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  1. *logs into forum*


    1. Lord Cat

      Lord Cat

      also tdit is a moderator now. Knowning that he is an Atheist he will instantly give you a warning point for saying anything about religion.


  2. I don't really know how to say I'm leaving the forum without sounding like an attention hog. So, I'm not gonna say it.


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    Seriously though. I made a lot of good memories here, and I'll remember those forever.

    But lately, I haven't really been enjoying my time on the forums as much as I used to, so that's the main reason I'm leaving.

    And to the moderators, I am still genuinely sorry for the whole chat mod mess I caused, and for any unruly behavior I've had since.

    Even if that was year or two ago, I still feel like I never properly apologized.

    If you wanna talk to me, you can find me on Skype pretty easily. But to everyone here who was ever nice to me, I thank all of you. Goodbye.

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    2. tditdatdwt


      What the hell is the point of these statuses even? I've never left a forum by posting something about leaving and then leaving.. I left by not joining more and more due to lack of interest.. like m8 pls. I'd never expect "dat classic member dono" to post one of these lolz.

    3. MrDonoB


      ..because I still felt like there were some things I had to say?

    4. General Custard

      General Custard

      attention hog!!!!11!!

      attention hog!!!!11!!

  3. Top 1 Things I Don't Want

    • 1. this sore throat
    1. JjCinemas


      Wow these Buzzfeed lists just keep getting worse and worse 

    2. Emaniplex


      I had Strep Throat, so I think I understand.  o_o

      Is it the worst sore ever...? You might have it too...  '-'

      Or is this like a thing where you yelled or coughed too much?  :| 

  4. IMO, the wallpaper looks nice. The effects are done pretty well.
  5. In case ya missed:


  6. I think I'm gonna be making more wallpapers from now on. :)

    1. Allemn


      Yes, please more! :D

  7. @Voxy I usually do that, I just didn't want a pose that complex for Steve in this specific picture. I do think I coulda done something with the legs, though.
  8. 1. Yeah, I think I would have added more light colors. But, I didn't really have much time. 2. That was intentional, well, for the most part. 3. Thank you for giving me actual criticism and tips on how to improve.
  9. welcome to garfield hell


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    2. MrDonoB




      I doubt it would really spread anywhere if I posted it here.



      IMO, he didn't really say anything cringey.

    3. MustardBlock


      I guess I just found the cringe levels through the roof thing cringey.



      *GarFielf Spreads It WorldWide*

    4. Nedia
  10. Yes, it's quite a good game. Hard to say too much about it without spoiling it though. You can play the old demo here to see if you'd like the game.
  11. Looks like a title screen background for a Valve game. I like that.
  12. In case you missed it:


    (I'm going to be using Mine-imator more often now, but don't expect any animations any time soon. I don't really have enough time these days to keep an animation on my mind. I'm just gonna stick to making wallpapers for a while.)

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