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Found 1666 results

  1. Rawami

    Trolling in skywars

    Hi everyone, I'm gonna make a Youtube channel with gaming. So here my first attempt of video, enjoy ^^ (it's a unlisted video) Troller a day, troller always.
  2. Please! I URGE everyone to show this to people! Share this!!! Honestly I couldn't be more scared... I haven't done much since! Just been scared for the past 3 days and have gotten sick! Share this guys...
  3. Video- Support me -
  4. Hello! We need animators who can create such animations: Leave the application below with the answers to the questions: 1. Examples of animation 2. How old are you?
  5. MineRig

    Minecraft styled car

    Here's a video This is so far the only car I've made that doesn't lag crazy.
  6. So My YouTube Channel is with cool ANIMATIONS yes Animations. Best Video: Public Link:
  7. Pilot Episode Coming Soon....
  8. A timelapse of an overhauled 1963 TARDIS Console rig in Mineimator. My first 1963 consoel rig has been used already, and I will definataly replace it with this one. I love how this one turned out, took a lot less time than my original as for the panels, I used rectangles, and built them up from there. However, this new tmethod has saved me a lot of time and usees a looot less items than it otherwise would have. This console will not have a download, as it will really never be 'finished' as this is not a project I am looking to 'finish'. It was just to show you all how fast this could be done, and how nice the result would be.
  9. i saw that quote on the Michael Reeves banner and said, yeah i'll take that.
  10. I know it's a little late But I feel like a nice christmas video was needed!
  11. HELLLLLLOOOOO EVERYONE TODAY I AM RELEASING THE FIRST RIG I HAVE EVER MADE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC DXRACER Rig : Video Preview : i worked on this for a straight 5 hours all for you guys!
  12. Voxy

    Minecraft Sound Pack — 1.13

    Hello, animators! This is a sound pack containing all the Minecraft sounds and songs, extracted straight from the game files. All sound files are available in the .ogg format, which means you can import them into Mine-imator without needing to convert them. Enjoy! The files are named according to how they're referred to in-game. If you need help figuring out which sounds corresponds to what, you can use this list from the Minecraft Wiki.
  13. A timelapse of Twilight Sparkle from the My Little Pony universe. I love how she turned out. It was also my fist time making and using a texture, and making eyes using the render depth glitch. Download:
  14. GamingQuick

    Minceraft Mythology

    Gepondes: God of Fire and Enchantments (his sword has a special enchantment) Fredzers: God of Light and Gold (Gepondes gave his sword an enchantment also) Vaoline: ? ReCyclopes: ?
  15. A timelaspe of the 13th Doctor's sonic screwdriver. Download:'
  16. Cooker126

    Running Test

    This is a test running animation. As I said before, I would appreciate anybody's criticism and advice for animating on this vid.
  17. After the Doctor went back to Totters Lane one last time, he finally began his epic adventures throughout space and time.
  18. Hey everyone, I need an advanced Splinter Cell Rig that has to have: 1. Removable night vision thing ('removable' in a way that the character can put it up and down and it looks realistic) 2. Fingers (not necessary) 3. Eyes and mouth (not necessary) THANKS IN ADVANCE YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!
  19. WAZZL3


    IK it's not the best lighting