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Found 1633 results

  1. Hello there fellow animators, My Name's Hypno, The Alien, TheHypnoAlien, and i am doing some brand new Animations that will be uploaded, but i need help with some new features, the Fire Beam, a Superpower that some fire Wielders have. I need help with figuring out how to do that, if anyone's got any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. And by the way, check out my channel in the media link.
  2. This video was just a random thing I came up with when Xemptful just popped out of nowhere acted like he was mad at me... Nothing more nothing less! Just a random video!
  3. Craftman780


    Something is coming...
  4. Voxy

    Minecraft Sound Pack — 1.13

    Hello, animators! This is a sound pack containing all the Minecraft sounds and songs, extracted straight from the game files. All sound files are available in the .ogg format, which means you can import them into Mine-imator without needing to convert them. Enjoy! The files are named according to how they're referred to in-game. If you need help figuring out which sounds corresponds to what, you can use this list from the Minecraft Wiki.
  5. MysticCoyote

    Assuming (Minecraft Machinima)

    Want to be involved in some machinimas! There will be more to come! Show up on my server! IP: and have fun while you're at it! You'll love it!
  6. I have officially completed the TARDIS console rig I have worked so hard on. I finally added the interior to the time rotor, and love how it turned out!
  7. A timelaspe of a toolbox rig. I decided to upload something, and this was it. I know it's not much, but there will be more to come in the future. Download:
  8. Indigotronic

    Simple Face Rig

    This is my first post and rig that I ever made, if you like it... just tell me.... DOWNLOAD RIG HERE
  9. A timelaspe of the SIDRAT as seen in the 1966 Doctor Who episdoe, The War Games. A time capsule used by the War Lords to kidnap humans, and make them into soldiers for the games. Download:
  10. I'm not going to try to make a mess. I'm open to your ideas and your support. Note: Monster School is not There are ideas, fiction and script. Please do not rave too much. I develop myself: D
  11. GamingQuick


    Should I animate this into a series or just keep this like...well...this... Edited Picture (Just In-case I put this on youtube) Thumbnail:
  12. MahdiGamer145

    Glue Gun

    This is a glue gun model for minecraft
  13. Swift

    Swift's BEST Voxel Art (13 Voxels)

    Here's my best voxel art yet this year. I'm going on vacation soon, so have some content before I go. Made in MagicaVoxel CREEPER STEVE GRASS BLOCK SOME MARIO CREATURE (I only made this for instagram likes) CASTLE TURTLE TREE DUCK PIRATE SHIP EXPLORING VOLCANO FOREST MORE WEIRD MARIO THINGS(I also made this for instagram likes) LAVA Well, that's all my best voxels. oof
  14. miners_home

    Plush steves rig pack V.1

  15. Watermelooooons8Gaming

    Minecraft video ideas

    Hey people of the Internet! Now I’m NOT typing to plug my Youtube channel, but check it out and please tell me what I could improve. It will be greatly appreciated and I will give you a shoutout if is a response I like. Im not picky about that kind of stuff. (My YouTube link is ) Don’t be shy I can take whatever y’all have to say as long as it’s appropriate! I also need video ideas!!! Anything (minus the list below) helps! Videos I will no do: Mod, texture pack, reasource pack, or server showcases Thank you sooo much!
  16. SwiftDrew16

    Steve's World {4K Wallpaper}

    "Welcome New Player, To Your World...." Just a quick wallpaper/poster that I made, It took only about 30 to 35 minutes to make and edit to my liking! Criticism is welcome, but it has to be valid and not off-topic. Unedited Version Edited Version Hope you guys and gals enjoy, I will make sure to upload more frequently if I can! "Ok" ~Swift
  17. LIsPixel

    The Unvoted Mobs

    Here you go guys, this time i make another rigs this time is the unvoted one. Yeah this mobs gone and no one gonna see this mobs looks like in minecraft, but don't worry Me and some community in discord just did this. And you guys can use this whatever you want. We make it really perfect, and easy to use for all people. so you guys can easy for animation or render or some whatever you guys like, Ok this time i'm gonna show you the mobs looks like. Ok thats all the mob i just show you, with some description about this mob. thank you to you guys, and all the community on discord, @LegendMC (for helping me with the textures), (for helping me about Modelbench) and (for inspiration design you did) And yeah this mob all by me, i know the Mob A already did by Voxy, but trust me i'm not steal it or change anything. So i hope you guys know that. Here the download link, hope you guys enjoy it! no need credit~ Click Me c: Wanna download the model too? Check here!
  18. Hey! So again, im fooling around with lighting, i think i may have over-edited it, anyway, your input is much welcomed. What do you think lad's? sorry if a little bright, or maybe i'v been staring at a computer screen for too long
  19. Golden Goomarroc

    Me and My TARDIS

    My TARDIS Exterior is made by wisdomfx This is the first time I used a green screen
  20. Joel452222


    Actually.... This is Joel452222 , Help me for some body parts or anything.