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Found 1617 results

  1. TheFlorisMaster

    F.R.E.D.D.Y. rig [Beta}

    I made a F.R.E.D.D.Y. rig from F.N.A.F. because why not. I will release it when: -I am done with the rig. Because there stil are some bugs and glitches. -If there are two people who already want it. Than you need to tell me in de comments. There wil be some bugs and glitches than. hope you enjoy it!
  2. miners_home

    Plush steves rig pack V.1

  3. Dialogue: Steve: Aw sh*t! It's the Enderman....I better put this pumpkin mask on quick!*suddenly Enderman teleports in front of him.*Enderman: Do you really think that stupid disguise will work against me!!!! No i'm not an idiot like the others and know you should run know.......Steve: Oh f***. *Runs*-The Smart Enderman. This is f**king dumb. XD
  4. OK, in case you couldn't tell this is about the future of minecraft: Java edition. of course it has been a popular game in 2009-2016 (No hate or anything to mojang) i think they need to up their game we need more exciting features! one feature that has been frowned on around our little minecraft community is a stamina bar, i think a stamina bar like the on in minecraft story mode: season 2 would be a great feature! Another great feature would be emotes! maybe minecraft could learn from their copy cat fortnite! minecraft survival games has been around ever since multiplayer was implemented! the emotes from fortnite really makes the game a hit! another thing could be a better java engine! they should make a new and improved java engine with better and improved artificial intelligence. Another feature is, more advertising the toys have helped minecraft in the past! in fact, lego and minecraft have a nice relationship and it would be nice to see a bunch of commercials for minecraft! One last feature is.... hmmm, thats weird! i cant think of one! can you guys tell me in the comments below?
  5. The Nighitnglae and the Wanderer leave Galifrey behind. The TARDIS crashes, and lands in the 1960's. The Time Lord meets up with an old friend. (ALL RIGS MADE BY ME, 76 TOTTERS LANE MADE BY PANDABEAR2006 AND MYSELF)
  6. Lzake

    SSJ4 Gogeta (Non canon)

    Download: Gogeta.rar Credit: SKIBBZ (facial rig)
  7. ExoticBuilder

    Scuba Diver Rig (eh)

    Download So here's like my second rig on the forums.... um..... I know its not very good but i'm still learning to rig stuff so yeah Please give Constructive Criticism in the comments please no hate
  8. Hello there. I adapted the Chinese national volunteer march as a minecraft animation. I translated it by using some sources in Chinese and English translation. Do not subscribe to Azrak and remember to like the video. Thank you for watching. Take care of yourself
  9. VIDEO Hello friends. Today I adapted the National Surood, the national anthem of Afghanistan, as an animation of Minecrat. Maybe if you take a look, I'd like to have a good look. Thank you Go to this playlist to watch all other National Anthems: GO Subscribe to Azrak now: SUB
  10. Voxy

    Minecraft Sound Pack — 1.13

    Hello, animators! This is a sound pack containing all the Minecraft sounds and songs, extracted straight from the game files. All sound files are available in the .ogg format, which means you can import them into Mine-imator without needing to convert them. Enjoy! The files are named according to how they're referred to in-game. If you need help figuring out which sounds corresponds to what, you can use this list from the Minecraft Wiki.
  11. Hope you all enjoy! New Map! New fun concept! FUN!
  12. Want to play some Murder & more minigames!? Check out this server!!! IP:
  13. Hi guys! MinionMaster02 here and I have recently collaborated with Zippy Films Studios to create an epic animation along with other fellow animators. This short animation is what Zippy and I were making together until this idea of a short got cancelled so I decided why not share it, right? Anyway's, enjoy this unfinished short! P.S.: The animation is mean't to have no sound because I was only doing the animation part. Subscribe to Zippy Films Studios for more film animations from them!:
  14. hope you enjoy it. also, subscribe it please. i really hard working on it...
  15. what if there is a dragon ender dragon mob appears in minecraft. although only mod. however, this must be very horrible, considering fighting the ender dragon at the end is really hard
  16. MysticCoyote


    Just a little idea we came up really quick! Hope you enjoy
  17. The Final Part of the Custom Adventure Map of TOY STORY 2! ENJOY!
  18. hidrax13

  19. I spent around 3 days creating the 24 schematic frames in-game. Would you like more content like this from me? Mine-imator reddit post for anyone interested
  20. Here is a Star Wars R2-D2 Droid I am making because I Couldn't find any good R2 rigs on the forums.... So I decided to make my own! This may take awhile to finish, but I hope I'll finish it sometime soon. Thanks for reading! I'm open to feedback.
  21. MinionMaster02

    Mutant Enderdragon Rig/Cancelled Animation

    Hi guys! MinionMaster02 here and I just wanted to share two things with you. First off, I was working on an animation that I was working on for awhile and then I decided to cancel it. Secondly, in the animation I made a rig and I called it the "Mutant Enderdragon". The animation was just going to be about an Ender Warrior (who was in The End world after the Enderdragon was slain) who threw a magical splash potion at the dragon egg and the egg burst intro purple particles and outcome the Mutant Enderdragon. The reason why I started making the animation was to improve on my animation skills and it kind of worked, apart from the fact that I cancelled it. Anyway the reason why I made this topic is to just give you my rig. Why not, right? If your animation needs a cool looking dragon rig, here it is. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the rig! P.S.: The Mutant Enderdragon also comes with a thin purple beam shooting from it's mouth! Mutant Enderdragon Images: Download: Mutant Enderdragon Rig:
  22. Craftman780

    Future Project..?

    What could this be..? A future project perhapse..?