyone, so here you go I guess lmao Download ^^ Press to download!
  14. Mike

    Portal Turret (Rig)

    Here's a turret rig. I don't know if I'll finish the Portal animation, I've made too many commitments, and I cant work on my own projects for now. But here you go anyways. (Also, I know the laser beam goes on the eye, please forgive me) Download here Maybe if you want I'll release the Chell and portal gun rig too
  15. XxMattewxX

    Preview character v1.0

    This is a preview of my Skin. Download:[Fix]
  16. Bat Rax

    Basic Steve Rig

    Basic Steve Rig Download : Futures: Eyes Lips Tongue Teeth ------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to my YouTube Channel it's Free Now
  17. A timelapse of the Monk's TARDIS as seen in the 1965 episode, The Time Meddler. Download:'
  18. KoolProductions

    KoolkidAKs Herobrine Rig With Shining Eyes

    Herobrine Rig By KoolkidAK32 Download : Pics:
  19. A timelaspe of the Statenhiem Remote as used by the Rani in the 1985 Doctor Who episode 'The Mark of the Rani' Download:
  20. A timelapse of a 6.5 mm Carcano rifle which, if you remember your history, was used on November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas, Texas to assasinate the 34th president of the US, John F. Kennedy. I will use this in an upcoming animation too. Download:
  21. One thing I would really like to be seen I mine-imator would be the addition to be able to turn on the following 1. Better Grass 2. Custom Shaders(Works Like Texture Packs) 3. Connected Textures(Such as Grass) 4. Custom Biomes 5. Beta/Alpha Features like the classic Steve/Beast Boy Creatures >Here 6. Beta Grass(Could Be found under Biomes) 7. More Advanced Settings(This is Odd) and possibility of a few other things...
  22. We're holding off a building contest on the 29th of September! It will end on the 20th of October! The theme of this contest is "Haunted House" so come on the XcellentZone and make you're best haunted house! Prizes can be won for 3 places! 1st place gets: "A gift card, 1000 Xeros (in-game currency) and 3 Loot keys (1 Gold Loot Key, 2 Red Loot Keys) " 2nd Place gets: "500 Xeros and 3 Loot Keys (1 Gold, 1 Red & 1 Blue)" 3rd Place gets: "250 Xeros & 2 Loot Keys (1 Red & 1 Blue)" So what are you waiting for! Come on the XcellentZone and Keep it good on the MysticSide IP: