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Found 1809 results

  1. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/106ua8lldiq6e47/Saber_Onimaru.rar/file Next Rig: Wolf/Sekiro From "Sekiro Shadows Dies A LOT (Yup I've Played It Myself And I Keep Dying On 3rd Mini Boss) So,Some Of You Might Be Asking, Why Do I Keep Making Mobile Legends Rig? Well It's Because I Liked I, And I Think The Hero Design Is Cool,btw This "Probably" Will Be The Last Mobile Legends Rig From Me And I Think This Rig, By Far(For Me) Is The Most Coolest Rig I've ever made Compared to The Others (even My OC Rig) The Katana Rig Is From SKIBBZ, Cuz I'm Completely Hydrated His Rig And Video Link:
  2. Cbr 2011 Back Again With The Among Us Skeld Map! Download Here (No Need to Credit)
  3. My first Minecraft Music Video that I made on my 2GB laptop lmao. This is the Music Video
  4. 1. Better Torch Models Makes torches in the player's hands 3D. Best used with Optifine, for the dynamic lighting effect. Download 2. Better Nether Portals Must be used with Optifine. Gives nether portals a glowing outline with connected textures. Download 3. 3D Sun and Moon Makes the sun and moon textures cubes instead of squares. (Made in Mine-Imator!) This is a significantly better version of something I did a while back. Download
  5. Cbr 2011

    Cbr 2011 RIG!

    The Rig Of My Guy from C2A (Cbr 2011 Animations)! Give me credit If your Gonna Use It to Get my rig In your videos Or your DEAD Mine-Imator Video Test! Download Here UPDATES: Folders Fingers NOTICE: If you see any Issues Please... Please Email Me At cbrday11@gmail.com So I will fix it
  6. Hey animators, how are you? Well, today I came to announce my newest NEW MINECRAFT ANIMATION MUSIC VIDEO ♪ "Unstoppable" ♪ A Minecraft Original Music Video - The Fallen Guardians [S2 | E4] Synopsis: Gabriel will now have one more complication to solve. Erivan challenges Amezaga and Melody to a battle, which could change the fate of any of them. I hope you like it and say what you think (only constructive criticism, do not curse and be respectful)
  7. Error Message Could not write to file. Check that it's not used by another process. Information Orginal Word | Minecraft 1.16.4 World Made In Forge with two mods Optifine and WorldEdit. Tried Solutions 1. Restarting PC 2. Reinstalling 3. Loading Schematic from Mineways 4. Changing World Minecraft Version to 1.16
  8. I made a new skin for myself! Or, more accurately, I heavily edited a skin design/concept my brother Griffin84 came up with. I liked it so much I decided to make a render of it. Skin texture, in case you're interested:
  9. I spent around 3 days creating the 24 schematic frames in-game. Would you like more content like this from me? Mine-imator reddit post for anyone interested
  10. Hello, animators! I've extracted all sound effects and songs from Minecraft 1.16 (snapshot 20w19a) and packed them all into a neat little pack for use with Mine-imator, or anything else, really! All sounds are provided as extracted, in the .ogg format and with their original names and folder structure. Enjoy!
  11. PLEASE LINK BACK TO TOPIC IF USED World Download (Never know when you might need to edit something!) Alternatively, Schematics Download I will try my best to keep updating this.
  12. Among us project, coming soon... Credits to: NMS Human model by NinjaMasterScotty! SFR V.7 face rig by skibbz
  13. Hello everyone, I uploaded a new animation of Minecraft, I hope you were liked my video, and Happy Halloween to everyone . You can support me on: https://www.patreon.com/giovany2 https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/giovany2
  14. Hey guys. I'd like to make a challenge to all animators, such as Supah.exe, Ethananimates, and other animators. It is based off a Fnaf SFM challenge set by Jonatly, but in this one, you can do what ever topic you'd like, such as Dream Manhunt, Fnaf, fan-made, survival, etc. I will have a look at entries and pick the best ones. Good luck to all who enter. Challenge ends at Christmas.
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