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Found 1770 results

  1. A Render for The MineImator Dev i really appreciate their work to make this Software so i made this render MineImator NetherUpdate
  2. Hey guys, how long I haven't been here in the forum, anyway, today I came to show my new animation of my series of minecraft animations, I hope you see and if you liked it, you can leave a like and write about what I can improve. Thanks and see you in the next animation
  3. Mike

    Megumin Rig (2.0)

    upgraded and repaired my old Megumin model (from Konosuba). I'm not going back over the other 3 characters, they can't be helped comparison with my old rig download here (discord file link) the eyes are based off of skibbz' facial rig v2.0 if ethanforeveralone comments 'weeb' I want him to know he's very funny and also banned from hell 2
  4. LIsPixel

    Pixlpt Rig

    Hello Upload New Rig Here Just Simple Chibi Rig. Btw Its Pixlpt Rig Where I Got This Idea ? From This Youtube Channel Pixlpt Channel Here The Spoiler Just That And Here The Download Rig Pixlpt Rig Dropbox Hope You Like It, Enjoy And Bye
  5. I haven't really made a rig in a while, so i decided, why not make something hard, something challenging, something detailed, and so, i decided to rig something from fad, SpringTrap. Spring Trap.. I searched up spring trap on google and i got something different.. why did he call that animatronic springtrap? SOO Before you go and tell me that your sick of fad topics, please, i already know that. but i really used a lot of time in it, so i don't appreciated if you hate my rig because it's fnaf I would say i spent around 8-10 hours on it, and i'm really proud of how it turned out. Oh and i forgot to mention, if you don't know who SpringTrap is (for some odd reason) Well SpringTrap is one of the Animatronics in fnaf3, His basically the only animatronic that can kill you. Weird to call him SpringTrap, I guess his a trap, for the purple guy, oh wait.. spoilers... oh heck, everybody should know that from now...
  6. Hi, I'm a newcomer to the Mine Imator Forum, my name is Muhammad Zulfachrie Nasution. I am an Animation RIG Maker, and currently I am sharing "[Complete RIG Pack] Computer Full Pack [RIG] Minecraft [Download Mediafire] Here!" me to the public, please help us to build a more advanced studio with him, by subscribing to the official channel "Minecraft Animation Studios Indonesia" together with Patreon of the same name Download Link : (In Spoiler And Via Youtube) Thank's,please help me,Oke
  7. I was Have A Big Project That is A Full Movie Minecraft Animation. The Story is I take A part From Iron Man series,But I More Added Part At My Own Story Writing. This Story Is tell the people about my life in the future. but this movie is just for Fun,And gives Motivation for people that think this world is gonna end. So Yeah. just that I want you to know guys. And If you want to see the beta testing Video. this is the video.
  8. I came to the last fortress after a long time. minecraft is good game!! I am japanese.But Minecraft can be enjoyed with people around the world.
  9. +====================+ A Minecraft Series I have been planning on creating is Finally in Productions +====================+ +====================+
  10. Hello, animators! I've extracted all sound effects and songs from Minecraft 1.16 (snapshot 20w19a) and packed them all into a neat little pack for use with Mine-imator, or anything else, really! All sounds are provided as extracted, in the .ogg format and with their original names and folder structure. Enjoy!
  11. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/106ua8lldiq6e47/Saber_Onimaru.rar/file Next Rig: Wolf/Sekiro From "Sekiro Shadows Dies A LOT (Yup I've Played It Myself And I Keep Dying On 3rd Mini Boss) So,Some Of You Might Be Asking, Why Do I Keep Making Mobile Legends Rig? Well It's Because I Liked I, And I Think The Hero Design Is Cool,btw This "Probably" Will Be The Last Mobile Legends Rig From Me And I Think This Rig, By Far(For Me) Is The Most Coolest Rig I've ever made Compared to The Others (even My OC Rig) The Katana Rig Is From SKIBBZ, Cuz I'm Completely Hydrated His Rig And Video Link:
  12. Hey animators, how are you? Well, I posted my new animation "Mayday" I would love for you to see it because it was an intense job to make this animation "perfect" in my taste. I would also like you to give constructive criticism about it and what I can improve.
  13. Hope you guys do enjoy this video I had fun doing this
  14. i recreated the great hammer from mc dungeons in modelbench https://imgur.com/s7XvPlP DOWNLOAD (version 2) note: the videos shown above are using the old hammer textures here are the new ones:
  15. This mod will add all future in Minecraft 1.16 (20w10a) Nether Update to mine imator How to import Extract file to Mine-imator/Data/Minecraft Open mine imator. Go setting and change Minecraft Version to "1.16 Test (20w10a)". After that Close the Program and Reopen Mine imator Version 2 Additions Blocks Crying obsidian Targets New Hyphae And stripped for Crimson and Warped Changes Blocks Fungi Renamed to "Fungus". Purpur pillar Changed the top texture to match the texture in Bedrock Edition. Roots Can now be placed into flower pots. Nether sprouts texture has been changed Warped fungus texture has been changed. Items Diamond axe, diamond boots, diamond helmet, diamond hoe, diamond leggings, diamond pickaxe, diamond shovel, diamond sword, golden hoe, golden pickaxe, netherite pickaxe, wooden hoe, and wooden pickaxe Changed their textures slightly Netherite axe, boots, chestplate, helmet, hoe, leggings, pickaxe, shovel, and sword Changed the texture of all netherite armor, tools, and weapons. Netherite scrap Changed the texture. If you find some bugs. Please Report Download Here http://www.mediafire.com/file/afxyxfc8qyqa5xj/MI_1.16_Update_Test(20w10a)_by_MCPA_Team.zip/file
  16. Hey guys, how are you doing? Well, today I'm going to show you my new minecraft animation made in mine-imator !!. This is the third episode of my series, so if you want to see the other episodes just subscribe to my channel !!
  17. Hello animators, everything ok with you? anyway today I announce my new minecraft animation made in mine imator !!!! this is the third part, if you want to see the others and the next parts, just subscribe to my channel and follow my profile here on mine imator forum !!!
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQVy_aogsjA This is my new animation. It took almost 2 months for me to finish the animation. .Hope you like it.
  19. Now yes, the second episode of my minecraft animation series is on youtube, say what you think and also suggestions etc.
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